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Hat drawing

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kaw369 30-Nov-17
LightPaw 30-Nov-17
nomo 30-Nov-17
White Falcon 30-Nov-17
ranger 3 30-Nov-17
Avid Archer 30-Nov-17
Kurt B 30-Nov-17
Labackwoodsman 30-Nov-17
BIB 30-Nov-17
grizz 30-Nov-17
hawkeye in PA 30-Nov-17
TrapperKayak 30-Nov-17
old fudd 30-Nov-17
WindWalker 30-Nov-17
Tine Tickler 30-Nov-17
legend 30-Nov-17
Custom Kodiak 30-Nov-17
Shortdraw 30-Nov-17
E T Hick 30-Nov-17
9/10 Broke 30-Nov-17
Percy 30-Nov-17
dagwood64 30-Nov-17
BWANA 30-Nov-17
kodiak t/d 30-Nov-17
R. Combs 30-Nov-17
BC173 30-Nov-17
Cameron Root 30-Nov-17
lunatic 30-Nov-17
grizzley21 30-Nov-17
KDdog 30-Nov-17
Acemudd 30-Nov-17
Harry-o 30-Nov-17
hunterdau2 30-Nov-17
Kevin Potthoff 30-Nov-17
MattG 30-Nov-17
Kip 30-Nov-17
servingOne 30-Nov-17
truflyer 30-Nov-17
bruin84 30-Nov-17
richbat 30-Nov-17
olboy 30-Nov-17
Butch 30-Nov-17
Germandogs 30-Nov-17
SB 30-Nov-17
Ontario Longbow 30-Nov-17
Matt M 30-Nov-17
Derwood 30-Nov-17
J. Julian 30-Nov-17
FlynW 30-Nov-17
Curtiss Cardinal 01-Dec-17
T2@dte 01-Dec-17
papa smurf 01-Dec-17
BACKYARD 01-Dec-17
Tom M 01-Dec-17
Car54 01-Dec-17
stagecoach 01-Dec-17
pappy 01-Dec-17
Nemah 01-Dec-17
Wohlf63 01-Dec-17
limbolt 01-Dec-17
Ludy 01-Dec-17
Craig S 01-Dec-17
Slambo 01-Dec-17
leftwing 01-Dec-17
JusPassin 01-Dec-17
aj 01-Dec-17
RG 01-Dec-17
Longbow58 01-Dec-17
TFowler1 01-Dec-17
huntmaster70 01-Dec-17
gettin closer 01-Dec-17
Herbie 01-Dec-17
Morel 02-Dec-17
Grimesville Assassin 02-Dec-17
fistmele53 02-Dec-17
Twisted Branch 02-Dec-17
Greenbriar 02-Dec-17
charley 02-Dec-17
screamin6x6 02-Dec-17
DeerSpotter 03-Dec-17
H Rhodes 03-Dec-17
preed 03-Dec-17
Popester1 03-Dec-17
Crow 3 03-Dec-17
bergie 03-Dec-17
S. North 03-Dec-17
Ranman 03-Dec-17
mobertok 04-Dec-17
Wildhog 04-Dec-17
John H 04-Dec-17
Sailor 04-Dec-17
smj8322 04-Dec-17
tcuda 04-Dec-17
nomo 07-Dec-17
Longtrad 07-Dec-17
TrapperKayak 07-Dec-17
bergie 07-Dec-17
SB 07-Dec-17
Crow 3 07-Dec-17
westhaven 07-Dec-17
From: kaw369
Date: 30-Nov-17

Please enter my name in the drawing! Thanks! Jon

From: LightPaw
Date: 30-Nov-17

In please, thanks Dan!

From: nomo
Date: 30-Nov-17

Think I'll just sneak attack in there and get this one. ;~) I'm in. Thanks Dan!

From: White Falcon
Date: 30-Nov-17


From: ranger 3
Date: 30-Nov-17

Thanks Dan I'm in

From: Avid Archer
Date: 30-Nov-17

please add me...thanks

From: Kurt B
Date: 30-Nov-17

Please include me. Thanks Kurt

From: Labackwoodsman
Date: 30-Nov-17

I'm in ,thank you for the opportunity !

