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Dryad Orion

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goldentrout_one 11-May-18
Wolflord 11-May-18
StikBow 11-May-18
Clydebow 11-May-18
strshotx 12-May-18
goldentrout_one 12-May-18
Rustyspike1 12-May-18
Friend 12-May-18
MDW 12-May-18
Katman 12-May-18
goldentrout_one 12-May-18
slade 13-May-18
mangonboat 13-May-18
kmbrown 16-May-18
From: goldentrout_one
Date: 11-May-18

Just ordered a Dryad 'Orion' with acs static recurve limbs..... ok, to help with my waiting period, please post pics of your Dryad bow.... thanks.

From: Wolflord
Date: 11-May-18

I don't have a Dryad, but I feel your pain. Just ordered a Whitewolf and am anxiously waiting.

From: StikBow
Date: 11-May-18

What is the wait time?

From: Clydebow
Date: 11-May-18

I've had a Dryad 3 piece recurve and a one piece longbow, but no pics.

From: strshotx
Date: 12-May-18

Don't have pic's,but my Dryad Orion is 17" riser made with goncalo alves and a pau ferro woods in the riser with the white accent lines with the ACS RC limbs making a 62" bow.Smooth drawing and a great preforming bow,but was a touch loud.My set-up was a 8" brace height with a padded loop 10 strand Ultra cam with bow hush and silencers placed a 1/3 on the upper and 1/4 on the lower and arrows around 10 gpp.Made a big difference.

From: goldentrout_one
Date: 12-May-18

Just ordered it yesterday, I'm told the bow should be ready sometime in the middle of June - a pretty quick turn-around I think.

From: Rustyspike1
Date: 12-May-18

Good Grief. Not A long wait at all. My first custom took over 8 months. :) One time a set on limbs took a year. Well I wanted an specific bamboo with nods.

Rich K.

From: Friend
Date: 12-May-18

Friend's embedded Photo

Have owned numerous Dryad Orions....Have had confidence in all whether on the range on in the field.

Just a glimpse of one of mine:

From: MDW
Date: 12-May-18

If you don't want to wait that long, I have an Epic that needs a new home.

From: Katman
Date: 12-May-18

Congrats on the order. I have the Orion with his acs longbow limbs, very nice. 15" Shedua/Onyx riser and XL limbs.

From: goldentrout_one
Date: 12-May-18

No issues with the wait... I waited about 2 years for a Vintage Works bow, Wes Wallace was about 8 months....

From: slade
Date: 13-May-18

You will love the limbs, I have 3 sets for 2 ilf risers.

From: mangonboat
Date: 13-May-18

mangonboat's embedded Photo

I recently passed along this special one with curly bubinga and osage riser, bamboo limbs with canary veneers , as my lefty shooing is no longer on par with my righty. So now I dream of a RH Orion.

From: kmbrown
Date: 16-May-18

Your wait period is a lot better than mine was! I had them built a set of ILF recurve limbs a few years ago and it took almost 6 months. They were nice limbs, though.

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