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Palmer Recurver Bow quiver Choice

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moosehunter 07-Jan-18
Beacon 07-Jan-18
Tree 07-Jan-18
Ben 07-Jan-18
moosehunter 07-Jan-18
Zach K 07-Jan-18
Kodiak 07-Jan-18
silverarrowhead 07-Jan-18
From: moosehunter Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Jan-18

Curious what you Palmer recurve shooters are useling for a bow quiver. The quiver inserts are drilled into the belly side of the riser. He sells a 5 arrow quiver on his site, just curious if anyone is using that one?

From: Beacon
Date: 07-Jan-18

Moosehunter: I have 3 Palmer bows. I have Selway bolt-on quivers on all of them~some will fit with the bolts that come on the bow and sometimes you need to go to the hardware store and get 1/4" longer bolts, and you can always do just a good old slide-on Selway. I love my Palmer bows, but not a fan of the quiver (too noisy) - as a matter of fact, I threw mine in the trash, but that's just me. -- Beacon

From: Tree
Date: 07-Jan-18

i like the great northern quivers

From: Ben
Date: 07-Jan-18

I always used a Delta or a Wing.

From: moosehunter Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Jan-18

Thanks Beacon, I don’t like the quiver either and wondered if anyone was using his riser drilled inserts. I prefer a side mount quiver over the limb bolt option but that’s not an option for me since the laxer engraving is in the spot I need to drill. Oh well, thanks all you guys for your input!

From: Zach K
Date: 07-Jan-18

I have 4 palmers. I use great northern and selway quivers on them. I talked to Mike yesterday and was thinking about ordering one of those quivers he sells. I would really like to figure out how to rig up one of those top shot quivers using the inserts on the side.

From: Kodiak
Date: 07-Jan-18

I use Selways on my Palmers, both the bolt-on and slip-ons.

From: silverarrowhead
Date: 07-Jan-18

My Palmer has the inserts on the side of the riser, and I got the appropriate Palmer quiver. No noise, and works great.

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