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Arrows for lightweight bows?

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Red Dogs 05-Jan-18
Viper 05-Jan-18
hawkeye in PA 05-Jan-18
George D. Stout 05-Jan-18
bboaldin 05-Jan-18
Therifleman 05-Jan-18
Sipsey River 05-Jan-18
ronnickel 05-Jan-18
Floxter 05-Jan-18
Gator1 05-Jan-18
ModernLongbow 05-Jan-18
Ken Williams 05-Jan-18
Ken Williams 05-Jan-18
Clydebow 05-Jan-18
deerhunt51 06-Jan-18
Pdiddly 06-Jan-18
From: Red Dogs Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 05-Jan-18

I bought a lightweight Sage for my nephew for Christmas and I'm wondering about arrows. It's 30#'s but he's a tall kid so probably draws +29 inches,so looking at 33-35#s. The lightest arrows (spine) I have would be some 1816 alums, or 600 spine carbons. Both seem a bit stiff without really loading them up front. Any suggestions on arrows for this bow? Thanks

From: Viper
Date: 05-Jan-18

Red -

If he's really drawing over 29", the the 1816s with 125 grain heads should be appropriate. If he draw less, drop to a 1716 with target points, but remember that the 1716s are 29" dull length (or should be), so there's no room for growth.

Viper out.

From: hawkeye in PA
Date: 05-Jan-18

Look at the Easton Jazz shafts chart. So many variables, is he 3D shooting or strictly target shooting? Is durability a concern? Target point or a converta point? Some of the carbon inserts can be paired with a aluminum arrow for a converta point also when trying to use the lighter aluminum shafts.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 05-Jan-18

I think 1816 would be great with a real draw length over 29". You won't have to weigh down the ends like you do with carbon. My grandson has a 35# Sage, and I shoot it now and then with 28" 1816 and 125 tips and I draw 27 1/2".

From: bboaldin
Date: 05-Jan-18

If you want carbons, check out the Rocket Carbon arrows.

You can get them spined as low as 1200 and as high as 600.

My daughter shoots them out of her 20# Kodiak Cub.

D and M Custom arrows made hers and he even made three of them where we could use screw in tips for judos for stump shooting.

From: Therifleman
Date: 05-Jan-18

I dont know much, but i do know light spine carbons in light weight bows. Try the carbon express predator ii in 800 spine.

From: Sipsey River
Date: 05-Jan-18

I shoot 30 lbs, Gold Tip Entrada .600 spine works well for me.

From: ronnickel
Date: 05-Jan-18

I use full length 1816 in my 39# recurve and for my guest 30# longbow. I thought I would need heavier points for guest bow, but 100 grain are shooting fine for my beginners.

From: Floxter
Date: 05-Jan-18

The rifleman's got it; Carbon Express Predator in 800 spine full length at 30" with their 80gr glue in point. With a 30# bow you're giving up too much weight with aluminums and inserts and points.

From: Gator1
Date: 05-Jan-18

I think the 1826s should be good. That’s what my daughter shots out of her 57 kodiak at 30lbs plus.

From: ModernLongbow
Date: 05-Jan-18

From: Ken Williams
Date: 05-Jan-18

I am a aluminum arrow guy myself. I have carbon arrows but prefer the aluminums.

The link Modern Longbow has posted is a very good general guideline. I had been at this for a while when I stumbled across Tony Camera's info that M/L posted the link to. I could have saved a lot of cash and time by taking Tony's word for it. Folks would di well to study the link posted above.

From: Ken Williams
Date: 05-Jan-18

"do" not "di"

From: Clydebow
Date: 05-Jan-18

My wife shoots 32 lbs with 29 inch G.T. Entrada 600s with 100 grn points. I shoot 42 lbs with the same arrow and specs.

From: deerhunt51
Date: 06-Jan-18

Try the arrows you listed, maybe a couple different tip weights. I bet that bow will tell you which one it likes.

From: Pdiddly
Date: 06-Jan-18

Viper's arrow guide is what I use and I share it often. The people I share it with are very impressed, as was I!

Trad is supposed to be simple.

Thank you Tony!

I use the 1816 a lot in a variety of bows up to 45# with 100 and 125 grain points...I leave the shaft length longer for the lighter bows.

I think they would be a great choice that could be re-used as he increases in draw weight.

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