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Bow reaction after shot

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Daryl Pelfrey 08-Nov-17
Longcruise 08-Nov-17
Hal9000 08-Nov-17
GF 08-Nov-17
Draven 08-Nov-17
SB 08-Nov-17
Viper 08-Nov-17
Babbling Bob 09-Nov-17
Crow 09-Nov-17
GLF 09-Nov-17
Daryl Pelfrey 10-Nov-17
GF 10-Nov-17
Ken Williams 10-Nov-17
Daryl Pelfrey 11-Nov-17
camperjim 11-Nov-17
From: Daryl Pelfrey
Date: 08-Nov-17

When i shoot my target recurve with stabelizer and v bar and side rods. It feels like the bow/ upper limb kicks back towards me before falling forward.I was alwa use to my target compound jumping straight forward out of my hand then rocking forward. The recurve rocks forward but nly after kicing back on top. Any ideas on a cure. Maybe more forward weight on tip of stabelizer.

From: Longcruise
Date: 08-Nov-17

I'm not a target guy and don't shoot that type of equipment, but I'll stick my neck out a bit.

When a stick bow (non wheel) is released, the limbs move forward to the limit of the string and then the string tension causes the limbs to bounce back. So maybe that would cause that effect but just a SWAG.

From: Hal9000
Date: 08-Nov-17

grips were different between the compound and recurve, as well as the vertical location of the grip and arrow pass? ... makes a difference.

From: GF
Date: 08-Nov-17

What’s your brace height on that rig?

From: Draven
Date: 08-Nov-17

How soft is your grip on the handle right after the shot?

From: SB
Date: 08-Nov-17

Yep...more forward weight.

From: Viper
Date: 08-Nov-17

DP -

On release/shock any bow will move directly forward, unless physically interfered with. What happens after that depends on the way the bow was balanced.

To say that a target rig's top limb rotates towards you means that the stab configuration is incorrect, or you are somehow interfering with the bow's balance.

From what you describe (and without seeing you), my first guess would be that you are heeling the bow (too much low palm pressure on the grip and/or too much weight on the side bars.

First thing I would do is try a higher wrist and see what happens. The remove the v-bars and retest.

Viper out.

From: Babbling Bob Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 09-Nov-17

Depends on how the bow is balanced. An old Tamerlane I had in the early sixties stayed pretty calm and that was when bows showed up with stabilizers or massive risers, or both. My '62 Kodiak Special, my go tot bow earlier this year, just rises slowly when my release is fairly decent. It sort of salutes the shot and I remember many target shooters with those early target bows with a late fifties style bow doing the same. My real short hunting bows just sort of hang there without much saluting. I like some of the the pre-1963 bows that salute and rise slowly a bit, and don't care any more for those heavy risers or for stabilizers. An exception was a magnesium risered takedown in 1970 that would rise up, and it needed a short stabilizer. All depends on the bow - they have different characteristics.

From: Crow
Date: 09-Nov-17

9 in brace height. And yes i believe the side bars have to much weight on them

From: GLF
Date: 09-Nov-17


From: Daryl Pelfrey
Date: 10-Nov-17

Im going to cut the weight on the side rods in half and leave everything else the same and see what happens. Trial and error. Ill be back with results.

From: GF
Date: 10-Nov-17

I suspect that if Viper doesn't know..... Not many people will be able to help you...

From: Ken Williams
Date: 10-Nov-17

I know nothing of olympic bows.

If I ever needed to know about one.....

I'd ask Viper and listen to what he said.


From: Daryl Pelfrey
Date: 11-Nov-17

You know who all my questions about target boss will bd direcged yo from no on.Thanks

From: camperjim
Date: 11-Nov-17

I am sure Viper is correct. A low pressure point could cause this. Check your bow hand positioning and pressure point. A different grip might help. If your grip is not comfortable consider a Yager grip. Even Yager has a lot of different shapes and styles available for most Oly bows. You might need to experiment or even build up a custom grip.

I would also check the tiller to make sure it is not way off. If neither of those factors solve the issue, you need to look at your alignment. Do a video or work with a coach paying attention to the elbow of your draw arm.

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