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Owed for T/D knobs?

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Biathlonman 12-Nov-17
Biathlonman 13-Nov-17
4nolz@work 13-Nov-17
From: Biathlonman
Date: 12-Nov-17

I owe someone for a set of T/D bolts from my swap and trade add this month. If it was you please let me know! I saved the envelope with return address with the intention of mailing off my part of the trade, but my wife threw it away in a cleaning spree this week. Checked my PMs, but it's not in there anymore either. I'm tertibly sorry, please shoot me a PM!

From: Biathlonman
Date: 13-Nov-17


From: 4nolz@work
Date: 13-Nov-17

I sent the knobs to you either for free or for a cheap pocketknife if you had one.I figured you didn't.

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