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Nuclear Longbow 07-Dec-17
Styknstrng 07-Dec-17
Styknstrng 07-Dec-17
9/10 Broke 07-Dec-17
tecum-tha 07-Dec-17
Barber 07-Dec-17
RonG 07-Dec-17
Styknstrng 07-Dec-17
LightPaw 07-Dec-17
SB 07-Dec-17
Kodiaktd 07-Dec-17
B R Wright 07-Dec-17
servingOne 07-Dec-17
SB 07-Dec-17
Dao 07-Dec-17
Knifeguy 07-Dec-17
Bushytail 07-Dec-17
mangonboat 07-Dec-17
Archer 07-Dec-17
From: Nuclear Longbow Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Dec-17

Today's shot will be the walk-up; 24, 18, and 12 yards. Shoot straight and be blessed.

Pearl Harbor Day today, remember our vets from all armed conflicts!

Big John

From: Styknstrng
Date: 07-Dec-17

Styknstrng's embedded Photo

Morning all, shots as called. 24yds low left, 18yd left, 12yd centered. Crisp 17deg here this morn. Grand Pa fought on this day years ago and 7yrs ago passed on this day. Thanks for call...shoot straight

From: Styknstrng
Date: 07-Dec-17

I pretty sure i was seeing my arrow, to dark to shoot. Fought it the first 2 shots.....shoot straight

From: 9/10 Broke Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Dec-17

9/10 Broke's embedded Photo

God bless our Veterans. Thanks to them we can Live Large. Freedom and the price paid to keep it seems to be taken for granted by some these days. Shots taken at 24, 18 and 12. Thanks for calling and to all y’all for being here. Have a great day.

From: tecum-tha Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 07-Dec-17

tecum-tha's embedded Photo

Back at it today. Shot the one yesterday, but the cell phone SD card had some issues and I couldn't retrieve the picture. Anyways, nice and cold and breezy today. Shots as called. 24 in the 10 ring, 18 yards right and the 12 back in the ten ring. Thanks for the call.

From: Barber
Date: 07-Dec-17

Barber's embedded Photo

Shot as called using my Bodymanbowyer longbow and Easton Axis Traditional arrows. My shots are right to left. Thanks for the call !

From: RonG
Date: 07-Dec-17

RonG's embedded Photo

Styknstrng, I shot the 12 yard one for your grandfather and the 24 yard for my father and the 18 for all the folks who went to defend our country. Out of all the wars and conflict, Pearl Harbor is my most hated.

Normally my bow would be silent in respect for these folks, I decided to shoot in respect.

Since going to natural non laminated bows, I can't believe how silent they are, just a bare bow and string.

Bow: My Yew 45lbs. @ 28"

Arrows: Howard Hill Cedars spined for 55lbs. but shot good enough

Thank you for the call NLB and everyone have a great day.

From: Styknstrng
Date: 07-Dec-17

Good job Ron way to keep them tight....shoot straight

From: LightPaw
Date: 07-Dec-17

LightPaw's embedded Photo

Great shooting everyone!

Hey 9/10ths, you living at work these days? Awesome shooting on that bird.

I blew the long shot today but 18 and 12 were okay. A little higher than I wanted, but the sprinkler was really putting the pressure on me. lol

Hope you are all enjoying this day and life is treating you well. Thank you for the call and the opportunity.


From: SB
Date: 07-Dec-17

Too cold out for me....and I don't have 3 arrows! See you in April or May...if it warms up by then!

From: Kodiaktd
Date: 07-Dec-17

Kodiaktd's embedded Photo

As called.

1990s Bear Hunter TD.


Cedar arrows.

From: B R Wright
Date: 07-Dec-17

Pulled my arrows without thinking to take a picture which is probably best as they were pretty bad. Worse than usual I mean, they are usually pretty bad anyhow.

From: servingOne
Date: 07-Dec-17

servingOne's embedded Photo

Thanks for the call Big John!

My walk up was 24- low right; 18- low left; 12- center.

We are getting our first dusting of snow and temperatures have dropped into the low 30’s (heat wave for SB!).

From: SB
Date: 07-Dec-17

I'm just hoping for a brown Christmas! It is currently 2° with the wind here!

From: Dao
Date: 07-Dec-17

Dao's embedded Photo

from left 24 12 18.

took quick shot in the dark with target area only lit up from the ground.

wow, almost can't see my own bow, very little visual reference. but I do use what's in my visual field so I'm definitely not an instinctive shooter.

Thank you Big John for making the call, hope everyone have a good day today! -ted

From: Knifeguy
Date: 07-Dec-17

Knifeguy's embedded Photo

Thanks for the call Big John. Using the Dickie's and POC again today. The 24yd is low, I plucked the 18yd and it's high and the other is the 12yd and not where I wanted it. Have a good evening everyone. Lance.

From: Bushytail Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 07-Dec-17

Bushytail's embedded Photo

Shots as called with my 51# Yellowstone Hunter with Herritage 150s. 24 and 18 went left and 12 went high. Went for the center of target. It was starting to get dark a little and couldn't see my arrows fly. This tablet realy brightened up the pic. Nice call!

From: mangonboat
Date: 07-Dec-17

mangonboat's embedded Photo

Thanks for the call, Big John. Shots taken as called at lunchtime with the Cascade Whitetail Hawk. I was in a rut to the left . 24 yds was closest to the red golf tee, 18 and 12 found the same hole a bit farther to the left.

From: Archer
Date: 07-Dec-17

Archer's embedded Photo

Shot early this am just now had time to post. Shot as called using my bear td. Thanks for the call

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