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My getting old bow

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Will tell 13-Feb-18
Wapitidung 13-Feb-18
David Mitchell 13-Feb-18
gluetrap 13-Feb-18
George D. Stout 13-Feb-18
felipe 14-Feb-18
Babbling Bob 14-Feb-18
Fisher Cat 14-Feb-18
MStyles 14-Feb-18
Will tell 14-Feb-18
TheTalon3 14-Feb-18
Greyfox 14-Feb-18
From: Will tell
Date: 13-Feb-18

I've been getting rid of the bows that I don't shoot because of to heavy draw. Just ordered my getting old bow, a Robertson Coy Pup, 38# at 28". And is 58 " long. Should be able to shoot all day with this one. Got a great deal, it's a hybrid. Long limbs and reminds me of a fifties style recurve.

From: Wapitidung
Date: 13-Feb-18

Will tell, I've done the same. Sent my Sunset Hill to Nate for a weight reduction. Huckleberry is now shooting 40# @ 26. I'll be able to shoot that Bow for a good long while.


From: David Mitchell
Date: 13-Feb-18

One thing I would suggest that I find very useful...your muscles will adjust down to the new reduced weight bows and after while they won't feel quite as light on the draw. Keep taking down the heavier bow(s) and just draw them regularly to keep better muscle tone.

From: gluetrap
Date: 13-Feb-18

what D. Mitchell said. haven't shot anything since before Christmas and my 40 seemed a lot heavyer yesterday...ron

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Feb-18

I switch between 42 and 47 pounds regularly. If you shoot a lot, you won't have any problems. Keep in mind that most of us went to 35ish pound bows during outdoor target/field season back in the day, and then back to our 50'ish pound hunting bows. Never had a single issue. You do have to shoot regularly though or you can develop muscle atrophy.

From: felipe
Date: 14-Feb-18

I'm on the same plan, my getting old bow is a Tradtech Titan II riser and Uukha limbs; smooth to pull and smooth on release. I keep arrow weight around 9gr/lb so there is still plenty of speed. This is most likely my last setup, but I suppose I could always get lighter limbs too...

From: Babbling Bob Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Feb-18

Will Tell - Really enjoy three which are 30 to 40 lb draw weight rosewoods. Have some kill'em draw weight bows too. Might sell one or two of the heavier ones I don't use so much, but expect the rest to take me on home to the 44.

From: Fisher Cat
Date: 14-Feb-18

I'm pretty much on the same plan. I shoot 57# bows best now, but just had my 44# Hunter Flight refinished for use as a retirement bow. If that gets to be too much, I can switch to the 35# Red Wing Hunter I shot as a young teenager. Funny how age causes us to repeat our youth (though not in the good ways). - John

From: MStyles
Date: 14-Feb-18

When you shoot what’s heavy for you, then drop to a lower weight, it’s easy to shoot. It only seems logical that if you drop down in weight, eventually that lower weight will seem heavy, unless you’re still drawing a heavier bow just to stay in shape.

Date: 14-Feb-18

Will do you draw 28"?

From: Will tell
Date: 14-Feb-18

I short draw my self bows but draw about 27 inches with my longbows and recurves. I make all my arrows 28 inches. Just about got everything switched, have a 40 pound Martin Savannah longbow and a Great Plians Osage longbow that pulls 42 pounds. I also have a nice coustom made Bamboo Ipe bow that's 45 pounds. The Savannah pulls the easiest.

I like 5 1/6 cedar shafts spined at 40 to 45 pounds. They come out at a little over 400 gr. They fly great out of all the above bows. I have a feeling that the Robertson will shoot as fast as all the bows I'm using. I got the new Robertson cheaper than a new Bear Kodiak. I'm a big fan of Dick Robinson bows. They're as tough as they are nice.

From: TheTalon3
Date: 14-Feb-18

I shoot a 35 pound Bear Kodiak but I still have to use my Talon Thumb Tab. The muscle's don't seem to be a problem but the sore fingers are a *****.

From: Greyfox
Date: 14-Feb-18

I hunt with a 45# recurve now but I have a Pearson 40# 700, for my later years. I will be69 this year and and the bow is 4 to 5 years older than me. Enjoy

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