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Anyone using Grizzlystik arrows?

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Wolflord 09-Jan-18
Penny Banks 09-Jan-18
loprofile 09-Jan-18
barebow626 09-Jan-18
Tomas 09-Jan-18
BATMAN 09-Jan-18
Brian B 09-Jan-18
From: Wolflord
Date: 09-Jan-18

I am thinking of trying some Grizzlystik Momentum TDT arrows with .170 spine for my recurve which pulls 108 lbs at my draw. They seem to be the only arrows that have the spine and weight I need other than sleeving aluminums or going to wood. Problem is they make my easton dangerous game arrows look cheap!

From: Penny Banks
Date: 09-Jan-18

I can't pull 108#'s in my dreams. I did buy a dozen of the original grizzly stik's back in 2000. Still have three in my hunting line up.

From: loprofile
Date: 09-Jan-18

Compared to Grizzlysticks your Easton Dangerous game arrows are cheap!

From: barebow626
Date: 09-Jan-18

Awesome arrows. Well worth the ££. I used to shoot them from my 101#@29 Harrison hss

From: Tomas
Date: 09-Jan-18

If you hit something hard the nock end will split just like any other arrow.

From: BATMAN Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Jan-18

I sent an e-mail to their web site asking some questions. Never got an answer. Maybe they were all out hunting? GOOD LUCK!

From: Brian B
Date: 09-Jan-18

Robert, I do shoot grizzly sticks, except not the exact shafts that You are making reference too. I have an older model called "sitkas", which were made to shoot from bows 40-55lbs. I shoot mid to high 40's, with 200 grain heads, for a total weight of appx. 600 grains, and they fly like darts. They are a very durable shaft as well. The last two deer I shot, the arrows were on the ground from pass-thrus. I only have 11 sitkas left, they don't make them anymore, but the new stuff is the same concept, and of course better! Anyhow, wish I could help You out regarding those heavy weight grizzly sticks, but have never shot a bow near that poundage. Best of luck to You Robert, Brian...

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