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You ever missed this bad? I'm ashamed

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Thumper 13-Nov-17
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Thumper 13-Nov-17
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From: Thumper
Date: 13-Nov-17

Thumper's embedded Photo

I'm so ashamed of myself that I just have to tell what I did today. I don't know any of you in real life, so I reckon I can spill it here!

So I got a used RER XR a few weeks ago, and killed a small buck with it at 18 yards the day I got it. Off to a good start!

Fast forward to today....

I finally got to hunt a well worn trail on the edge of a bean field. The wind was in my face coming off the field, and it was a slight downhill behind me. Made a quick blind in the shadows and I was well hidden. I cut a shooting lane thats 9 yards from the trail. Pushing my luck at getting seen up this close, but the shot should be CAKE. The perfect setup.

So along comes a doe, with two bucks and another doe trailing behind her. I draw, she steps into the lane and STOPS. I let the arrow fly and it sails right over her back! 9 YARDS!

No problem, the buck is coming along next oblivious to the shot. I draw, focus and make a note to aim lower and.. SAIL right over his back.

I just sat there dumbfounded and watched the last doe casually stroll by. I didn't even nock another arrow. Now I'm not a great shot, but I'm a lot better shot than that!

I have been practicing my longer shots all week, because they force me to slow down and concentrate, and totally neglected the up close shots. I think we can agree that was a mistake.

Moral of the story: A "gimme shot" is never guaranteed, and NEVER set up a blind when its location will guarantee a certain distance at which you aren't familiar with.

Don't end up like me... Tomorrow I'll be the goofball at the archery range with the compound guys that's shooting at 5 feet :)

Hope this has never happened to you. And if it has, I don't expect you to admit it.

From: indianalongbowshoote
Date: 13-Nov-17

IF you made every shot it wouldn't be much fun would get kinda boring..

From: Thumper
Date: 13-Nov-17

But on the bright side, I was wearing an Asbell pullover, khaki pants, and a camo facemask and 4 deer walked within spitting distance and never saw me. Even after the shot, both deer just took one bound and went on about their business.

At least my setup works, lol.

From: Dry Bones
Date: 13-Nov-17

Sounds like a successful hiding hole.

I will admit one from last season, only because I will certainly admit to being a rookie. I shot at the same really nice 8pt 3 times last season from 10-15 yards. The first two were under him, the third over. He would jump trot off and come back through. There were a few doe hanging around and apparently he wasn't smart enough to stay away. It still worked out in his favor, after the third shot I just sat there and watched him chase the doe around. On my way back out of the woods I saw a leaf blowing across the road ahead of me and pinned it to the ground. Stepped off at close to 20. It just wasn't his day to die I guess.


From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Nov-17

There are no gimmee shots in bowhunting, and those who say there are...are mistaken. I've made some pretty lousy attempts over the years....mostly my early years, but crap can happen anytime, no matter your experience or best intentions.

From: NOVA7
Date: 13-Nov-17

Ive done worse.

From: Mpdh
Date: 13-Nov-17

I would guess you aimed at the deer without picking a spot on the deer. Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger, I’ve done it a few times myself. As soon as they run off, you know what you did wrong.


From: Andy Man
Date: 13-Nov-17

Yep , I have tried that technique too

3 deer by stand and all shots grouped on the ground with feathers almost touching but all over the deers back (doe with 2 bucks following)

later figured out what I was doing- new to shooting broad heads and the big snuffer came into view and was subconsicously seeing too low/not on target and raising with out realizing

once while on the ground had a nice one 20 feet from me on the other side of a laurel bush stood there 10 minutes or so, when he finaly stepped out I had the shake a rooneys so bad you would of thought I was shooting at the space shuttle

and I had made good on alot of deer before that episode

Read Georges post again -so true

From: sheepdogreno
Date: 13-Nov-17

Chip shots are no gimmes...I spent so much time practicing long range this summer for personal bragging rights the first 3D shoot I went to with short targets I was shooting high! I now shoot close medium and long during practice sessions. Sounds like your in a money spot tho! At least your flinging arrows I haven't seen a deer in over a week and have been hunting hard every day.

