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Pocket Quivers

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sir misalots 04-Jan-18
76aggie 04-Jan-18
wonderbowman 04-Jan-18
Therifleman 04-Jan-18
From: sir misalots
Date: 04-Jan-18

The recent post on these got me thinking. Some said they carry two blade tipped broadheads in theirs. I never thought of them for broadheads (for safety reasons) (not sure if thats a concern)

Do many use them that way? Are there special models for broadheads with reinforced lining?

I normally like a solo mounted bow quiver and I rarley need to carry more than two spare arrows. This might fit the bill for me. Any thoughts or input appreciated And if there is a recommended model,let me know

From: 76aggie
Date: 04-Jan-18

I thought the very same thing Sir Misalots. I would be a tad timid to put broadheads in my pocket quiver.

From: wonderbowman
Date: 04-Jan-18

I've never carried them that way but with a secondary safety cover I might.

From: Therifleman
Date: 04-Jan-18

Unless youre prone to wearing chaps with no pants, whats a scar or two on your buttcheeck?

I like the pocket quiver for stumping and 3d, but it would not work well for me for hunting--- usually have my lonewolf stand on my back. Even if using ladder stand i would not want arrows in that position in case of fall-- nocks are pointy too. Plenty of other good options for broadheads.

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