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Getting rid of limb twist

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SdDiamondArcher 12-Feb-18
Barber 12-Feb-18
Iwander 13-Feb-18
KDdog 13-Feb-18
Knifeguy 13-Feb-18
Bushytail 13-Feb-18
Keefers 13-Feb-18
Shawn 13-Feb-18
pickngrin 13-Feb-18
South Farm 13-Feb-18
Yellow Dog 13-Feb-18
Shotkizer 13-Feb-18
Wild Bill 13-Feb-18
Sipsey River 13-Feb-18
2 bears 13-Feb-18
SdDiamondArcher 13-Feb-18
charley 13-Feb-18
Aerofish 13-Feb-18
Wildhog 14-Feb-18
swampwalker 14-Feb-18
TrapperKayak 14-Feb-18
nomo 14-Feb-18
stykman 14-Feb-18
MStyles 14-Feb-18
From: SdDiamondArcher
Date: 12-Feb-18

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Alright guys, I’ve known about this twist for a while, but haven’t ever tried to do anything about it. What would you suggest?

Run under warm water and twist it back and hold? Or are there other methods? Or is it too far gone?

From: Barber
Date: 12-Feb-18

It’s not to far gone, I have fixed them a lot worse than that. I use the water and hold method. Has always worked great for me.

From: Iwander
Date: 13-Feb-18

I'd start by filing that the string groove nearest your hand a little deeper.

From: KDdog
Date: 13-Feb-18

I've watched a bowyer remove material from the fade down to the tip, opposite the twist . No more twist.

From: Knifeguy
Date: 13-Feb-18

I don't use warm water or hair dryer until just twisting them the opposite direction and holding doesn't work. I leave them strung while I do it too, just being very careful so the string doesn't pop off. I'd give yours 2 or 3 twists and holds, draw it back to see if it's straight and then let it sit strung for a day. Then draw again to see if it stayed. It doesn't look bad at all. Lance.

From: Bushytail Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Feb-18

I've done the hair dryer method a few times. Get it warm (not hot) and twist to the opposite direction of twist and hold till it cools down. String it up and see how it is. You may have to repeat it a few times till it's straight. I've never had them twist again.

From: Keefers
Date: 13-Feb-18

Blacktail bows has a very good method to remove limb twist on their website page. Just search in the search options there. No water .,no heat just an easy to follow fix.

From: Shawn
Date: 13-Feb-18

Agree with the no heat or hot water method. Make sure you leave bow strung and hold the string in place as you twist ir well past the opposite way of the twist. Norm Johnson showed me years ago how to do this. Shawn

From: pickngrin
Date: 13-Feb-18

I do what Knifeguy says, it works for me.

From: South Farm
Date: 13-Feb-18

My old Indian looked like that once upon a time. I wedged it between the door jam and the back of the door, just above the door hinge, and had my son apply friction via an old wool sweater while I twisted it back into proper form. We looked kind of peculiar but it worked!

From: Yellow Dog Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Feb-18

Used this method at Bear camp in Quebec when one of the guys in camp unpacked his new Widow, strung it up and had a severe twist. Not sure what happened but suspect something heavy was laying on it In the bed of his pickup with the sun beating down on it during the drive up.

From: Shotkizer
Date: 13-Feb-18

Heat is the only thing that works for me. I've done it a couple of times with the steam from a clothes iron. I remember asking Owen Jeffery how he removed the limb twist on one of my limbs and he said "heat."

From: Wild Bill
Date: 13-Feb-18

I've done some with both hot air and hot water, but never strung. The hot air seemed easier/less mess.

From: Sipsey River
Date: 13-Feb-18

I have fixed dozens by heating the limb with an electric blanket on high for about 30 minutes. They can be straightened easily without over stressing them. This method has never failed me. No way would I file on the limb.

From: 2 bears
Date: 13-Feb-18

Rasping should be left for new bows where something is built in off center. Older bows have been twisted and need to be untwisted. Hot water is O.K. if the finish is in good shape. Dry heat is better if not gotten too hot. Most got twisted with no heat and will straighten with the same amount of force that twisted them. Without any heat.Good luck >>>----> Ken

From: SdDiamondArcher
Date: 13-Feb-18

Thanks guys. I think I like the sound of dry heat the best. When I get home I’ll give it a go with a blow dryer or electric blanket.

From: charley
Date: 13-Feb-18

If you have trouble fixing it, or it wants to wander back, don't get uptight. That will shoot just fine fixed or not, it ain't that bad.

From: Aerofish
Date: 13-Feb-18

I’ve only done 1 bow, a 3 piece TD. Just used the twist and hold while strung method. Took 4 times then it was good to go.

From: Wildhog
Date: 14-Feb-18

I agree with knifeguy

From: swampwalker
Date: 14-Feb-18

Had a gorgeous Blacktail VL that had a twist on it when I bought it. Could never get that twist out. Ended up selling and never got another one. Beautiful bow though.

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 14-Feb-18

Sd, that was my very first post on LW, this same exact situation and question. George S et al answered it and I tried it, and it worked. Their suggestions resurrected my bow like the Holy One. It now shoots just fine. I thought it was a gonner. Just twist and hold the limb in the opposite direction for several seconds. Repeat until straight. Didn't need to heat it. Pretty simple, but it worked for me. It was pretty bad too, darn near slipped the string off the side upon letdown every time I drew it back prior to fixing. It was my Savage Deathmaster. It still is, and now it shoots again. TK

From: nomo
Date: 14-Feb-18

I've fixed a few of them that were about that bad by just twisting and holding for a while. I've had to do some of them several times, but so far, I've been able to eventually fix them. It seems like patience and tenacity usually helps fix a lot of things.

From: stykman
Date: 14-Feb-18

Had a one-piece Blacktail VL and the method they have on their website worked perfectly.

From: MStyles
Date: 14-Feb-18

The first used recurve I got off eb@y had a wicked twist in the limb and another one in the tip on the same limb. I used hot water, and it took me a couple hours between the two twists. It was my first time doing this, and I only paid $25 for the bow, so I used it to learn. I still have that bow, and it stays strung in the trunk of my car. Now I untwist a limb tip by stringing the bow, then I turn the tip in opposite direction, past center (carefully)and hold for a minute. Sometimes it takes multiple times, but this method seems to work well. I also leave the bow strung overnight once I straighten the tip.

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