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Heaviest arrows

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56' Kodiak 08-Jan-18
GF 08-Jan-18
George D. Stout 08-Jan-18
ahunter55 08-Jan-18
Longtrad 08-Jan-18
Bob Rowlands 08-Jan-18
David McLendon 09-Jan-18
Jeff Durnell 09-Jan-18
Uncle Lijiah 09-Jan-18
Wolflord 09-Jan-18
Muskrat 09-Jan-18
Rigs 09-Jan-18
Shawn 09-Jan-18
MStyles 10-Jan-18
DanaC 10-Jan-18
Jax'sMommy 10-Jan-18
Jack Whitmrie jr 10-Jan-18
Killbuck 10-Jan-18
ny yankee 10-Jan-18
Terry Lightle 10-Jan-18
GUTPILE PA 10-Jan-18
Squirrel Hunter 10-Jan-18
Redheadtwo 10-Jan-18
fdp 10-Jan-18
Draven 11-Jan-18
camodave 11-Jan-18
From: 56' Kodiak
Date: 08-Jan-18

What are the heaviest arrows you all are shooting? I know you can do a stiffer spine with more point weight, but I'm more curious if there's a heavier GPI out there? Thanks

From: GF
Date: 08-Jan-18

Any alumalog with .020” walls will stack up the weight pretty quickly; don’t know about carbons.

And if you’re willing to shoot hardwood shafts...

I’m assuming you want to stop short of a glass fishing arrow...

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 08-Jan-18

Well, aluminum is able to produce mass without the need for stuffing them or overloading the front. It's up to you how much weight you really want, you can have too much for the bow to efficiently utilize. My 2016 are 10.6 grains per inch bare shaft. When I'm tuned, my arrows are anywhere from 10 gpp to 12 gpp. Any heavier than that and it defeats the purpose as performance suffers.

From: ahunter55
Date: 08-Jan-18

I pretty much have shot a 2117 out of all my Longbows & recurves over the years. Played around with lighter & heavier but shooting 50 thru 55#s most of the time that arrow seems to always do an excellent job for me with a 125 gr head.

From: Longtrad
Date: 08-Jan-18

right now i'm playing around with a 622 grain arrow out of a 51# bow, havent tested it on game but it sure goes deeper into my reinhart targets than my 525 grain arrows do.

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 08-Jan-18

I've made hundreds of hickories at ~820-850 grain weight. #55 bow. That said, the last few years I have also been making doug fir arrows, which are a better all around shaft at 650 grains.My arrows are well over the 10gpp rule. Some are 15 gpp and there's no issue with that that I can tell. I actually do not like fast arrows I find them twitchy.

From: David McLendon
Date: 09-Jan-18

Years ago I had some pig arrows made up out of Purpleheart that were just over 1100 grains and were 13+gpp. They hit hard but dropped like a brick past 20 yards. Was along about then that I decided super heavy arrows weren't that great and dropped to a 700 grain that was smoking fast at 8.4gpp and much flatter while still hitting like a truck.

From: Jeff Durnell Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 09-Jan-18

The heaviest I have now are 850 grain hickories.

From: Uncle Lijiah
Date: 09-Jan-18

Uncle Lijiah's embedded Photo

Byron Ferguson Heavy Hunter carbon shafts by Bearpaw are heavy gpi

From: Wolflord
Date: 09-Jan-18

Easton Full Metal Jacket Dangerous Game arrows have a high GPI.

From: Muskrat
Date: 09-Jan-18

When I shot a 55# Martin Vision longbow i used a 2018 aluminum that weighs in at 12 gpi., when tipped with a 135 gr. head gave me a total arrow weight of 550. I eventually switched to a carbon arrow with a 200 gr. head that totaled out at 505 grains. More recently I shoot 44 to 50# bows with arrows usually weighing in at about 10 grains/# of draw weight, with considerably lower shaft gpi. Much over that and I am not pleased with trajectory. Since my primary game animal is never bigger than a Whitetail or a eating size hog, I don't see advantages to going heavier.

From: Rigs Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Jan-18

Shooting 680 grn. Doug Fir. 190 grn. Grizzly on the front...

Happy hunting, Jason

From: Shawn
Date: 09-Jan-18

Easton FMJ Dangerous game shafts are around 18 gpi. in the .250 spine. You can also go to a fiberglass shaft stuffed inside and aluminum and get over 1000 grains plus point weight. I myself like around 8-9 gpp. of draw weight and can kill most anything shooting a 360 to 400 grain arrow out of my 42-47# bows. Shawn

From: MStyles
Date: 10-Jan-18

I’m using Hickory arrows, 790 - 880. The lighter ones are all sapwood, the heavier ones are heartwood. I’m amazed at how tough they are. They can break, but only a couple each year.

From: DanaC
Date: 10-Jan-18

Mid 50's and a 2018 will shoot well and hit like a hammer.

From: Jax'sMommy
Date: 10-Jan-18

I once heard a trick to try, not sure how much it proves as the weight would shift unless packed full. Fill an arrow with sand and see the differences.

I also use 2117's for my 55lb LB

From: Jack Whitmrie jr
Date: 10-Jan-18

Anything over 12 GPP just is not an efficient use of the bows stored energy. Mine after tuning generally come out at about 10.4 GPP. I know not everyone will agree with this but this has been the findings of men/women with a lot more experience than me.

From: Killbuck Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 10-Jan-18

Shot a deer once with a fiberglass fish arrow and a 190 Grizzly. About 1200 grains. Hit her in right hip. Arrow centered her heart and blew through the sternum on the way out. 63lb Rocky Miller Mountain bow.

From: ny yankee
Date: 10-Jan-18

I think 9-10 gpp is about perfect.

From: Terry Lightle Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 10-Jan-18

585 grains with a 57# bow with a 2 blade Delta up front,seems to work good for me.

Date: 10-Jan-18

I'm the opposite. I only shoot a 480gr arrow and never had a any promblem

From: Squirrel Hunter
Date: 10-Jan-18

Birch, 750 gr w 62 lb longbow, but only for hogs. Everything else is 9-10 gr/lb.

From: Redheadtwo
Date: 10-Jan-18

I use 2020s in place of 2117s for more weight. There's also 2317s being used for my heavy bows. Also have some ash arrows that weigh 719 grains with 160 grain field tips. Did use 2419s when I shot an 80-90 pound compound.

From: fdp
Date: 10-Jan-18

The question is what draw weight are you shooting, and what arrow length do you want?

Like Killbuck, Ive used solid fiberglass fish arrows. They soine around 250. I've also used 9/32" solid fiberglass rod that they use for lighy reflectors like you see beside driveways spine around .600. And they weight less then the 5/16" fish arrows.

They can be tuned to shoot quite well. And for normal hunting ranges the drop in elevation isn't as big an issue as most think.

From: Draven
Date: 11-Jan-18

I use arrows in the 9-10 range. The heaviest is 640gr for a #57 warf bow.

From: camodave
Date: 11-Jan-18

I shoot Full Metal Jackets that weigh a total of 908 grains all the time (even shot them in a 3D match once). When people ask me why I simply answer "because I can". They are not what I shoot for longer ranges but I hunt for short shots anyway.


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