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Thanks again BOXCALL

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TrapperKayak 14-Nov-17
Riverwolf 14-Nov-17
RonG 14-Nov-17
From: TrapperKayak
Date: 14-Nov-17

Dan, received your hat in the mail last week - it fits and will be used on warmer days. I appreciate your craftsmanship. Its a nice hat, so thanks again for your generosity. Good hunting! TK

From: Riverwolf
Date: 14-Nov-17

Same here with the one I received . Great warm weather Hat ! I have many hats I wear afield ...This one will be great for early season-roves-fishing . 2nd..the THANKS Dan !

From: RonG
Date: 14-Nov-17

I would like to take the opportunity on this post to again thank Dan for the wonderful hat he made.

I live in Florida and I wear Dans wool hat I won in his drawing everyday, even though it is a warm hat it still protects my bare head.

I don't find it uncomfortable at all even in the 90 to 100 degree weather, it's by far my favorite hat out of the thirty or fourty hats that I have.

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