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Arra chucker 13-Oct-17
Arra chucker 13-Oct-17
CD 13-Oct-17
UpNorth 13-Oct-17
glittergoat 13-Oct-17
monkeyball 13-Oct-17
Bowmania 13-Oct-17
stickhunter 13-Oct-17
Arra chucker 13-Oct-17
Bob Rowlands 13-Oct-17
ShadeHaven 13-Oct-17
OBH 13-Oct-17
GUTPILE PA 13-Oct-17
oldcrowkiller 13-Oct-17
GF 13-Oct-17
longbeauxman 13-Oct-17
Fletch 13-Oct-17
The Beav 13-Oct-17
Dkincaid 13-Oct-17
rick allison 13-Oct-17
The Lost Mohican 13-Oct-17
Pa Steve 13-Oct-17
The Lost Mohican 13-Oct-17
From: Arra chucker
Date: 13-Oct-17

Arra chucker's embedded Photo

I was amazed at the PENATRATION I got with a right bevel zwickey no mercy on this doe the arrow passed completely through the deer and lodged in a oak sapling .. I am using a tradtech Titan 3 with 45# limbs arrows are 340 gold tip with a f.o.c.of 19% will also post pic of arrow in the sapling......

From: Arra chucker
Date: 13-Oct-17

Arra chucker's embedded Photo

Arrow after passing through the deer

From: CD
Date: 13-Oct-17

Nice shot for sure!

From: UpNorth
Date: 13-Oct-17

I'll never not shoot a single bevel after seeing the damage done to the 5 deer I've shot with 150 grain grizzlies. 4 out of 5 complete pass through, one other broadhead cut through but back half of arrow broke off, broadhead end just fell out when he ran.

From: glittergoat
Date: 13-Oct-17

Very cool! I plan on playing around with single bevels next year.

From: monkeyball
Date: 13-Oct-17

That is impressive! How long are your arrows and what is your draw length?

That is a heavy spine for 45#

Great job and Good Shooting- >->->->Craig

From: Bowmania Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Oct-17

Monkeyball, My thoughts exactly. Makes the penetration more impressive.


From: stickhunter
Date: 13-Oct-17

Good deal....yeah single bevels do a great job! Congrats on the doe!

I thought I was the only one shooting an arrow that was considered stiff for the #

I'm guessing those arrows are out of the box length. I shoot 400's at that same draw weight, but 30" arrows with 290 total up front.

From: Arra chucker
Date: 13-Oct-17

I shoot full length shafts and 200 grain heads and have a 30" draw arrows baeshaft perfectly with this setup... I Also shoot 3" four flerch sheild cut feathers out of that setup ...

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 13-Oct-17

Good job. Congrats!

From: ShadeHaven
Date: 13-Oct-17

Prefect placement helps too! Good shot

From: OBH
Date: 13-Oct-17

Very nice, congrats!

Date: 13-Oct-17

That is crazy

From: oldcrowkiller
Date: 13-Oct-17

Nice shot! Thanks for the pictures.

From: GF
Date: 13-Oct-17

What makes you think that a double-bevel would have performed any differently?

I ran the arrow specs through the spine calculator (to the best of my ability!) and it looks like just about any good recurve will throw that 500 grain arrow (give or take a few grains) at about 185 fps (estimated!)... so if the arrow is flying properly, it should have had plenty on it to pass through what looks to be a fairly young doe.... Or probably even a good-sized Elk...

Certainly a good shot, which always helps.

Curious how you've tuned your rig, though... Near as I can tell you should be about #17 over-spined according to the calculator, and there are those here who say that the calculator always recommends much too stiff an arrow (in carbons, at least).

Not saying you aren't tuned - just wondering how you're making it work as well as you say it does.

And BTW - looks like you know how to sharpen those pretty well....

From: longbeauxman
Date: 13-Oct-17

Awesome! Congrats!

From: Fletch
Date: 13-Oct-17


Not only did you get the deer, but you waited on the shot to have a sapling behind the arrow impact area. Makes it very easy to find the arrow. Very clever planning and execution. Always thinking one step ahead.

You must be an advanced billiards player. They are always thinking where to leave the cue ball after the last shot, to set up the next one. :-)


From: The Beav
Date: 13-Oct-17


From: Dkincaid
Date: 13-Oct-17

You guys all assume he is drawing 28 I can shoot that arrow at 45@31 and it looks like he can shoot it at his draw to as the picture of a dead deer shows.

From: rick allison
Date: 13-Oct-17

I started shooting Grizzly single bevels a couple years ago. Easy to sharpen, field point flight, stick-it-in-the-ground penetration.

My only knock on em is a possible slight blood least from my experience.

Doesn't meen I'm not gonna hunt with em...3 are in my bow quiver now.

From: The Lost Mohican
Date: 13-Oct-17

I have been shooting Grizzlies for 30 years. Neve broke one. If you hit bone and don't have one ,you will wish you did. TLM

From: Pa Steve
Date: 13-Oct-17

Good shooting. I'm partial to single bevel heads myself. I see no disadvantage compared to double bevel heads. As far as a blood trail is concerned....most of it depends on sharpness and the amount of veins and capillaries that are severed.

From: The Lost Mohican
Date: 13-Oct-17

OOOPs didn't mean to sound like I was disparaging a Zwicky! Only single bevels available to me when I started using them were the Grizzly. Zwicky is a standard, Hope they make them at 160 grains someday. TLM

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