From: WildernessBuck
Date: 13-Nov-17

Its happened to us all. If you hunt for any length of time at all you are going to blow seemingly easy shots at game. I know it is frustrating especially when you practice all year long. I personally have a very hard time "picking a spot" on an animal. There is so much going on in your mind when the moment of truth arrives that it is just so hard to focus on the exact spot you want the arrow to hit and not just"somewhere behind the shoulder". Look at the bright side,you were obviously in a well chosen stand location and you will be better prepared for the next time it happens. I always liked the saying that "you learn much more from failure than from success". As frustrating as it is,a clean miss,or two is always better than a bad hit. Better luck next time!

From: SB
Date: 13-Nov-17

Yeah....I've missed that bad on multiple shots more than once!

From: monkeyball
Date: 13-Nov-17

I feel your pain Thumper. A few years ago I saw this guy coming, took a photo of him, then hit the deck.

I was on the ground and when he cleared an Oak about 18 yds from me I shot right over his shoulder.

Wind was in my favor as he ran down below me. I got my call out and brought him back to about 18 yds again, slightly downhill. Concentrate low Craig, yep, right over top of him again. Awesome!

You are not alone brother! Good Shooting->->->->Craig

From: Frisky
Date: 13-Nov-17

Yes, I practiced, all summer, as close as 5 yards. This year, the shot came at 5 yards and I was dead on. Otherwise, you tend to shoot high. The experience of missing over the back just helps you improve in the long run. The next deer by your blind won't be so lucky!


From: throwback
Date: 13-Nov-17

I've done it and It stinks, but there are far worse things that can happen.

From: ground hunter
Date: 13-Nov-17

George well said

From: SuperK
Date: 13-Nov-17

Yes, I have mmmiiissssed "gimme" shots too. Like it has already been said, there ain't no such thing as a gimme shot with trad bows!

From: Thumper
Date: 13-Nov-17

Thanks for sharing the stories and thoughts guys.

My dad missed a nice 8 point a couple years back at 30 yards with a flintlock. He was deadly with it out to 80 yards all year. He is still mad about it!

I walked back to the truck laughing to myself after my eventful afternoon. Guess that's the difference between gun hunters and us goofy ole stickflinging bowhunters!

As mentioned by others, I'll take a clean miss over a bad hit any day. Plus if it all worked out, I'd still be dragging two deer out of the woods, gutting, cleaning, etc. Shoot, I got all season to fill the freezer. No need to rush.

I'll get some up close practice with broadheads at night this week. I'll be ready come next Monday morning.....maybe.....I hope....

(Nice thing about being off on Mondays, I usually got the place to myself)

From: oldgoat
Date: 13-Nov-17

Hold my beer! First year I hunted with trad, I missed a bull ELK at 7 paces! Long story short, I got out of form trying to turn and shoot, when I released, my bow arm shot over to where it should be and the arrow went right under it's neck, I can make that shot with my eyes closed now!

From: buster v davenport
Date: 13-Nov-17

I shot at an 8pt, 5 times with 4 arrows, Nov 1963, in an open field. Shot low with 4 arrows, walked up to about 20 yds, picked up an arrow and shot low again. bvd

From: Wild Bill
Date: 14-Nov-17


"Three under with a glove. Aim instinctive for the most part but I use the arrow to make sure my windage is correct. Anchor with index finger right under my cheekbone. I shoot a JK Kanati hybrid longbow and an RER XR takedown static recurve." 08/11/17

I was going to guess, but you've already told us your shooting style.

A low anchor probably helped you miss. IMHO, learn to gap shoot and anchor with your longest finger touching the corner of your mouth. Skip any practice that you wouldn't shoot at a deer at, at least for awhile.

