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Elkpacker1 11-Oct-17
From: Elkpacker1
Date: 11-Oct-17

had some time so I started thinking how does my bow shoot speed wise to say a mathews using same poundage, same draw lenght, cams, round whell and recurve limbs. I was surprised. My revurve shooting 9glb 60lbs at 28 flys at 185fps. Using IBO ratings and a calulater/arrow speed the roundwheel compound came out at 186 FPS so fairly equal. the Cam/mathews came out at 229 FPS or an increase of 20% over my recurve. I am more impressed with my recurve now. The mathews IBO rating was 330FPS the Hoyt Roundwheel bow IBO was 275FPS. Of course shooting toothpicks as arrows.

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