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I may have to give it up.

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chazz847 13-Mar-18
Andy Man 13-Mar-18
1/2miledrag 13-Mar-18
monkeyball 13-Mar-18
Butch 13-Mar-18
Skeets 13-Mar-18
BATMAN 13-Mar-18
Archre167 13-Mar-18
StikBow 13-Mar-18
Sidetract 13-Mar-18
fdp 13-Mar-18
George D. Stout 13-Mar-18
pdk25 13-Mar-18
Cuzen Jeff 14-Mar-18
Mike E 14-Mar-18
Shick 14-Mar-18
chazz847 14-Mar-18
timex 14-Mar-18
Bentstick81 14-Mar-18
Mountain Man 14-Mar-18
Pa Steve 14-Mar-18
MStyles 14-Mar-18
George Tsoukalas 14-Mar-18
arlone 14-Mar-18
RymanCat 14-Mar-18
J. h2os 14-Mar-18
Darren Harris 14-Mar-18
David Mitchell 14-Mar-18
ButchMo 14-Mar-18
reb 14-Mar-18
Sawtooth (Original) 14-Mar-18
nomo 14-Mar-18
Babbling Bob 14-Mar-18
OldBeginner55 14-Mar-18
ny yankee 14-Mar-18
badgerman 14-Mar-18
76aggie 14-Mar-18
2 bears 14-Mar-18
Fats 14-Mar-18
Cyclic-Rivers 14-Mar-18
RonG 14-Mar-18
yard dog 14-Mar-18
Horseman 14-Mar-18
Wapiti - - M. S. 14-Mar-18
Riverwolf 15-Mar-18
hawkeye in PA 15-Mar-18
chazz847 16-Mar-18
From: chazz847
Date: 13-Mar-18

My wife has had some medical issues and they just got worse. I am her one and only caretaker. Plus I just learned that I have a cyst on my right kidney, already have medical problems from agent orange. At 71 years young I don't get to shoot my bows very often. This means giving up something I deeply love. We will see what happens.

From: Andy Man
Date: 13-Mar-18

hope turns out better than you expect and

keep one around to shoot to relieve stresses

best of luck

From: 1/2miledrag
Date: 13-Mar-18

Very sorry to hear of your medical issues, both you and your wife. Don't scrap this yet, even if you can't shoot for a while. Knowing that you can when you're able provides hope and something to look forward to.

From: monkeyball
Date: 13-Mar-18

Sounds like you have your hands full buddy. I will keep you and your wife in my prayers.

Hopefully the cyst will be just that. Don't give it up yet, you may not have to.

Praying in PA, Craig

From: Butch
Date: 13-Mar-18

Give it time before making any rash decisions--quite often health issues work out better than first thought. Just remember, the Lord is in control.

From: Skeets
Date: 13-Mar-18

Hope everything turns out well. You might need to shoot arrows for therapy.

From: BATMAN Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Mar-18


From: Archre167
Date: 13-Mar-18

Thoughts and prayers for you both.

From: StikBow
Date: 13-Mar-18

You know you do need short respites from care giving and 5 minutes with your bow or reflecting arrows will refresh your soul. Best wishes for all those health issues.

From: Sidetract
Date: 13-Mar-18

Prayers for both of you.

From: fdp
Date: 13-Mar-18

Just keep on keeping on.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Mar-18

Will keep prayers for both of you.

From: pdk25
Date: 13-Mar-18

A simple cyst on your kidney is no big deal. Sorry to hear about your wife:s medical issues getting worse.

From: Cuzen Jeff
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers from Ohio

From: Mike E
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers for you both.

From: Shick Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Mar-18

Charlie, you and your wife our in our prayers. Good luck to you. Shick

From: chazz847
Date: 14-Mar-18

Thanks for all the good words and thoughts. I will keep on trucking.

From: timex
Date: 14-Mar-18

I know my problem's are not eaquel to yours & I sinserly hope your situation improves. Don't give up shooting even though my inconsistency is terable due to arthritis I still find it very relaxing to shoot after a long day. Good luck

From: Bentstick81
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers sent.

From: Mountain Man
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers from the mountain

From: Pa Steve
Date: 14-Mar-18

Hang in others may need archery for therapy. I'm praying for you and your wife. Hope everything turns out on a positive note.

