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First prototype hat drawing

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Vtbow 14-Feb-18
uphuntn 14-Feb-18
BIB 14-Feb-18
Tody 14-Feb-18
opr8r 14-Feb-18
hunterbob 14-Feb-18
LB1975 14-Feb-18
PhilFloyd 14-Feb-18
RG 14-Feb-18
lunatic 14-Feb-18
aj 14-Feb-18
Grimesville Assassin 14-Feb-18
mature8pointer 14-Feb-18
76aggie 14-Feb-18
Laserman 14-Feb-18
Kevin Potthoff 14-Feb-18
DeerSpotter 14-Feb-18
DLB 14-Feb-18
Dan 14-Feb-18
irjack 14-Feb-18
Scott Gray 14-Feb-18
dean 14-Feb-18
stikbow208 14-Feb-18
MnM 14-Feb-18
woodsman 14-Feb-18
smj8322 14-Feb-18
dhermon85 14-Feb-18
olboy 14-Feb-18
swampangel57 14-Feb-18
lost run 14-Feb-18
Trooper 14-Feb-18
Elkaddict87 14-Feb-18
scienceguy 14-Feb-18
Mikolay87 14-Feb-18
EJC 14-Feb-18
DarrinG 15-Feb-18
Matt M 15-Feb-18
J. Julian 15-Feb-18
bobreeks 15-Feb-18
leftwing 15-Feb-18
greyghost 15-Feb-18
kaw369 15-Feb-18
screamin6x6 15-Feb-18
OBH 15-Feb-18
KyPhil 15-Feb-18
chasinarrows 15-Feb-18
Derwood 15-Feb-18
Avid Archer 15-Feb-18
BS 16-Feb-18
Low Man Arrows 16-Feb-18
Labackwoodsman 16-Feb-18
Renegade 16-Feb-18
BS 16-Feb-18
bearbowjunky 18-Feb-18
Forkhorn 18-Feb-18
Twisted Branch 18-Feb-18
Stoner 18-Feb-18
tonto59 18-Feb-18
White Falcon 18-Feb-18
dean 18-Feb-18
LB 313 18-Feb-18
ranger 3 18-Feb-18
Hawkeye 19-Feb-18
dagwood64 19-Feb-18
Bxrecurve15 19-Feb-18
Bowlim 20-Feb-18
Bow Ben 20-Feb-18
Poppy 20-Feb-18
Vtbow 22-Feb-18
From: Vtbow
Date: 14-Feb-18

Oh, I am definitely in and have my fingers crossed for this one!!! Have a whole cabelas well trebark outfit this would go nicely with!!! Thanks for the chance!!!

From: uphuntn Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Feb-18

Put me in please. Thanks

From: BIB
Date: 14-Feb-18

Put me in please. Thanks

From: Tody
Date: 14-Feb-18

Please count me in. Thanks

From: opr8r
Date: 14-Feb-18

I like it...put me in thx...opr8r

From: hunterbob
Date: 14-Feb-18

Count me in .

From: LB1975
Date: 14-Feb-18

I'm in. Very nice reminds me of the hat ol Berry Wensel wore back in the day.

From: PhilFloyd Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 14-Feb-18


From: RG
Date: 14-Feb-18

Me too, me too Thanks

From: lunatic
Date: 14-Feb-18

I'm in. Looks great. Your hat making skills are boundless !

From: aj
Date: 14-Feb-18

Gotta try this! Count me in please and thanks

From: Grimesville Assassin
Date: 14-Feb-18

Sure,Thanks Dan!

From: mature8pointer Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 14-Feb-18

me to

From: 76aggie
Date: 14-Feb-18

Dan, that really looks great! Hard to come by those type caps.

From: Laserman
Date: 14-Feb-18

Im in please. Thanks

From: Kevin Potthoff
Date: 14-Feb-18

Please count me in. Thanks, Kevin

From: DeerSpotter
Date: 14-Feb-18

Count me in, thanks for the opportunity

Carl <------------<<<<

From: DLB
Date: 14-Feb-18

I’m in . Thanks

From: Dan
Date: 14-Feb-18

count me in! thank you

From: irjack
Date: 14-Feb-18

Put me in please. Thanks

From: Scott Gray Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Feb-18

I'm in Thanks

From: dean
Date: 14-Feb-18

Dan, that looks really good.

