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Arrow holder give-a-way

Messages posted to thread:
ny yankee 12-Jan-18
Dan In MI 12-Jan-18
bulldog.1177 12-Jan-18
Twisted Branch 12-Jan-18
kodiak t/d 12-Jan-18
Selden Slider 12-Jan-18
gettin closer 12-Jan-18
ButchMo 12-Jan-18
Medicare Bhtr 12-Jan-18
BlacktailBowhunter 12-Jan-18
ny yankee 12-Jan-18
Old_Bear 12-Jan-18
scienceguy 12-Jan-18
2 bears 12-Jan-18
bearbowjunky 12-Jan-18
Tim Cousineau 12-Jan-18
OBH 12-Jan-18
TDHunter 13-Jan-18
Jack Whitmrie jr 13-Jan-18
iowa cedar shooter 13-Jan-18
ny yankee 14-Jan-18
gettin closer 14-Jan-18
From: ny yankee
Date: 12-Jan-18

Sorry, no pic. Its a stick on, holds the arrow on the rest. Base is 2-3/8 long x 11/16 plastic with 2 holes near center. Rubber holder makes it 4 inches long. Needs sticky tape. Drawing a name Sunday night and ship Monday.

From: Dan In MI
Date: 12-Jan-18

Hey something I can actully use! please put me in.


From: bulldog.1177
Date: 12-Jan-18

sounds interesting put me in

From: Twisted Branch
Date: 12-Jan-18

I’m in ..Thanks.

From: kodiak t/d
Date: 12-Jan-18

Please add me in and THANKS!!!!

From: Selden Slider
Date: 12-Jan-18

I'll give it a try. Frank

From: gettin closer
Date: 12-Jan-18

I have been wanting to try one of those! I am in! Thank you.

From: ButchMo
Date: 12-Jan-18

Please put me in. Thanks.

From: Medicare Bhtr
Date: 12-Jan-18

Thx. I could use one for both blinds and tree stand.

From: BlacktailBowhunter
Date: 12-Jan-18

I could actually use that.

From: ny yankee
Date: 12-Jan-18

Box, yes, pretty much! tiny bit different but that's it!

From: Old_Bear
Date: 12-Jan-18

I'm in; thanks

From: scienceguy
Date: 12-Jan-18

I'm in. Thanks!

From: 2 bears
Date: 12-Jan-18

I am in. Been wanting to try one. >>--> Ken

From: bearbowjunky
Date: 12-Jan-18

add my name please

From: Tim Cousineau
Date: 12-Jan-18

Count me in! Thanks!

From: OBH
Date: 12-Jan-18

Wow that's an old Stajac, put me in, thanks!

From: TDHunter
Date: 13-Jan-18

Yes sir add me please

From: Jack Whitmrie jr
Date: 13-Jan-18

I could use one thanks

From: iowa cedar shooter
Date: 13-Jan-18

i'm in! thanks!

From: ny yankee
Date: 14-Jan-18

The winner was Gettin Closer. Matt, Please PM me your address. Thanks guys!

From: gettin closer
Date: 14-Jan-18

How cool! That never happens! I want to go buy a lotto ticket now! Thanks NY Yankee!

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