From: MStyles
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers from Illinois for both of you.

From: George Tsoukalas
Date: 14-Mar-18

Do what you can do, my friend. Prayers sent. George

From: arlone Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 14-Mar-18

I know where you're coming from, as my wife just returned home from a Transitional Care Facility yesterday, and now I go back to full time caretaker. I have my own problems also, but still try to shoot a few arrows most days in my basement and have a new to me bow on the way. Don't give up too soon, before you see how "things" shake out. Good luck and better health to you and your wife.

From: RymanCat
Date: 14-Mar-18

Lord watch over this feller and give him wisdom on managing his issues. We all face circumstances in life its how we handle them that matters in the journey.

If you can find the time to shoot it might relieve the stress of your burdens and help with health issues if you have the strength after its all said and done.

I certainly understand challenges. Lord willing we won't have to give up but if we do please allow us the courage to except it.


From: J. h2os
Date: 14-Mar-18

Yes, prayers for you and your wife that every thing works out for both. jeff

From: Darren Harris
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers sent for you and your wife.

From: David Mitchell
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers from West Virginia.

From: ButchMo
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayer for you and your wife. God bless.

From: reb
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers for you both.

From: Sawtooth (Original) Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers from my home.

From: nomo
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayed for your situation.

From: Babbling Bob Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Mar-18

As a 71 year old part time old caregiver and having to navigate age and medical issues myself, can relate, as I'm sure others on here can too.

Do try to keep some time for the forums and keep that favorite bow around to look at so your interest stays strong. The trad archery forums can actually help.

Will be praying for you and your wife's situation to keep improving.

From: OldBeginner55
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers from MN for both of you. If you are able, do try to shoot a couple rounds of three or four arrows now and then. It is good for the soul as well as the body. Godspeed ~OB55

From: ny yankee
Date: 14-Mar-18

Dont give it up just yet. Doing something you like just may be the thing that keeps you from going crazy from depression. Even if you only have a few minutes, just go shoot a few. I just watched a video recently of 82+ year old Bob Lee shooting a recurve again after a long lay-off after shoulder problems. He thought he would never shoot again but his son got him a 22 pound bow and he looked like he was shooting well, and enjoying it too. Keep the faith. There is always hope.

From: badgerman Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 14-Mar-18

Shooting a few arrows is a good stress reducer and it sounds like you need this in your life. Prayers for you both from Wisconsin.

From: 76aggie
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers for both you and your wife Chazz.

From: 2 bears
Date: 14-Mar-18

So Sorry to hear that,my friend. If you have one light weight bow,if not get one,and keep flinging those arrows. It gives you something to get your mind off things. I have had several cancer surgerys and chemo each time. I have been free of it for over 10 years. After a neck fusion,I am back up to a 45# bow now. I shoot a 27# up to 50 arrows. I only shoot the 45# 20 or 25 times. It keeps me going that and the communication here on the LW. I am 76 now so stay at it. It is good for you. Best wishes. >>>----> Ken

From: Fats
Date: 14-Mar-18

May God the Father be with you and your wife and it's to bad that you might have to give it up God's blessing on you

From: Cyclic-Rivers Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers for both of you

From: RonG
Date: 14-Mar-18

You will feel worse if you give up your bow, keep it, you will use it again, you are just feeling depressed which anyone would in your situation, Prayers will be coming forth.

From: yard dog
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers.... My Dad has a cyst on his kidney... hurt like heck... and then it burst, and he was fine....

From: Horseman
Date: 14-Mar-18

Prayers hand in.

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Mar-18

Praying for you and your wife that medical problems will have a turn for the better.

From: Riverwolf
Date: 15-Mar-18

Not that our opinions should mean much , but like above mentioned I would keep a favorite bow and all to go with it ...

Most importantly , absolute best for your wife and yourself health wise my friend . Sometimes in trying times we all need those few moments ... to calm ourselves , and let the mind find its calming rhythms..... nothing I have found even comes close to the Bow and arrows ability to do this...

From: hawkeye in PA
Date: 15-Mar-18

Prayers for the both of you.

From: chazz847
Date: 16-Mar-18

I took a walk in the woods today, did some stump shooting and felt alot better. Sure was windy today, caught sight of a black bear as it took off. Made me just feel better, my nick name at camp is bear dancer.

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