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Give away; Bow Strings

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Bustacrook 13-Nov-17
Pdiddly 13-Nov-17
GUTPILE PA 13-Nov-17
deerhunt51 13-Nov-17
PECO 13-Nov-17
Andy Man 13-Nov-17
kginrick 13-Nov-17
NIson 13-Nov-17
scienceguy 13-Nov-17
Knifeguy 14-Nov-17
Leathercutter 14-Nov-17
Widow sax 14-Nov-17
preed 16-Nov-17
Cuzen Jeff 16-Nov-17
Rick Barbee 16-Nov-17
Ontario Longbow 17-Nov-17
Tim Cousineau 17-Nov-17
JHPope 17-Nov-17
NormF 17-Nov-17
indianalongbowshoote 17-Nov-17
Chad4372 17-Nov-17
Bustacrook 21-Nov-17
From: Bustacrook Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Nov-17

Bustacrook's embedded Photo

Since I no longer have a 56" recurve, I'm paying it forward. I won these strings in a give away in 2013 and never used them. Both were in sealed packages & I just opened one for the attached photo.

Details are: The infamous Rick Barbee 53" for AMO 56" recurve strings, served for 3 under but should work just fine for split finger. Silencers are placed at 10.5" from the ends but will slide to your preferred location.

Drawing will be Monday, November 20th.

From: Pdiddly
Date: 13-Nov-17

Please count me in...lots of 56" bows.

Thanks Peter

Date: 13-Nov-17

I'm in I got one bow that is 56". Thanx. Rick

From: deerhunt51
Date: 13-Nov-17

I need a string for 56" bow, count me in.

From: PECO
Date: 13-Nov-17

Please put me in, my Browning Wasp would love this!

From: Andy Man
Date: 13-Nov-17

Great ! I have 3- 56 " recurves

count me in

From: kginrick
Date: 13-Nov-17

Put me in please

From: NIson
Date: 13-Nov-17

Count me in! Thanks

From: scienceguy
Date: 13-Nov-17

I have several 56" bows. I'm in!

From: Knifeguy
Date: 14-Nov-17

Put me in please. Thanks, Lance.

From: Leathercutter
Date: 14-Nov-17

Thank you I would like a chance. Grant

From: Widow sax
Date: 14-Nov-17

All my Widows are 56" my favorite length please put me in. Widow

From: preed
Date: 16-Nov-17

Please put me in. Thanks for your generosity!

From: Cuzen Jeff
Date: 16-Nov-17

That would look good on my new Bear take down....I'm in....Thanks

From: Rick Barbee
Date: 16-Nov-17

From that far back, I bet those are Ultracam. Chris, do you remember? I should have, but never kept records for giveaways.

Count the strands - If 9 strand, they are Ultracam. If 12 strand, they are Rhino.

I also bet my daughter Rhonda built them. 8^)


From: Ontario Longbow
Date: 17-Nov-17

Thanks, Frank

From: Tim Cousineau
Date: 17-Nov-17

Count me in . Thanks.

From: JHPope
Date: 17-Nov-17

Include me, thanks

From: NormF
Date: 17-Nov-17

Please add me. 56 in. Wasp

From: indianalongbowshoote
Date: 17-Nov-17

put me in please.

From: Chad4372
Date: 17-Nov-17

Please put my name in. Thanks Chad

From: Bustacrook Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 21-Nov-17

Widow Sax won, pm sent.

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