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How to film bowhunts and critters

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Chance 07-Dec-17
Bowguy 07-Dec-17
SB 07-Dec-17
buckthumper 08-Dec-17
From: Chance
Date: 07-Dec-17

This morning I went hunting behind my house with my recurve. It was in the 40s and we just had a good rain. At about 7am I had a deer at 14 paces.. He busted me while drawing and I froze. . Eventually started shaking and attempted to slowly draw back to anchor and he bolted!

Within an hour I filmed a flock of turkeys at mere feet from my ground blind.. Sadly my cell phone film is pitiful! Very poor quality.

This got me thinking: does anybody else take photos of the animals they see on stand.. Could yall give me any tricks or tips especially with equipment. . pics are Very welcome Id love to get a little action cameras and attach it to me bow to help make memories. Also who takes a digital camera? Which ones work silently. . I swear those turkeys could hear me breathing! ! Thanks for reading.

From: Bowguy Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 07-Dec-17

I used to carry a Sony handy cam just to film stuff I didn't shoot. It had a quiet function. Never actually looked more than once or twice at films. Finally stopped doing even that. Think you're overthinking the turkeys. I've mentored tons of people and during whispered talk they never spook so as long as you're not doing anything drastic you're ok. To me bowhunting is different than I'm sure for some. I do it cause I like doing it. Don't need proof in video I can shoot a deer. Plus carrying all that stuff would drive me crazy. Can't imagine some of that stuff being part of my necessary gear but that's just me. Guess you need to decide if you're trying to film kills or just the things you don't.

From: SB
Date: 07-Dec-17

When I'm hunting...I hunt. If I'm filming wildlife I don't have a weapon with me. One or the can't do both and have a decent outcome.

From: buckthumper
Date: 08-Dec-17

My two sons and I started filming our hunts a couple years ago and it is a blast! We just started with a simple handy cam and a DIY camera arm. You can check us out on youtube at grip n grin outdoors or our website It just adds to the total hunting experience. You'll love it... Thumper

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