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 14-Nov-17

I'll be the first to admit I have missed some close shots. I missed a humongous cow elk twice while she was standing broadside at 15 yards. Stuck an arrow in the lodgepole on her right. She turned around giving me a broadside on the other side, and I missed her again, sticking the arrow in the lodgepole on her left. But I have an excuse. That was with an old ProLine compound that I was trying to shoot 'instinctive'... :) I've missed some beauties with the recurve. Shot right over the back or a 24 in wide, beautiful square racked and tall woodland mulie after pulling a 30 minute sneak on him in the wide open timber, to within 20 yards, while he stood there looking side to side knowing something was not right. I led out around the final tree with the wrong foot, my right one instead of my left, and with lousy form I guess, shot right over the shoulder of it just slightly quartering away. That one made me sick.

From: ga bowhunter
Date: 14-Nov-17

at least you missed clean and might get another chance that's why we hunt with sticks for the challenge your in purdy good company keep at it

From: Tajue17
Date: 14-Nov-17

a clean miss is a good miss

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 14-Nov-17

I also missed a forkie at 12 yards this season, but there was an unseen branch hanging down that deflected the arrow, aso I had a clean miss too. Still, it hurts when you haven't killed anything yet. I passed up a shot at a yearling doe and less than 10 yards, just too small, and I have time yet. I want a buck this year. There's no shame in missing, Chase.

From: glittergoat
Date: 14-Nov-17

I missed two this past Sunday. It happens.

From: camodave
Date: 14-Nov-17

When I shot a compound bow a lot I really preferred to shoot off both knees whenever I could. Just something a lot more solid about that position, close to Mother Earth.

I have tried shooting that way with my intuitive traditional method and I will shoot high no matter what I do.

The nice thing about a high shot is that you did not shoot one of those deer in the leg. A miss, without wounding, is never something to apologize for.


From: H Rhodes
Date: 14-Nov-17

I totally agree with George. It happened to me early on - I had practiced so much at the furthest distances of my range and was totally unprepared for a deer less than five steps away. It happens... Sounds like you have a great ambush spot set up.

From: RonG
Date: 14-Nov-17

Understand,.... I can't believe I still shoot high at less than 10 yards my dead on is 14 to 18, I practice the short range, but my brain won't agree with what it see's....

From: gluetrap
Date: 14-Nov-17

me too. long story short. went home shot high there too, every time. recently grabed the bow went out focused on the shot out kill zone, hit it. shot again the same. looked at the deer target(not the shot out kill zone) went from the top outline down to the high everytime! I was still seeing the outline not just the mental thing I geuse .also for me , if I pluck the string I shoot high to the left ymmv

From: Arrowflinger
Date: 14-Nov-17

I too have to admit. I have missed some really easy shots. The way I look at it. A miss is a lot easier to do then a hit! We all do it. No bowhunter is immune to missing. You have a good blind on a trail the deer are using. Go back and shoot one and let us

From: todd Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Nov-17

You are normal. I am sure all of us have made the mistake of being to relaxed on a "gimme shot", and missed. The main thing is you missed clean and learned from your mistake. By the same token, we have all also (I assume) have made shot's that we didn't think could or afterward, was amazed that, that 25 yard shot we really more like 38.

From: Jack
Date: 14-Nov-17

Not sure about everyone else, but my (missing stories) are my best memories. The memory of them are more clear in my mind today as the moment right after they happened, and a couple of them took place over twenty years ago. I have missed 3 very large, or what I would call giant bucks in my life with my bow. They were all what I would have called chip shots, or very close with the exception of the 1 which took place just this past Friday morning. Forgot my arm guard at home and you know what happens next! Do not be ashamed of a miss, it could lead to your best memory! Tell your misses with as much eagerness and excitement as your kills! My best (missing story) is of my best friend who passed away this past August. We were best friends for 50 years and loved everything in the outdoors fishing and hunting. We were like 1 Soul in 2 bodies thru our 50 years of friendship. After my miss Friday morning, I thought of him and knew he would have just shook his head an chuckled as I did, and would say (that was a good clean miss) and will make a good (Missing story!)

From: tecum-tha Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 14-Nov-17

Are you sitting during practice? Sitting often makes you shoot high. From ground level, too. Hunting with a bow you just got works if you know how your arrow and combination works at each distance within your comfortable range.

From: MF
Date: 14-Nov-17

Got you all beat! I missed the ground out of a treestand!

