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All my pm's are gone...

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Rigs 11-Oct-17
cecil 11-Oct-17
Oly 11-Oct-17
GF 11-Oct-17
BATMAN 11-Oct-17
RymanCat 11-Oct-17
WvTradHunter 11-Oct-17
Jim Casto Jr 11-Oct-17
Dan W 11-Oct-17
From: Rigs Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Oct-17

Is anybody else ran into this?


From: cecil
Date: 11-Oct-17

I think they just last so many days from when you receive them then they are dropped.

From: Oly
Date: 11-Oct-17

Yep, I believe they are deleted after 30 days

From: GF
Date: 11-Oct-17

Yup. If you have a good conversation going, it definitely pays to switch over to email... at least it does if you're sure that you're not dealing with a scammer

From: BATMAN Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 11-Oct-17

A case of FIRST IN is FIRST OUT. ( dropped or deleted) I know that I can only have 32 TOTAL PM'S at any one time. Any more and they are gone. I don't have a PAGE 2.

From: RymanCat
Date: 11-Oct-17

Sure thing just checked mine and they are also gone. I think that's a good thing though and nec. to keep things cleaned up for site maybe.

From: WvTradHunter
Date: 11-Oct-17

Iv tried to use the buddy list it's never worked for me

From: Jim Casto Jr
Date: 11-Oct-17

I learned a long time ago, if there's something you want to save, copy and paste it in a file in your word processor.

From: Dan W
Date: 11-Oct-17

PMs are to get a contact initiated, do a deal, clear up something that's going off-topic on a thread, more lengthy conversations, friendships should move over to personal emails.

Anything that will go on for more than a month and you want a trail, record of.

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