From: BIB
Date: 30-Nov-17

In please, thanks Dan!

From: grizz
Date: 30-Nov-17

Please put me in and thanks.

From: hawkeye in PA
Date: 30-Nov-17

I'd like a chance, Thanks Dan.

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 30-Nov-17

Dan, I'd like a shot at that one, to go with my warm weather one! I like fleece. BTW, the last one, Mossy Oak, is the same exact pattern as my Wild Turkey Federation vest, and looks very much like this one too. What a set that would be! Thanks.

I plan on paying it forward very soon with a give away of my own. TK

From: old fudd
Date: 30-Nov-17

Please put my name in. Thanks Dan.

From: WindWalker
Date: 30-Nov-17

I'm in. Thanks !

From: Tine Tickler
Date: 30-Nov-17

Count me In! thanks Dan!!

From: legend
Date: 30-Nov-17

I'm in! Thank you

From: Custom Kodiak Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 30-Nov-17

Please put me in. Thanks, Jim

From: Shortdraw
Date: 30-Nov-17

I feel lucky Dan... my daughter's birthday. Please drop my name in the "hat". Many Thanks! <')))><

From: E T Hick
Date: 30-Nov-17

I'd like a chance...Thanks!

From: 9/10 Broke Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 30-Nov-17

In. Thanks.

From: Percy
Date: 30-Nov-17

Count me In! thanks Dan!!

From: dagwood64
Date: 30-Nov-17

Put me in please. Thanks!

From: BWANA Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 30-Nov-17

Count me in please!!

From: kodiak t/d
Date: 30-Nov-17

Put me in too!!!!! Thank you, Rodney

From: R. Combs
Date: 30-Nov-17

I’m in Dan, thanks

From: BC173
Date: 30-Nov-17

Im in Dan.

From: Cameron Root
Date: 30-Nov-17

I m in

From: lunatic
Date: 30-Nov-17

Put me in also. Thanks Dan !

From: grizzley21 Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 30-Nov-17

please add my name,,,,thanks

From: KDdog
Date: 30-Nov-17

As always, thanks Dan , I'm in

From: Acemudd Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 30-Nov-17

please put me in....

From: Harry-o
Date: 30-Nov-17

I thank you for your generosity, please include me. Thank you Harry-o

From: hunterdau2
Date: 30-Nov-17

Please put me in.

From: Kevin Potthoff
Date: 30-Nov-17

Thanks Box Call, please put me in.


From: MattG
Date: 30-Nov-17

I’m in. Thx

From: Kip
Date: 30-Nov-17

could really use a hat like that

From: servingOne
Date: 30-Nov-17

Please add my name to the drawing. Thanks!

From: truflyer
Date: 30-Nov-17

I would like a shot @ the hat. Thanks!

From: bruin84
Date: 30-Nov-17

Hope things are going well for you , please enter me in the drawing .Thank you very much sir

From: richbat
Date: 30-Nov-17

I'm in

From: olboy
Date: 30-Nov-17

I am in Dan! Thanks again!!

From: Butch
Date: 30-Nov-17

Thanks Dan. Please count me in.

From: Germandogs
Date: 30-Nov-17

I would like a chance please a sir

From: SB
Date: 30-Nov-17

Never won a thing in my life...but I'm game!

From: Ontario Longbow
Date: 30-Nov-17

Thanks Frank

From: Matt M
Date: 30-Nov-17

I would like to enter please- thanks

From: Derwood
Date: 30-Nov-17

Please put me in. Thanks

From: J. Julian
Date: 30-Nov-17

I’m in thanks

From: FlynW
Date: 30-Nov-17

That's a Beauty. I would like in Thank You.

From: Curtiss Cardinal
Date: 01-Dec-17

I would like a chance too please. That's a good looking hat. Thanks Dan.

From: T2@dte
Date: 01-Dec-17

Please add my name to the drawing. Thank You!

From: papa smurf
Date: 01-Dec-17

Thanks Boxcall, I’m in.

