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Military wool pants?

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Yogibar 06-Jan-18
fdp 06-Jan-18
Stealth2 06-Jan-18
Yogibar 06-Jan-18
Shooter 06-Jan-18
Killinstuff 06-Jan-18
Rotten: 06-Jan-18
Burly 06-Jan-18
George D. Stout 06-Jan-18
hunterbob 06-Jan-18
TrapperKayak 06-Jan-18
Heat 06-Jan-18
sack 06-Jan-18
Eric Krewson 07-Jan-18
stickbowhntr 07-Jan-18
Bud B. 07-Jan-18
firekeeper 07-Jan-18
StikBow 07-Jan-18
DanaC 07-Jan-18
Killinstuff 07-Jan-18
fdp 07-Jan-18
Bob Rowlands 07-Jan-18
TGbow 07-Jan-18
Jim Davis 07-Jan-18
Eric Krewson 07-Jan-18
Franklin 08-Jan-18
Brad Lehmann 08-Jan-18
Codjigger 08-Jan-18
From: Yogibar
Date: 06-Jan-18

Interested in some cheap $ wool pants, no luck at the GW Store. Anybody use military wool? Online sources?

From: fdp
Date: 06-Jan-18

I have about 10 pairs. But I buy them locally. I don't know an on line source, but I bet Google does.

From: Stealth2 Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 06-Jan-18

From: Yogibar Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Jan-18

Any issue with odd sizing on the Swedish mil?


From: Shooter
Date: 06-Jan-18

I can't verify this but I've heard that the Russian issue were the warmest.

I tried to find some a few years ago but could not find anything that came close to the right size.

From: Killinstuff
Date: 06-Jan-18

Correct sizing is a huge issue! Beware if you can't try them on first. It's wool, wool shrinks and mm isn't inches. Got some from the Sportsman Guide last year and they were so far off in sizing my kids couldn't wear them. And they were not worth sending back for a refund. Goodwill got them for the bums and hobos to wear.

From: Rotten:
Date: 06-Jan-18

I have a couple pairs of them and they are great! Sizing is strange, but if you find some you'll never wear them out.

From: Burly
Date: 06-Jan-18

That is weird.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Jan-18

I'm one of those bums or hobos that gets their wool at Goodwill, so thanks for that. I have a pair of Swiss Army...not much wear on neutral country wool. They fit snug around the waist but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. My buddy got them for me a couple decades ago and I only wear them now and again, mostly relying on my Woolrich Malone style....thank you Goodwill.

From: hunterbob
Date: 06-Jan-18

Sent you a PM yogibar

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 06-Jan-18

I have two pairs of German army wool pants that I've had for close to 30 yrs. Just as good as when I got them with the exception of one with slight hole under the zipper. I wore only one of them all season this year. Never got cold at all in them. Wash them in cold water. Hang dry. Awesome stuff. Gotta stay fit though or they would be too snug at the waist.

From: Heat
Date: 06-Jan-18

E German and US are both good.

From: sack
Date: 06-Jan-18

Makes me itch just reading about it . Sack

From: Eric Krewson
Date: 07-Jan-18

Eric Krewson's embedded Photo

I bought 4 pair of East German military pants from SG years ago for $27. I didn't need 4 pair so I sold the two pair for what I had in them.

At the time the sizing was spot on, I understand people who ordered later might get any size and have to send them back.

A lot of people bought these bargain basement pants and sold them on eBay.

I kept one pair in reserver for when I wore out pair #1. Pair #1 is still in might fine shape even though they have lived a rough life. Bar none the best wool I have ever bought.

I a on the right in my east German britches.

From: stickbowhntr
Date: 07-Jan-18

From: Bud B.
Date: 07-Jan-18

Bums and hobos generally do not shop at Goodwill.

Homeless veterans could use anything we hunters discard.

Try here for Ohio military surplus. Maybe a store is near you and you can try on the pants to check fit. q=ohio+military+surplus+stores&oq=ohio+military+surplus+stores&aq s=chrome..69i57.10387j0j7&client=tablet-android- samsung&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8

Or search Ohio military surplus stores.

From: firekeeper
Date: 07-Jan-18

I've had a couple of different pair over the years, both were very good. The 2nd pair were Swedish, and better than the 1st pair, whatever they were. Swisslink was mentioned above as carrying the Swedish pants; I've purchased a few things from them in the past and have been favorably impressed by their quality and service. You can call them and ask about fit, if I remember correctly they maybe run a bit smaller than U.S. stuff.

From: StikBow
Date: 07-Jan-18

US1951 army issue for moderate cold. Euo\ropean surplus wool and some old commercial pants. Cheaper than dirt is a source

It is 23 here today at 0500 and i am gearing up for rabbits along the river. Wool everything today

From: DanaC
Date: 07-Jan-18

Just did a check of e-bay, plenty available but mostly in (ahem) younger mens's sizes ;-)

From: Killinstuff
Date: 07-Jan-18

OK, they just "look" like bums at GW. My bad.

From: fdp
Date: 07-Jan-18

Pretty disparaging remark about Goodwill.

Seems pretty clear there is no understanding of what Goodwill is, or does.

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 07-Jan-18

I buy most of my work shirts at Goodwill for 4$-$5. In fact I'm wearing one as I type this. I've see all classes of folks in there over the years, from 'bums' to those in suits. I could care less about the worldly status of men.

From: TGbow
Date: 07-Jan-18

I bout a 100% wool sweater 2 years ago at Goodwill, like brand new.

Be surprised at the folks that are very well off that shop at Thrift stores, maybe that's how they keep their money, by shopping wise.

From: Jim Davis
Date: 07-Jan-18

Erik, is that Gil there in the middle?

From: Eric Krewson
Date: 07-Jan-18

Yep, that's Gil

From: Franklin
Date: 08-Jan-18

Sounds like the guy on the Big Game page asking if people thought $150,000 0r $200,000 a years was enough to retire things come out that just don`t sound right.

I have owned several pairs...the ones I had were the light green with the 6 pocket designs. They have some that are like dress wools...but like others have said I bought were they could be tried on. Otherwise you could get just about anything.

From: Brad Lehmann
Date: 08-Jan-18

I bought three pair from Sportsman's Guides back in the 1990s. Gave away one pair and had to grow into the others. Both pair are stamped 1941 so the pants are older, and in better condition than I am. They were around ten bucks a pair. One of the best gear purchases that I ever made.

From: Codjigger
Date: 08-Jan-18

I also have a couple of pair of German wool pants that I must have had for 40 years now. I suspect they must be ww11 old they have button flys, A little ratty now, but that is a plus for hunting clothing. Sandy

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