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Northern Mist Ottawa

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superslamsam 12-Nov-17
stykbowman 12-Nov-17
superslamsam 13-Nov-17
Leathercutter 14-Nov-17
Michigan Hunter 14-Nov-17
From: superslamsam
Date: 12-Nov-17

Would anyone have a picture of a Northern Mist Ottawa? Preferably a picture of the entire profile of the bow while strung? I'm really itching for a 50's style recurve and I know Steve makes a heck of a bow. Thanks, Sam

From: stykbowman
Date: 12-Nov-17

I am not sure if makes the Ottawa anymore.

From: superslamsam
Date: 13-Nov-17

I'm not sure if he does...I heard that he doesn't advertise it, but will make one if you want it...that may be wrong though?

From: Leathercutter
Date: 14-Nov-17

Only way to know for sure, Call the man STEVE. he does not bite

From: Michigan Hunter
Date: 14-Nov-17

Yep, give him a call. Great guy.

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