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'74 Super Diablo Brace Height

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Buckmark 12-Oct-17
Brad Lehmann 12-Oct-17
Puma 12-Oct-17
mfg bowyer 12-Oct-17
yorktown5 12-Oct-17
Thogg 13-Oct-17
Lost run 13-Oct-17
From: Buckmark
Date: 12-Oct-17

What should brace height be on a 1974 super Diablo?Right now I have it at 8" Just wondering what you guys have yours at? Thanks

From: Brad Lehmann
Date: 12-Oct-17

You're close. I have mine in the high sevens right now and it is shooting great.

From: Puma
Date: 12-Oct-17

It will vary a little based on the bow and the setup, but the sweet spot on mine is 7 7/8.

From: mfg bowyer
Date: 12-Oct-17

Where ever it sounds & shoots the best.

From: yorktown5
Date: 12-Oct-17

Mine's a '74 and just above 8"

From: Thogg
Date: 13-Oct-17

8 1/16" exactly, but it is a lefty.

From: Lost run
Date: 13-Oct-17

Mine draws smooth and shoots quiet around 7and 1/2"

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