From: stikbow208
Date: 14-Feb-18

Please put me in, Dan. Thank you.

From: MnM
Date: 14-Feb-18

again please

From: woodsman
Date: 14-Feb-18

I am in, thanks

From: smj8322
Date: 14-Feb-18

24" should fit me.. Please add me to the list.. Thanks...

From: dhermon85
Date: 14-Feb-18

I'm in thanks!

From: olboy
Date: 14-Feb-18

I’m in Dan!! Thank you sir!!

From: swampangel57
Date: 14-Feb-18

Nice hat -- add me please

From: lost run
Date: 14-Feb-18

Please put me in, thank you.

From: Trooper
Date: 14-Feb-18

Awesome! I'm in.

From: Elkaddict87
Date: 14-Feb-18

I'm in

From: scienceguy
Date: 14-Feb-18

Love that style! I'm in!

From: Mikolay87
Date: 14-Feb-18

Put me in please

From: EJC
Date: 14-Feb-18

I’m in, thanks.

From: DarrinG
Date: 15-Feb-18

I love the old original Trebark camo! Put me in please!

From: Matt M
Date: 15-Feb-18

Please add my name and thank you

From: J. Julian
Date: 15-Feb-18

I’m in thanks

From: bobreeks
Date: 15-Feb-18

I'm in, Thanks Dan

From: leftwing
Date: 15-Feb-18

I'm in, thank you

From: greyghost
Date: 15-Feb-18

That a Stormy "GOMER" lol

From: kaw369
Date: 15-Feb-18

Please include my name Dan! Thanks!

From: screamin6x6
Date: 15-Feb-18

Please add my name. Thanks.

From: OBH
Date: 15-Feb-18

It is a little too close to marine style, but i'm in.

From: KyPhil
Date: 15-Feb-18

Count me in Dan, Thanks

From: chasinarrows Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-Feb-18

Please add my name too,Dan. Thank you

From: Derwood
Date: 15-Feb-18

Please add me. Thanks!

From: Avid Archer
Date: 15-Feb-18

I’m going all in. Thanks

From: BS
Date: 16-Feb-18

Please add me, and Thank You!

From: Low Man Arrows
Date: 16-Feb-18

Add Me old school, nice

From: Labackwoodsman
Date: 16-Feb-18

I'm in , thank you.

From: Renegade
Date: 16-Feb-18

Add me in. Thanks Dan.

From: BS
Date: 16-Feb-18

24" divided by PI [3.1416] = 7.639, so the hat is a good 7 5/8"

From: bearbowjunky
Date: 18-Feb-18

Very cool please add me.

From: Forkhorn Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 18-Feb-18

Me too

From: Twisted Branch
Date: 18-Feb-18

Wow, I’m in! Thanks Dan.

From: Stoner
Date: 18-Feb-18

I'm in, thank you. John

From: tonto59
Date: 18-Feb-18

Dam you make some sharp looking hats BOX CALL.

From: White Falcon
Date: 18-Feb-18

Very nice Dan!

From: dean
Date: 18-Feb-18

Looks excellent.

From: LB 313
Date: 18-Feb-18

Count me in! Thank you for the chance

From: ranger 3
Date: 18-Feb-18

Very nice Dan! put me in

From: Hawkeye Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 19-Feb-18

Add my name, please!


From: dagwood64
Date: 19-Feb-18

Put me in please. Thanks!

From: Bxrecurve15
Date: 19-Feb-18

Please put me in. Thanks

From: Bowlim
Date: 20-Feb-18

Nice looking hat design, would make a good Barry Wensel style.

From: Bow Ben
Date: 20-Feb-18

Looks great , put me in. Thanks

From: Poppy
Date: 20-Feb-18

Put me in,Thanks

From: Vtbow
Date: 22-Feb-18

Thanks so much Dan--Really psyched about this hat!!

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