From: Flash
Date: 14-Nov-17

Flash's embedded Photo

After a pretty good run of kills barebow I staterd making some poor shots on game. Put sights and a peep on and my misses have been been in the kill zone since switching. I love shooting barebow but my poor shooting on game persuaded me to use sights. Here's one from Sunday evening.

From: webby
Date: 14-Nov-17

I've missed at least two deer at under five yards right over the back, at the time I thought how pathetic now I just laugh and have a good time.

From: JusPassin Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Nov-17

I've missed before, but never close in.

From: kodiak t/d
Date: 14-Nov-17

I've missed also!!! enough said!!!!!!!!!

From: swampwalker
Date: 14-Nov-17

When get deer that close, 5-10 yds, I've found slipping to 3 under is helpful. 'Course I can miss that way too!

From: nomo
Date: 14-Nov-17

I learned a long time ago that thinking "this one" is a piece of cake is the one you'll miss. Most times, thinking "you're mine" gets me in trouble. I've done it so I know. No longer think that way.

From: Steve Milbocker
Date: 14-Nov-17

Shot over a doe at 10 yards this morning. Fortunately I was using a selfbow that is very quiet and she gave me another chance. Got her that time but your right, there are no gimmes!

From: GLF
Date: 14-Nov-17

I know what you mean about gimme's. One year i was ready to go home and thought I'd rattle once since I hadn't seen anything anyways. Almost immediately a nice buck came out of the corn and crossed an old railroad grade. He was coming my way so when he went behind some trees I got ready for the shot. He stopped at 15 yards broadside and looked away from me. I already had his spot picked out on my wall. I drew and released a perfect release only to see my arrow hit the ground about 7 yards from me and watched my spot on the wall stay empty. This dummy who "never gets buck fever" and prides himself with his accuracy had forgot to stand up and hit the tree stand solidly with my bottom limb. Yep so much for a gimme.

From: 76aggie
Date: 14-Nov-17

Thumper, I believe we are all right there with you. It happens to everyone. It has happened to me this year! Makes me just want to do better the next time. You know what you did wrong as soon as you release.

From: dean
Date: 14-Nov-17

Two years ago while still hunting with the Berry dual shooter. I stopped for a rest and sit. A young six pointer walked by me at about 6 feet. His year older brother was coming behind him, but switched to a different path. at 20 feet, I stood up to turn with the shot angle. At 15 feet a tree blocked the bucks eyes. I drew hit my elbow on a sharp branch, my fingers slipped off the string and I lobbed a slow one over his back. He spun ran back and stopped by a tree looking away from me, a long shot, but the broadhead cut across his heart and he went down very quickly. My wife, last week had her first miss in three years. She didn't even have the branch jumped out in front of my arrow excuse. She shot between two cedar branches at 15 yard deer and still managed to put the arrow over the back. She said, she glanced at the top and bottom of the gap and shot through the middle which was too high for the deer. She shot at the gap and not the deer.

From: bradsmith2010santafe
Date: 14-Nov-17

I practice my close shots alot,,

From: bradsmith2010santafe
Date: 14-Nov-17

I will add that if you hit every close shot, you will get pleny of deer,

From: olddogrib
Date: 14-Nov-17

Always hunt from a tree stand...then you'll have a built-in excuse. Everybody knows shooting at a steep downward angle you'll tend to shoot high. Plus, everybody knows that the first movement a deer will make at the shot is straight down. That's why everybody knows to aim low and let the deer impale its vitals with your arrow. Which is how I missed...the buck didn't jump the string and I hit right where I aimed...low, right under its chest! That's my story and I'm sticking to it because there were no witnesses. Well one and it ain't talking...but I thought I did hear it snicker a bit as it left waving at me!

From: throwback
Date: 14-Nov-17

I didn't mention this in my last post because I posted it in another one a while ago, but in case you didn't see it...

Once when I was younger, I left the house one morning with 8 arrows. Through the course of the day I shot all 8 of them at 4 differen't deer and came home empty handed, with half the arrows I started with. All clean misses and some of them close shots, brought on by missing a nice buck at close range that milled around by me for what seemed like an hour, before he offered me a shot I should have made. Having that big buck so close for so long, got the better of my nerves and missing him caused me to loose my confidence and set off a chain reaction that lasted all day. At the time, I lost sleep over it, but now I look back and have to laugh.

