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Deer hunt question.

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Daryl Pelfrey 11-Oct-17
White Falcon 11-Oct-17
Fiero Furry 11-Oct-17
JusPassin 11-Oct-17
George D. Stout 11-Oct-17
nrthernrebel05 11-Oct-17
Will tell 11-Oct-17
Catsailor 11-Oct-17
deerhunt51 11-Oct-17
lv2bohunt 11-Oct-17
Therifleman 11-Oct-17
GLF 11-Oct-17
murph 11-Oct-17
Woods Walker 11-Oct-17
TrapperKayak 12-Oct-17
ny yankee 12-Oct-17
Bowmania 12-Oct-17
Tree 12-Oct-17
RymanCat 12-Oct-17
WvTradHunter 12-Oct-17
Bowguy 12-Oct-17
kginrick 12-Oct-17
kginrick 12-Oct-17
Oly 12-Oct-17
elkman52 12-Oct-17
2 bears 12-Oct-17
2 bears 12-Oct-17
2 bears 12-Oct-17
bigdog21 12-Oct-17
shade mt 12-Oct-17
H Rhodes 13-Oct-17
From: Daryl Pelfrey
Date: 11-Oct-17

If a wood lot has beans on 2 sides of it andcorn on one and the road on the 4th, would the corn dide be the best for hunting? Do deer prefer corn over beans?

From: White Falcon
Date: 11-Oct-17

I would beans.

From: Fiero Furry
Date: 11-Oct-17

Depends on time of day-corn side in the mourning and beans at evening due to exposure. Find the thickest nastiest stuff in the middle and hang back about 80 yards and catch them in the mourning headed to bed or when the combine fires up as the Farmers are getting it down now. Will push them right to ya : )

From: JusPassin Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Oct-17

They will bed in corn, beans not so much.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Oct-17

See what the tracks are telling you.

From: nrthernrebel05
Date: 11-Oct-17

deer prefer big white oak acorns over just about anything. If there are oaks dropping in the woods. I would hunt the corn side if there is an oak dropping on the edge, or near a water source if there is one. Deer will live in that corn, and maybe head on over to the bean field after dark.

From: Will tell
Date: 11-Oct-17

When the beans turn yellow the deer will move to the corn. Like said above look for apples and acorns in the woods.

From: Catsailor
Date: 11-Oct-17

I agree with Will Tell about the beans. I hunt Wisconsin and a lot of the beans are picked and the ones that aren't are brown. The deer aren't so fond of them at this stage. I assume you're referring to soybeans and you are hunting in Indiana. If so your beans are either picked or ready for picking. The bedding theory is good also. And of course what George said. A picture is worth a thousand words.

From: deerhunt51
Date: 11-Oct-17

Hunt the side with the best wind direction not the food source.

From: lv2bohunt
Date: 11-Oct-17

I would just sit both and see for yourself what they are doing.

From: Therifleman
Date: 11-Oct-17

Corn--- always corn. Theyll hit beans when theyre green then done with them after they turn- until the dead of winter when food is scarce. Around here its soft mast (apples), then white oaks, then any other oaks, then corn.

From: GLF
Date: 11-Oct-17

they'll bed in the corn and come from it to the woods in evening to get acorns. You'll see a few maybe bedded in woods but mostly they live in corn and come out to eat. deer are browsers so they just eat a little corn while moving out.

From: murph
Date: 11-Oct-17

George has the good Idea. Read the sign. Or set up where you can see a long ways to find the the spot to ambush..

From: Woods Walker
Date: 11-Oct-17

Uh oh.....word math problems! YIKES!!! ;-)

From: TrapperKayak
Date: 12-Oct-17

Hide in one of the corners of the cornlot, in the second or third corn row. They will cut the corner short at lower light. Wear ASAT camo in the corn. Wish I had access to something like that. Good luck.

From: ny yankee
Date: 12-Oct-17

There used to be guys that would teach how to hunt standing corn. How to walk in to the field looking both ways down the rows. Some had quite an elaborate system using other bow hunters to work a field. I think Roger Raglin was one of them.

From: Bowmania Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 12-Oct-17

In WI, right about the start of the season they stop feeding on beans. We leave our beans up all year and they don't start again until they get hard.

There's only one deer hunter here who knows anything about deer hunting. That's deerhunt51.


From: Tree
Date: 12-Oct-17

the corn side for sure deer eat the beans more when they are green. i dont know anybody that baits deer with beans, but i know a bunch that bait deer with corn.

From: RymanCat
Date: 12-Oct-17

Tracks don't always tell you that George what if they use that field to travel it could be deceiving a little? I seen deer in the green bean but not as much like it when it browned up. You need to figure out feeding and beading where they go and come from in the deer habitat. Deer are fringe animals they like to travel like that on edges. If you see tracks through out in the bean field all sorts of direction rather than just going in a direction or out and beans on ground and torn up they are eating it. They like corn for security not only to eat it.

Its pretty hard to advise you when we don't see what your set up is really just from what you say is your bush.

From: WvTradHunter
Date: 12-Oct-17

My spot has corn on two sides beans on one side Apple orchard on the last side and acorns in the middle and I can never decided what is best so I just go by the wind!

From: Bowguy Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 12-Oct-17

The sign is good advice but think? When was the sign made? Is it night or day tracks? Given the two I'd take the bean if it's green. Corn can surely hide deer, often there's water in the rows. Once it's cut, in my area, they're all over it for a few days than visit only at night. The bean too, if lots of pressure has been exerted, may be visited at night. It's not a cut and dried answer imo.

From: kginrick
Date: 12-Oct-17

Man I see guys hunting tracks in cut overs and agriculture fields , they are waste I gotta their time as90% of that activity takes place at night . If you can tell night tracks from day tracks you are a better hunter than I am . Hunt the thick stuff that connects bedding to the food.

From: kginrick
Date: 12-Oct-17

That should read “they are wasting their time”. Damm spell check

From: Oly
Date: 12-Oct-17

Oly's embedded Photo

I'm thinking corn :)

From: elkman52
Date: 12-Oct-17

Years back I hunted a property bordered by railroad tracks on one side.They had about 30 rows of corn that ran for 300yds along the tracks,and a big soybean field behind it.The deer would run around the corn like it was a stone wall to get to the beans!Any place I have hunted the deer seem to prefer beans.Good luck

From: 2 bears
Date: 12-Oct-17

2  bears's embedded Photo

i'd hunt the side that has one of these...

From: 2 bears
Date: 12-Oct-17

that was a test guys to see if i can post pics.

From: 2 bears
Date: 12-Oct-17

Actually a fellow L.W'er did it to show me how. I hope I got it now. Thanks. >>>>------> Ken

From: bigdog21
Date: 12-Oct-17

its called pre scott sit back and watch with binoculars and see whats best

From: shade mt
Date: 12-Oct-17

I'd listen to the advice about deer preferring beans when they are green.

From: H Rhodes
Date: 13-Oct-17

Find a chopped up, well used trail, hunt into the wind, set up near fresh droppings regardless of corn, beans or acorns. Setting a well placed stand in a spot like I just described works everywhere. Set your back to their approach and let them walk past you. Meat in the freezer.

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