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Great night in a tree

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Bowkilla 10-Nov-17
Kodiaktd 10-Nov-17
Woodchucker 10-Nov-17
nomo 10-Nov-17
woodshavins 10-Nov-17
South Farm 10-Nov-17
mountaineer 10-Nov-17
Barber 10-Nov-17
stickhunter 10-Nov-17
throwback 10-Nov-17
DerekMac 10-Nov-17
George D. Stout 10-Nov-17
bradsmith2010santafe 10-Nov-17
mgerard 10-Nov-17
OBH 10-Nov-17
Homey88 10-Nov-17
Snowshoe 10-Nov-17
WildernessBuck 10-Nov-17
murph 10-Nov-17
Ken Williams 10-Nov-17
Pa Steve 10-Nov-17
Arcobsessed 10-Nov-17
uphuntn 10-Nov-17
Cotton Mouth 10-Nov-17
Lowcountry 10-Nov-17
TGbow 11-Nov-17
Wapiti - - M. S. 11-Nov-17
stykman 11-Nov-17
Syncerus 11-Nov-17
Old School 11-Nov-17
Riverwolf 11-Nov-17
Daryl Pelfrey 11-Nov-17
Recurvericky 16-Nov-17
Landshark Launcher 16-Nov-17
Clydebow 16-Nov-17
newt 16-Nov-17
From: Bowkilla
Date: 10-Nov-17

Bowkilla's embedded Photo

Shot this buck yesterday. He fought a bigger buck within 25yds of my tree. They were clashing antlers then this buck pinned the bigger buck to the ground and pushed him around like a bulldozer. Finally the bigger buck got to his feet and took off. This buck started walking the same direction. I stopped him at 10yds and double lunged him. 66" Assenheimer recurve 58lbs with a Easton autumn orange full metal jacket and a big snuffer. This was such a memorable hunt and definitely an intense time in a treestand. The buck had a freshly broken tine and 3 other past broken tines and several antler wounds to his face and neck.

From: Kodiaktd
Date: 10-Nov-17

Kodiaktd's embedded Photo

From: Woodchucker Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 10-Nov-17

What a night!!! Big congrats and way to keep it together!!!

From: nomo
Date: 10-Nov-17

He sure liked to fight. Congrats. Sounds like some real excitement. I would have been happy just to see the fight and you also got the deer. He's no longer dominant.

From: woodshavins
Date: 10-Nov-17

Name him after your favorite boxer, cuz he certainly had the fighter's spirit! That sounds like an intense hunt. Good job keeping it together!

From: South Farm
Date: 10-Nov-17

That'll get your blood pumping! Nice buck!

From: mountaineer
Date: 10-Nov-17

That's a great memory to go along with a great buck!

From: Barber
Date: 10-Nov-17


From: stickhunter
Date: 10-Nov-17

Very nice. Cool encounter and hunt. Congratulations!

From: throwback
Date: 10-Nov-17

Sounds like an awesome hunt, thanks for sharing. Congrats on a beautiful buck!

From: DerekMac
Date: 10-Nov-17

What an awesome experience! Nice work!

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 10-Nov-17

Well done sir. Nice deer.

From: bradsmith2010santafe
Date: 10-Nov-17

wow,, congtrats,,,I bet that other buck is giving you high five,,

From: mgerard Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 10-Nov-17

Aggressive bucks are a special trophy. Congratulations!

From: OBH
Date: 10-Nov-17

Very nice!

From: Homey88
Date: 10-Nov-17

Congrats! Great hunt!

From: Snowshoe
Date: 10-Nov-17


From: WildernessBuck
Date: 10-Nov-17

Wow,just to see two bucks fight that close must have been an amazing experience but to actually put your tag on one is icing on the cake. Way to hold it together and make a good shot,that had to have been some intense moments!

From: murph
Date: 10-Nov-17

Great deer and a great hunt Man.

From: Ken Williams
Date: 10-Nov-17

congratulations !

From: Pa Steve
Date: 10-Nov-17

That's an awesome story. Congratulations on a beautiful buck. Well done.

From: Arcobsessed
Date: 10-Nov-17

Great experience. Congratulations!

From: uphuntn Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 10-Nov-17


From: Cotton Mouth
Date: 10-Nov-17

Nice job

From: Lowcountry
Date: 10-Nov-17

Congrats! I think I would be happier with the "winner" with the unusual rack than with the bigger buck. But that's just me.

Again, congratulations.

From: TGbow
Date: 11-Nov-17

Congrats! Great job.

From: Wapiti - - M. S. Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Nov-17

Nice buck congratulations

From: stykman
Date: 11-Nov-17

A beauty. Seeing a couple of bruisers battle it out is something I would love to see before my bow hunting career is over. That must be an event.

From: Syncerus
Date: 11-Nov-17

What an experience!

From: Old School Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Nov-17

Good job!

From: Riverwolf
Date: 11-Nov-17

Had a few Big Buck standoffs around me over the years ....If that don't get the Adrenalin going ...your out of it ;)

Congratulations on a mighty fine animal and gift it has given...

From: Daryl Pelfrey
Date: 11-Nov-17

Good job. Thats a memory ou will never forget.

From: Recurvericky
Date: 16-Nov-17

That had to be cool to see! Congrats

From: Landshark Launcher
Date: 16-Nov-17


From: Clydebow
Date: 16-Nov-17

Great hunt, Congrats!

From: newt
Date: 16-Nov-17

Now that's a BadAss Buck! Good for you!

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