From: ahunter55
Date: 14-Nov-17

ahunter55's embedded Photo

I've missed closer Barebow & compound with all the trinkets. Sometimes it just happens & when it does, be glad it's a clean miss. We need to remember to "pick that spot".

From: bluesman
Date: 14-Nov-17

just a shot at the whole deer ..didn't pick a spot..I missed a buck at 6 yards once and after I thought...I didn't pick a spot..I laughed about it ... I don't think you need to practice at 5 yards..I'll bet if you grab your bow and put a ping pong ball 5 yards away you will either hit it or be within an inch of it...

good luck ..your hunt was a success anyway formulated a plan picked a spot to hunt from undetected and got a shot....the end result was not total success but it still was success in many will remember this as long as you live and laugh about it...

the year I missed that buck , I got a doe at about 30 as all are saying up above...we all miss..we all have successes..that's hunting...thankful that it isn't easy..

From: RymanCat
Date: 14-Nov-17

Wound you feel any worse if you shot at him several times then found your arrows and resharpened and shot at him again when he came through. Shooting trees and saplings and everything but the bone. Wasn't easy shooting at them on the run but just wasn't meant to be.

Yup it can happen to ya if ya don't think so nothing is a given even when ya think ya have them dead to wrights. LOL

Once unloaded a quiver at a monsta and had to pick up arrows and dodge him as he ran this doe back in forth it was totally insane. That deer wanted to die too. He chased the doe across street finally where he did die a 130 class. I just wasn't supposed to get him. The taxidermy man was in that other set of woods across from me and he put the shot on him.

From: garnet65
Date: 14-Nov-17

Dear Brothers of The Bow, This is about the outcome of my recent bow hunting adventure, and I shamefully offer the following account:

The hunting was great except I missed two deer at close range on two separate evenings - totally my fault. I was so excited (“buck fever”, “target panic”) that I failed to execute all of the basic, but necessary parts of the shot sequence like come to full draw, hold at anchor, and pick a small spot on the animal for aiming – essentially shooting too fast before I was ready (i.e. not properly “locked-in”).

Ed, my fraternity Brother from college who is an avid, experienced, and successful hunter with private land in upstate NY, delivered the goods by getting me two easy shots (from the same ground blind at the same location), but I could not close the deal. My first miss was on a beautiful 6 point “buck-of-a-lifetime”, a real “wall-hanger” – a textbook quartering away dream shot. The second evening was a doe that was no more than 10 yards away - perfect broadside shot. Both times I shot over their backs by about 2 inches or so.

I have been haunted by these misses since the second they happened. I think about them constantly. It was a long 4 hour drive home as I kept reliving them. Ed was so excited that I came, and had these shots, and he would have been as excited or more excited than me had I made either of those kills.

The location is a good one, because one of Ed’s friends killed a doe that night from the same blind the day I had to leave. Possibly the same doe I should have killed!!! That’s three deer in shooting range in three consecutive evenings. Ed calls the spot “Bill’s Blind” now, an honor I do not deserve obviously. It’s in the corner of a hay field on Ed’s son’s land, so it was private land which is a real advantage I do not have down here in CT.

It was really good spending time with Ed as he is a genuinely good, generous, patient, and giving guy. I am blessed to have such friends.

That’s what happened. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Shoot'em straight (and on target!!!)


From: Brian M.
Date: 14-Nov-17

Two years ago I missed the same doe 3 times. Over her back all three. The last broadhead is still in the young tree I hit and I look at it every time I'm in my stand as a reminder to shoot low (which hasn't helped, I'm 0 for 2 this year)

From: mangonboat
Date: 14-Nov-17

Reading this thread, I am relieved to see that the "I emptied my quiver" club has plenty of members, including me. I cannot claim to have recovered AND resharpened my arrows like Glenn.. he is Club President by acclamation.

