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Pig Down.

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DesertMuelys 07-Jan-18
bowbuck 07-Jan-18
Clydebow 07-Jan-18
throwback 07-Jan-18
deerhunt51 07-Jan-18
Bushytail 07-Jan-18
Snowshoe 07-Jan-18
Gray Goose Shaft 07-Jan-18
Matt Ewing 07-Jan-18
Slick 07-Jan-18
Ken Schwartz 07-Jan-18
sagebrush 07-Jan-18
1/2miledrag 07-Jan-18
BlacktailBowhunter 07-Jan-18
Sawtooth (Original) 07-Jan-18
White Falcon 07-Jan-18
zwickey chad 07-Jan-18
reb 07-Jan-18
singlestring 07-Jan-18
TGbow 07-Jan-18
Desperado 07-Jan-18
Barber 07-Jan-18
moosehunter 07-Jan-18
BATMAN 07-Jan-18
Old School 07-Jan-18
Bode 07-Jan-18
3Ditional 07-Jan-18
Frisky 08-Jan-18
TrapperKayak 08-Jan-18
Pa Steve 08-Jan-18
kodiak t/d 08-Jan-18
GUTPILE PA 08-Jan-18
David Mitchell 08-Jan-18
Butch 08-Jan-18
Chemsolder1 08-Jan-18
Wapiti - - M. S. 09-Jan-18
neuse 09-Jan-18
Gramps 09-Jan-18
From: DesertMuelys
Date: 07-Jan-18

DesertMuelys's embedded Photo

1st pig w/ recurve.Bear Grizzly 45# (Grayling)..V.P.A 3 blade 250 gr. 1and1/4 cutting width.Gold Tip 500..29"shaft.4"R/H feathers...552.8 grain total arrow weight. still dub string..Woods Walker string puffs...22 yard shot. 15' two man ladder stand..Busted his right shoulder on into his vitals.Broadhead no where near exiting .Pig made it maybe 60 yards.I love these Grayling Grizzly bows..I get awesome arrow flight out of these Recurves...Next up in rotation is my D/H Super Diablo 45# or Bear Polar 42#..Just love to shoot / hunt w/ vintage bows. Would like to thank each and every one of you for giving your experience and knowledge to people who are willing to learn and put in the work to be better archers. God Bless.

From: bowbuck
Date: 07-Jan-18

Congrats, fine job on the pig! A 45# Grayling Grizzly was one of my 1st curves. Enjoy the pork. -bb

From: Clydebow
Date: 07-Jan-18

Great shot! Congrats!

From: throwback
Date: 07-Jan-18

Nice shootin' Rick, congrats on your pig!

From: deerhunt51
Date: 07-Jan-18

Yep, I love those bows as well. Congrats!

From: Bushytail Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Jan-18

Congratulations on a nice Pig! Otta be some good eating.

From: Snowshoe
Date: 07-Jan-18

Congrats on the pig! Grizzly is a great bow.

From: Gray Goose Shaft
Date: 07-Jan-18

A plain old Grizz 45? No carbon, no sight pins, broke the shoulder at 22 yards? You are proof that 45# will do it and that shot placement is paramount. Congratulations!

I love my 45# Grizz from 1977. BTW, it is 10 degrees here in upstate NY.

From: Matt Ewing
Date: 07-Jan-18


From: Slick
Date: 07-Jan-18


From: Ken Schwartz
Date: 07-Jan-18

Well done ! Good eats there!

From: sagebrush
Date: 07-Jan-18

Good those hogs,most fun than anything to chase with a stick,.especialy javalina.

From: 1/2miledrag
Date: 07-Jan-18

Congrats on your pig kill! I sure wish I could hunt pigs! Looks like a blast.

From: BlacktailBowhunter
Date: 07-Jan-18


From: Sawtooth (Original) Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 07-Jan-18

Good deal. Way to go man.

From: White Falcon
Date: 07-Jan-18


From: zwickey chad
Date: 07-Jan-18

Man.............always wanted to pig hunt.

From: reb
Date: 07-Jan-18


From: singlestring
Date: 07-Jan-18

Well done!

From: TGbow
Date: 07-Jan-18

Congrats! Nice job.

From: Desperado
Date: 07-Jan-18

Congratulations Rick and thank you for using a classy picture instead of blood & guts splattered all over like so many do. Well Done with the kill and the photo !!! "Whitie"

From: Barber
Date: 07-Jan-18

Awesome, I love hog hunting

From: moosehunter Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Jan-18

Well done! Thanks for reducing that pig population! Excellent presentation of your shot and gear, can’t wait to read your next kill posting and admire your success! Congratulations ??????!

From: BATMAN Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Jan-18

@ RICK....GREAT SHOOTING! Go get some mo'! BLESSED BE! Batman

From: Old School Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Jan-18

Good job DezertMuleys! Vintage bows rock.

From: Bode Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 07-Jan-18

Great job!!! Got me fired up. My Texas pig hunt starts Feb 1. Can't wait

From: 3Ditional
Date: 07-Jan-18

That's a nice hog, congrats.

From: Frisky
Date: 08-Jan-18

Looks like pork and pigskin to me! Good job!


From: TrapperKayak
Date: 08-Jan-18

Nice shootin.. One down, One million+ to go.

From: Pa Steve
Date: 08-Jan-18

Great shot. Congratulations!!!

From: kodiak t/d
Date: 08-Jan-18


Date: 08-Jan-18

Way to go my friend

From: David Mitchell
Date: 08-Jan-18

Real nice pig with a vintage bow--hard to beat that. :o)

From: Butch
Date: 08-Jan-18


From: Chemsolder1
Date: 08-Jan-18

Nice work! Go get the rest of em now!

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Jan-18


From: neuse
Date: 09-Jan-18

Good job getting Mr. pig.

From: Gramps
Date: 09-Jan-18


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