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58" vs 60" sacrifice

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56' Kodiak 06-Jan-18
sheepdogreno 06-Jan-18
dean 06-Jan-18
Chas 06-Jan-18
Kodiaktd 06-Jan-18
George D. Stout 06-Jan-18
camodave 06-Jan-18
Bentstick54 06-Jan-18
56' Kodiak 06-Jan-18
Longbowwally 06-Jan-18
Tree 06-Jan-18
Thumper 06-Jan-18
Muskrat 06-Jan-18
J. Julian 06-Jan-18
Mpdh 06-Jan-18
GF 06-Jan-18
bowhunt 06-Jan-18
westrayer 07-Jan-18
shade mt 07-Jan-18
Wapiti - - M. S. 07-Jan-18
56' Kodiak 07-Jan-18
Ranman 07-Jan-18
From: 56' Kodiak
Date: 06-Jan-18

Which would be better for tree hunting or wouldn't it matter? It's only 2" which is one inch on top and one inch on bottom but you might get a better release out of a 60 inch Bow? Or would the release be the same I'm referring to string pinch. I have a slightly over 28 inch draw. Thanks all you tree Hunters!

From: sheepdogreno
Date: 06-Jan-18

I've had 0 issues hunting from a tree with a 62in bow. My ground blind is too small for a bow that long.

From: dean
Date: 06-Jan-18

My son has shot many deer with a 68" longbow from tree stands. You just need to cant the bow over when shooting downward. Bend forward, roll the bow over and shoot. 15 yards down from a tree stand is not a difficult shot. I put a ladder stand up in my back yard for the guys to practice from. The young compound converts first think it is impossible, then when they get the canted bow and bending into the shot thing going, they find it easier than trying the same shot with a compound. Like anything else, it requires practice. Two inches will not make any difference.

From: Chas
Date: 06-Jan-18

Agree with difference tree stand hunting between a 58" or 60" (or 68" IMO). As far as finger pinch..well, some will say they can tell the difference between the 2 lengths, I for one could not at a 28" draw.

From: Kodiaktd
Date: 06-Jan-18

Since you only ask about tree hunting and not ground blinds. All the recurves I hunt with are either 58" or 60" and I've had no issues with either length and I have a 28 1/2" draw.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 06-Jan-18

Not sure why one would give you a better release than the other, that is a form thing. I would shoot what you are most comfortable with regardless of length.

From: camodave
Date: 06-Jan-18

For that use you might take a look at a 58 inch static tip. They are shorter at full draw that a working recurve or a longbow.


From: Bentstick54
Date: 06-Jan-18

I started out with 52” recurves in the early 1970s from treestands thinking shorter was better. Moved up to 58” recurves and never noticed any difference. Since I switched to longbows ,then selfbows, the lengths have increased to 66”-68” with no noticeable issues from hang on stands.

I have to be careful using ladder stands due to lower limb clearance, and have never hunted out of a climber style stand.

From: 56' Kodiak
Date: 06-Jan-18

Thanks everybody for chiming in

From: Longbowwally
Date: 06-Jan-18

I've hunted with longbows as long as 68" from a treestand - with no problem - but they are not as easy to shoot from a stand as my 58" VPA riser/trad tech limbs current bow rig is...I love the 58" length.....

From: Tree
Date: 06-Jan-18

With your draw length I doubt you'll notice any finger pinch with a 58" bow

From: Thumper
Date: 06-Jan-18

Shoot a 58" and see how you like it. It will probably be fine.

Then shoot a 62" and you will LOVE it.

That's been my experience at least.

From: Muskrat
Date: 06-Jan-18

From my own experience I've found longer bows easier to shoot consistently, all other factors being close to equal, but I'm no expert or competitive champion. I have hunted successfully with a 66" longbow from treestands with no issues. But some stands are better suited for longer bows. I've also hunted with 58" and 60" bows from treestands without any problems, and it is certainly easy enough to put your stand up, get in it, and try both bows out for clearance issues.

From: J. Julian
Date: 06-Jan-18

I have a 29” or a little longer draw. I really noticed a difference in string angle on the 58” over the 60” bow. If I shoot tbe 58” for a while I start to get a sore ring finger.

From: Mpdh
Date: 06-Jan-18

Pick the bow length that you shoot the best. You’re not going to have any problems caused by bow length shooting from a tree.


From: GF
Date: 06-Jan-18

I’ve got 2 recurves and a longbow at 62”, a 64” hybrid/flatbow/RDLB and a 65” recurve. So far, I can tell you that shooting a 62” recurve from a climber (with a rail) is no big deal. And I’m only 64” myself.

Target bows are much longer; gotta be a reason.

I don’t think an inch or matters any more than you allow yourself to believe that it does, and even then it’s only because you gave it permission to do so.

From: bowhunt
Date: 06-Jan-18

I don't think thier is gonna be much difference between a 58 and 60 inch bow for you as long as it does not stack heavily.It can be sometimes with certain designs though.A 60 inch bow typically is gonna perform very well for you on all counts at your draw length.Its a very utilitarian length in general in a recurve

Out of a tree either one in gonna be fine in most trees.But all trees are not created equal.I prefer to leave as many limbs as possible in a tree for cover and a shorter bow is handier in those situations no doubt.I have hunted out of black locust and osage trees.Different ballgame.If your shooting around the back side of the tree your in you will get better string clearance from the tree with a shorter bow.Its just easier.Less to worry about.Hitting this or tinging that or string getting in the way of trunk on backside shots etc in crunch time.

I have hunted a lot with 64 inch longbows.Did well with them.I have hunted with shorter bows as well and their just plain handier in many hunting situations despite what folks say.Including treestands.

From: westrayer
Date: 07-Jan-18

Buying a bow based on only overall length is a problem. Your draw would be OK if you have a bow with a short riser but longer working limbs. Check specific bows for recommended draw length and experiences from guys that shoot them.

From: shade mt
Date: 07-Jan-18

Usually out of a treestand it will be the bottom limb that gives you trouble.

If your a right handed shooter a deer on your left and shooting at a hard downward angle will be the shot that you have to watch a bit.

I like hang on stands that you can fold the seat back when you stand up.

The difference between a 58" or a 60" in a treestand is only going to be 1" for each limb, doubtful that would make any difference.

I have shot more deer from a treestand with a 64" R/D longbow than anything else.

I'd go with which one you like best. good luck.

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Jan-18

I hunted with 64 being the longest and 60 being the shortest.The shorter bow is easier to handle in the tree's.

From: 56' Kodiak
Date: 07-Jan-18

It's a 14 inch riser reflex deflex longbow. I definitely notice string pinch between a bear A riser and a bear B riser. So I figured a 58 would be the middle ground.

From: Ranman
Date: 07-Jan-18

I shoot 62” and 64” bows from climbers and ladder stands with no problems. I do recommend that you practice from your stands.. definitely different than shooting from the ground. Randy

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