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Belcher Union Jack

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Shooter 15-Apr-18
David Mitchell 15-Apr-18
fdp 15-Apr-18
umich1 16-Apr-18
Caddo 16-Apr-18
Phil 16-Apr-18
osage 16-Apr-18
JamesPB 16-Apr-18
From: Shooter
Date: 15-Apr-18

What can you guys tell me about Jims Union Jack.

Any info will be appreciated.


From: David Mitchell
Date: 15-Apr-18

Well, I can't speak about the Union Jack, but I can tell you if Jim made it, it will be a shooter. I have one of his American models and it is perhaps the best longbow I have or have had. He knows his business on ASL longbows.

From: fdp
Date: 15-Apr-18

The Union Jack was actually designed by Jims dad years ago.

The tapers, and the glass to wood ration are different then they are in the American models.

It is a fine bow, that has been around for years. and well thought of all over the world.

And as David said, if Jim Belcher builds it, it's about as good as it gets.

From: umich1
Date: 16-Apr-18

I just got one. It's a great bow!!! And dealing with Jim is always a pleasure. Mine is 50# at 28". Have some 500gr arrows and it shoots them with authority.

From: Caddo
Date: 16-Apr-18

Picked up one last year off of the classifieds, 50@28, It's my go to Hill bow! Great shooter!


From: Phil
Date: 16-Apr-18

I shot with Jack Belcher on many occasions. A delightful shooting companion and a exceptional bowyer.

From: osage
Date: 16-Apr-18

I bought one of his U finish LB's from 3R about a year ago, for $150. It was such a good deal that they are now around $200. Even at twice the price it's a bargain.

From: JamesPB
Date: 16-Apr-18

I have one on order. They are quiet!!! Very smooth, no stack at the back of the bow. Jim was very knowledgeable and helpful when ordering. I am looking forward to getting mine.

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