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Jerry Hill arm guard

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Jim Keller 07-Dec-17
Barber 07-Dec-17
WildernessBuck 07-Dec-17
Cameron Root 07-Dec-17
Skeets 08-Dec-17
From: Jim Keller
Date: 07-Dec-17

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I received my arm guard today that Jerry graciously gave away last week in his drawing. It's top shelf. I'm anxious to give it a go tomorrow. Thank you Jerry. It was a pleasure corresponding with you. And thank you for the history you gave me on my Howard Hill quiver. Jim

From: Barber
Date: 07-Dec-17

Awesome, looks very nice !

From: WildernessBuck
Date: 07-Dec-17

That looks really nice, that was a fun drawing and really nice of Jerry Hill to give away a piece of his work. Congrats for being the lucky winner!

From: Cameron Root
Date: 07-Dec-17

Looks great Jim

From: Skeets
Date: 08-Dec-17

Now THAT is an armguard! It has the perfect shape, perfect leather thickness, leather lacing which holds it firmly on the arm, and just the right number of hookeyes that are spaced for easy lacing.

You will really like it.

Back in the "day" when I used a TSS climber stand I was thinking of buying a second Jerry Hill armguard just to protect my forearms when bearhugging trees when climbing and coming back down. My armguard is still roughed up from that torture.

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