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BATMAN 14-Apr-18
hawkeye in PA 14-Apr-18
chazz847 14-Apr-18
babysaph 14-Apr-18
grizz 14-Apr-18
George Tsoukalas 14-Apr-18
WV Mountaineer 14-Apr-18
Twisted Branch 14-Apr-18
Stix 14-Apr-18
Kent Alan 14-Apr-18
stikbow208 14-Apr-18
swampwalker 14-Apr-18
Basinboy 14-Apr-18
MStyles 15-Apr-18
Beginner 15-Apr-18
deerhunt51 15-Apr-18
3Ditional 15-Apr-18
4FINGER 15-Apr-18
Big-D 15-Apr-18
Jhardaker 15-Apr-18
md5252 15-Apr-18
irjack 15-Apr-18
Gramps 15-Apr-18
Phil/VA 15-Apr-18
Wapiti - - M. S. 15-Apr-18
Kwikdraw 15-Apr-18
reb 15-Apr-18
DarrinG 15-Apr-18
TrapperKayak 15-Apr-18
throwback 15-Apr-18
Fats 15-Apr-18
Slick 15-Apr-18
George D. Stout 15-Apr-18
rallison 15-Apr-18
monkeyball 15-Apr-18
Burly 15-Apr-18
76aggie 16-Apr-18
RymanCat 16-Apr-18
ga bowhunter 16-Apr-18
sir misalots 16-Apr-18
bigdaddy 16-Apr-18
bigtines 17-Apr-18
nomo 17-Apr-18
From: BATMAN Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Apr-18

HI TEAM, Our fellow Waller, "PARSONBRYANT" will go in for the rotator cuff surgery on MAY 22th. Putting in an Early Prayer request. Those who have dealt with this unpleasant situation in the past ( or facing it now) know how rough it is and can be. There are so many that need our whispers to "MAN ABOVE" BLESSED BE! BATMAN

From: hawkeye in PA
Date: 14-Apr-18

Prayers sent.

From: chazz847
Date: 14-Apr-18

Prayers said and may God Bless.

From: babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 14-Apr-18

prayers from wv

From: grizz
Date: 14-Apr-18

Prayers sent from Oklahoma

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 14-Apr-18

Prayers sent. George

From: WV Mountaineer
Date: 14-Apr-18


From: Twisted Branch
Date: 14-Apr-18

Prayers from SC.

From: Stix
Date: 14-Apr-18

Prayer said for a successful surgery and total recovery. God Bless, from Colorado <><

From: Kent Alan
Date: 14-Apr-18

Lord Jesus Christ, please bless Your servant!

From: stikbow208
Date: 14-Apr-18

Prayer sent. I've needed that for some time but have just put up with the pain.

From: swampwalker
Date: 14-Apr-18

Prayers sent.

From: Basinboy
Date: 14-Apr-18


From: MStyles
Date: 15-Apr-18

Been there -done that, will keep him in our prayers.

From: Beginner
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayer sent for quick recovery.

From: deerhunt51
Date: 15-Apr-18

Yes, Prayers sent from MI.

From: 3Ditional
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers sent...

Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers sent for ParsonBryant, for a Quick and Full Recovery...4finger

From: Big-D
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers sent From Michigan.

From: Jhardaker
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers sent from michigan

From: md5252
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers from NY

From: irjack
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers sent from ohio.

From: Gramps
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers for complete healing and fast recovery

From: Phil/VA
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers sent.

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-Apr-18

Praying for a great surgery team & successful surgery outcome.

From: Kwikdraw
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers sent from Central TX.

From: reb
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayer sent.

From: DarrinG
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers on the way.

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers up for Parsonbryant..

From: throwback
Date: 15-Apr-18

You're in our prayers here in NY, my friend.


From: Fats
Date: 15-Apr-18

Father God please bless parson Bryant with your grace and mercy as he has this surgery and he have a full recovery in Jesus name amen

From: Slick
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers sent.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-Apr-18

Will keep prayers for our brother.

From: rallison
Date: 15-Apr-18

Done. Shoulders can be tough to recover.

From: monkeyball
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers up for Parson, for a successful surgery and a complete recovery.

Praying in Pa, Craig

From: Burly
Date: 15-Apr-18

Prayers going out. Shoulder surgery is a very ruff recovery.

From: 76aggie
Date: 16-Apr-18

Prayer sent.

From: RymanCat
Date: 16-Apr-18

Lord we ask you to show favor on your servant when you patch him up better than new. Ease any pain and help the rehab go quickly and smooth and give full usage of the new repair job with a full recovery.


From: ga bowhunter
Date: 16-Apr-18

Prayers from Ga rehab is critical for full recovery all the best

From: sir misalots
Date: 16-Apr-18

Prayers from Ohio

From: bigdaddy
Date: 16-Apr-18

You bet

From: bigtines
Date: 17-Apr-18

Prayers said from Iowa..

From: nomo
Date: 17-Apr-18


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