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Coyote Hunting

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BowsNBanjos 03-Jan-18
Gun 03-Jan-18
felipe 03-Jan-18
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BowsNBanjos 05-Jan-18
Bernie P. 06-Jan-18
From: BowsNBanjos
Date: 03-Jan-18

Hello all! With deer season winding down a bit here, I have been focused on coyote hunting, something I have always done with a firearm. I'd like to give it a try with a bow, but was wondering how many of you have done coyote hunting with your bow (not just target of opportunity), and how you have done it? Hunting blind? Broad heads? Just wanted to get some advice, and tips! Thanks, Rick

From: Gun
Date: 03-Jan-18

Waste of time for me. I've shot a few while deer hunting. I trap them. More efficient and just as fun.

From: felipe
Date: 03-Jan-18

felipe's embedded Photo

I've killed three with a bow by calling them in. Once I used an electric call and sat in a tree and the other two I used a mouth call and hunted in some ground cover where I could turn and shoot fast. Lotta fun and fast action when they come running in, don't think twice about the shot or they will be gone.

I'm still working through the Harvey flooding but have been thinking of calling some later this winter if time allows. February starts mating so they may not listen to your call, but when they are hungry (most always) they will come.

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 03-Jan-18

Called in a few lipping, shot at one at 40 yds, and missed. The other two I didn't shoot at cause I was elk hunting. They were only 5 yards from me but I passed. Elk were nearby.

From: GLF
Date: 03-Jan-18

I use mouth calls with a rifle but it's much better to use an electronic while bowhunting so you can set it out 15 or 20 yards from you. Beats drawing their attention right to you. I also put a feather with thread holding it to a stick next to the speaker to help keep their attention off me.

From: Rock Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 03-Jan-18

I have shot 13 of them now and just do not work at it much any more. have called them in from treestands portable blinds and natural blinds.

From: felipe
Date: 03-Jan-18

Right about the electronic call, with a mouth blown call the coyote is hunting (stalking) you, which is a rush in itself. Use their curiosity and they will give you a shot.

From: Kodiaktd
Date: 03-Jan-18

I never hunted coyotes before but I'm thinking about starting. Growing up and hunting where I live I never seen a coyote until about ten years ago. Last year ( 2017 ) I seen four in my yard on different occasions. It would be nice to get one with a bow. :)

From: jk
Date: 03-Jan-18

My father ordered me never to kill anything I wasn't going to eat ..I'd just shot a porcupine...

From: monkeyball
Date: 03-Jan-18

Sunrise and sunset. High metabolism keeps them going all day long in cold winters.

They will sit close to a frozen carcass and prey on whatever comes in to gnaw on it.

You will educate more than you kill if you go at them in the dark and the wind has to be from them to you to stand any chance at all.

Good Shooting->->->->Craig

From: larryhatfield
Date: 03-Jan-18

Porkys are good to eat! Coyotes, not so much. Now is a pretty good time out west. The pups are still together for the most part for another 2 weeks, and they are still learning to hunt. I kill those weaned pups because it keeps my ranch coyotes population under control.

From: StikBow
Date: 03-Jan-18

Carry a fishing reel and a piece of fur or cloth. Tie the line and the fur/cloth on a barbed wire fence- back off a few yards to cover. Squeak and tug-once they see something hung on the fence, they drop a bit of caution and charge. Normally used in open country here. This works well for urban songdogs too

From: ga bowhunter
Date: 04-Jan-18

must be a differint animal here in Ga very rare to even see one much less get a shot with a bow iv'e killed one with a bow and several with guns while hunting deer wary cunning animal I have better luck trapping which i'm getting ready to do they are rough on deer around here would love to become a better hunter of coyotes

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 04-Jan-18

Some good suggestions here on the feathers and string, etc. Tie a dead rabbit by the foot to the bottom wire of a barb wire fence, and tug it slightly with a string tied to it, while squeeling. Hiding nearby or with ghillie on. I bet they see that and give you a shot opportunity.

From: neuse
Date: 04-Jan-18

We have lots of coyotes where I hunt, I have been thinking about giving it a try after deer season.

From: BowsNBanjos
Date: 04-Jan-18

Appreciate all the advice for sure! I live on a farm, with goats. Neighbor is a sheep farmer, and coyotes are definitely a pain. They get into the sheep and goats whenever they can it seems, and definitely do damage. I have always used a firearm, and electronic call, when actually hunting them. I may give it a try when the temperature warms up here a bit. Thanks all, Rick

From: sir misalots
Date: 04-Jan-18

One Smart animal When they pup they get hungry so it may be a good time Biggest tip is to get there attention off you. Use a decoy of some type. Can be simple or complex. Lot of you tube videos on making a homemade caller for cheap. Now with blue tooth speakers you can use your cell to send the signal. Als Varmint page website is a great place

There is a guy on another trad site that kills a lot with stick and string. I would think it would be very difficult though (put possible) Difficult for me lately to kill anything LOL

Id opt for a 12 gauge and T shot or buck. Right gun/right load their dead meat past 50 yds.

When Ohio had a bounty the population was in check. And when the fur trade took a turn, no one hardly traps. They breed like bunnies so it dont take long till populations explode.

When I lived in Circleville Ohio someone came across a den. There were 52 dog and cat collars along with bones. No urban legend, they got the pets.

I know a guy that hunts them and said the absolute best call is a recording of an infant child crying. scary huh!

From: dgb
Date: 04-Jan-18

As we say in Nebraska, "there's no bad way to kill a coyote."

From: Bill Rickvalsky
Date: 04-Jan-18

I have been wanting to give them a try. We actually have them in the woods right behind our house here in SC. And the DNR here has a program to encourage hunting them. They have a number of tagged coyotes out there. If you kill one you get a free life license. If you don't have a use for it yourself you can designate someone else to receive it.

From: BigStriper
Date: 04-Jan-18

Bill with the FREE Lifetime license I would be Hunting them a lot more than I do and the Grandson would be set for LIFE. I'm going soon,with the Rem 700 Classic 22-250 or 25-06.


From: Bill Rickvalsky
Date: 05-Jan-18

Yeah, if I got one I would give it to my son since I already have a lifetime license. SCDNR is nice to us old folks. After a certain age it is $9 for a lifetime hunting and fishing license.

From: BowsNBanjos
Date: 05-Jan-18

Sir Misalots, I completely agree about the cats and dogs. When I was younger, my "barn" cat went missing, thanks to the wonderful coyotes. Goats, sheep, cats, dogs...They will get whatever they can.

I used to do more trapping with my dad, but not so much anymore, might have to get back into it.

That lifetime license idea is a great one. Not many people I know go after much more than deer and turkey, that would definitely be an incentive for folks to go after some coyotes.

From: Bernie P.
Date: 06-Jan-18

Hard to beat Predator Masters forums for info on hunting coyotes and such.Mostly firearm hunters but they have a bowhunting forum as well.

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