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Fox Breed are they that good !!!

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RAS 13-Nov-17
skramr12 13-Nov-17
George D. Stout 13-Nov-17
George D. Stout 13-Nov-17
John Cooper 13-Nov-17
nineworlds9 13-Nov-17
Andy Man 13-Nov-17
bowhunt 13-Nov-17
Bobby B 14-Nov-17
ModernLongbow 14-Nov-17
From: RAS
Date: 13-Nov-17

I never see any fox breed recurves on classifieds, are they that great that nobody ever resales them.

From: skramr12
Date: 13-Nov-17

I owned one a couple years ago and it was a top notch bow. The only reason why I sold it was, it was 62lb and I usually shoot 50-55. If I saw another one around 50 to 55lb max I would not hesitate to buy it. Great shooting bows, fast and smooth. Fox is up there with the best.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Nov-17

Well, there aren't many of them relative to all the other bows made, but they are great bows. If you never shot one then maybe you should. I never saw a bad Fox bow.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Nov-17

And to add to that, I wouldn't equate not seeing bows for sale in the classified to the quality of that particular bow. You still need to see if it works for you.

From: John Cooper
Date: 13-Nov-17

I have owned 3 of them and everyone was a fantastic looking and shooting bow, yep I traded them all off for something else and missed them all. If and when I buy another bow it will be a breed.

From: nineworlds9
Date: 13-Nov-17

The Breed is an excellent 50's style recurve. Wait til you shoot a Toelke Chinook!!

From: Andy Man
Date: 13-Nov-17

I have 2 Fox archery bows the Maverick and the Breed

Being almost a 100% ASL shooter I don't use them as much as I should, but they are probably one of the better line of bows made

The Breed is a very hard and flat shooter a great hunting bow

Have no intention of ever letting mine go

From: bowhunt
Date: 13-Nov-17

The Breed is near perfect in all around shooting qualities for me.I like the looks as well with its longer riser and super long fadeout work .I like the limb style as well that's deep and narrow.I liked it more overall personally than the Chinooks I had.Love the Chinook as well though.

Mine are 62" and both 2 PC. T.Ds with real bamboo limbs.Not actionboo.I got an 8 strand SBD string on them with wool puffs.Shoots better than the stock string that came with the bows.

I do like the brass steel sleeve T.D on these breeds with the locator grip.He does them very well!Adds a little mass weight right under the hand.

I cant find one thing to pick at on the Breed.I love 50s style recurves and always have.My 1st one was a Great Northern Super Ghost.Have probably had over 50.Both customs of more modern build and many Vintage as well

From: Bobby B
Date: 14-Nov-17

I imagine the Breed is as good a recurve as my Triple Crown is a fantastic longbow. Won't ever sell it.

Ron makes a mighty fine bow (and is a great guy to boot.)

I bet you almost never see a Fox advertised because most people want to keep it once they own one, and if for some reason someone DOES want to sell one they have a friend who will buy it before it ever hits the classifieds.

From: ModernLongbow
Date: 14-Nov-17

The Breed is the only fox bow i dont currently own. All others are top notch. However i do have a Toelke SS for sale that is basically the same maybe just a little longer. Top notch bow

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