Date: 01-Dec-17

I'm in. Thank you Dan

From: Tom M
Date: 01-Dec-17

I'm in thanks

From: Car54 Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 01-Dec-17

Please put me in. thxs

From: stagecoach
Date: 01-Dec-17

Thanks Dan, I'm in

From: pappy
Date: 01-Dec-17

im in !!!!!! thanks

From: Nemah
Date: 01-Dec-17

Please enter me in the drawing. Richard

From: Wohlf63
Date: 01-Dec-17

Please put me in and thanks.

From: limbolt
Date: 01-Dec-17

Put me in please and thanks for the chance.

From: Ludy
Date: 01-Dec-17

Put me in please and God bless our WWII vets, not many left.

From: Craig S
Date: 01-Dec-17

I'm in. Thanks

From: Slambo
Date: 01-Dec-17

Please count me in. Thank you

From: leftwing
Date: 01-Dec-17

I'm in, thank you

From: JusPassin Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 01-Dec-17

I'm in.

From: aj
Date: 01-Dec-17

Count me in

From: RG
Date: 01-Dec-17

Add me please!! Thank you

From: Longbow58
Date: 01-Dec-17

Please enter me,thanks.

From: TFowler1
Date: 01-Dec-17

Throw me in please sir

From: huntmaster70
Date: 01-Dec-17

put me in, thanks

From: gettin closer
Date: 01-Dec-17

Me too! I will take a shot at it!

From: Herbie
Date: 01-Dec-17

In, thanks.

From: Morel
Date: 02-Dec-17

Include me. Thanks

From: Grimesville Assassin
Date: 02-Dec-17

I'm in,Thanks Dan!

From: fistmele53 Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 02-Dec-17

Please add me. thanks Dan.

From: Twisted Branch
Date: 02-Dec-17

Put me in Please.

From: Greenbriar
Date: 02-Dec-17

Box Call, that is a nice looking hat. Greenbriar

From: charley
Date: 02-Dec-17

Put me in thanks

From: screamin6x6
Date: 02-Dec-17

Please add my name. Thanks.

From: DeerSpotter
Date: 03-Dec-17

Please add my name in, I need a Christmas gift for my sweetheart ! That would fit my budget right there !!!

Thanks Dan


From: H Rhodes
Date: 03-Dec-17

I would like a chance at that hat. Thank you.

From: preed
Date: 03-Dec-17

Please put me in. Thanks again for your generosity!!

From: Popester1
Date: 03-Dec-17

That hat would look great on me, Dan. ;-)

Sign me up, please.

From: Crow 3
Date: 03-Dec-17

Boxcall, you are a busy man with all the hat making. I like this one. If you get caught up and are just bored sometime send me a pm. Maybe i can buy one of them. No hurry and if you dont have time thats fine also.

From: bergie
Date: 03-Dec-17

bergies in

From: S. North Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 03-Dec-17

Steve North in.

From: Ranman
Date: 03-Dec-17

Please count me in, I would love to own that hat. Great work Dan.. Thanks, Randy

From: mobertok
Date: 04-Dec-17

In please, Thanks Dan!

From: Wildhog
Date: 04-Dec-17

Please put me in. My son needs one. Thanks

From: John H
Date: 04-Dec-17

Please enter my name. Thank you for the chance.

From: Sailor
Date: 04-Dec-17

Put me in please.

From: smj8322
Date: 04-Dec-17

Please add me to the list.. Thanks

From: tcuda
Date: 04-Dec-17

Please enter me. Thanks!

From: nomo
Date: 07-Dec-17

Congrats crow 3 and thanks for the chance Dan.

From: Longtrad
Date: 07-Dec-17

add me please

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 07-Dec-17

Congrats crow 3, and thank you Dan!

From: bergie
Date: 07-Dec-17

put me in

From: SB
Date: 07-Dec-17

Curses.....foiled again!

From: Crow 3
Date: 07-Dec-17

This is the first thing ive ever won. Couldnt be any better. Thanks Boxcall Im tickled pink.

From: westhaven
Date: 07-Dec-17


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