From: Thumper
Date: 14-Nov-17

I didn't mean to drag you guys out of the closet for confessions!! hahaha

Thanks for sharing all your stories and for the advice. I think it's just as important (maybe even moreso) to talk about the times that it didn't work out. We learn more from those stories.

If i wanted to hear about nothing but successful hunts, I'd be watching a hunting show!

I shot at work today with my same broadhead tipped arrows I hunted with. From 10 yards, the center of my Rhinehart 18-1 didn't stand a chance. I think failing to "pick a spot" was my big mistake. Just as you guys have pointed out..

Thanks again for all the advice!

From: RymanCat
Date: 14-Nov-17

Here's the morel of all the story's hungry is the good life but its takes maturity to pick and choose the shot and then command and execute the animal. Hows dat sounds? LOL

I know when I was shooting a lot at that rutting buck it was greed and pride that caused me to miss like I did plus the Adrenalin probably was smelt by that bomber and when he finally left that bush he had to think about time I had enough of this guy he's going to make one stick sooner or later. All I saw was P and Y another for the books and that's the wrong attitude.

We miss and go through things for many different reasons we surely do.

Takes even more maturity to realize this.LOL

Carry on at will. LOL

I sure know I wasn't focused on any spot other than his horns. I once shot a Caribou in his balls and he laid down right away. I worked around on him and got down wind and drew on him and shot him right in his horns and bound an arrow off his bones. He looked straight at me and he charged me. I jumped out of his way and at 4 feet drove an arrow through his heart. That was a close on must tell ya. I just missed minimal score by 1 5/8 so you know he was a good one. I didn't know my first shot was in his balls either. He turned just as the arrow got to him and his rear was facing me as the stood the arrow went right up his pecker and into his stomach no wonder he laid right down.

Strange things happen at our shots and sometimes we can't explain them either until we get the animals down.

From: GF
Date: 14-Nov-17

Did you see my First Shot today? L O flippin’ L

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 14-Nov-17

Pick a spot.

From: hvac tech
Date: 14-Nov-17

Well i have done worse i just never had two in one day .

From: murph
Date: 14-Nov-17

Yea,In my younger days i have had some not so good shots.Hell,I'm even on video getting down from the tree stand and pulling my arrows out of the ground because I was out and thought more deer might come and I might want to try and shoot and miss again. Its like the deer new they were safe if i was in the woods. But,lately I have done well and am a little prouder.I practice a whole lot more and only shoot 5 to 20 yards and really love the 12 to 17 yarders. I do think there is a too close of a shot for me. GOT TO LOVE IT ALL!!!

From: bowhunt
Date: 15-Nov-17

When I practiced 3 point shots a lot in basketball without attending to the short game.My short game suffered.Same with archery.

I really do believe a lot of shots are missed on game in the heat of the moment because of failure to be able to pick a spot and zone out the big picture.Might even happen more on short shots as their is more adrenaline when thiers a deer right in your kitchen.You gotta close at that moment and the last thing is knowing when to draw and zeroing in on the small spot and trusting your instincts and the practice that you have done to prepare for that flashing instance.

From: Terry Lightle Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 15-Nov-17

Cannot change what has happened,laugh about it and keep after em. Terry

From: ahunter55
Date: 30-Nov-17

when I miss I say "I had the thrill without the kill"

From: Mountain Man
Date: 30-Nov-17

Thats why its called hunting not easy ; )

Missings part of it,,,so is connecting

From: Msturm
Date: 30-Nov-17

I think we have all been there! I practice at very close ranges each session just for this purpose. lol. I missed a monster hog at about 8 or 9 yards a couple years ago. shot about 4 inches high. I was sitting on the ground. he was slightly uphill from me...


From: cobra
Date: 30-Nov-17

I like the fact that you got off two arrows at two unsuspecting deer. Kind of unique. Makes for a great story.

From: olboy
Date: 30-Nov-17

Missed a buck that justkept coming back 3 times.... from the ground... with a compound... under 20 yds.... yeah I have missed that bad! Finally ended up screaming at him to get away from me cuz he was making me mad.....impressive huh?......

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