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What Brand of Glove Is This?

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MStyles 14-Nov-17
MStyles 16-Nov-17
Jim Moore 16-Nov-17
Draven 16-Nov-17
From: MStyles
Date: 14-Nov-17

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My brother picked up this glove at garage sale. It has Cordovan finger stalls, each finger is adjustable for length. Anyone know what brand it is? Thanks.

From: MStyles
Date: 16-Nov-17


From: Jim Moore
Date: 16-Nov-17

I used to have one of those way back in the day. The finger straps where the buckles are snapped on and off to adjust. Can't remember who made them. If I remember correctly, my snaps weren't holding after awhile. Pretty cool idea actually.

From: Draven
Date: 16-Nov-17

I have a Pearson shooting glove made with buckle. It may be a Pearson. Or not.

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