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Too soon to ask??

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GF 10-Oct-17
Dan In MI 11-Oct-17
Jeff Durnell 11-Oct-17
Pa Steve 11-Oct-17
Dry Bones 11-Oct-17
crookedstix 11-Oct-17
old dude 11-Oct-17
jk 11-Oct-17
Dan W 11-Oct-17
From: GF
Date: 10-Oct-17

Sad to hear of the passing of BowDoc; I never had any contact with him, but he was clearly a fixture in and an asset to the community, and not so many people do that anymore....

Curious, though.... is there anyone to take up that mantle?

I have a bow that's a bit of a Project; no money in it to speak of, but it looks like it was built by someone with a pretty good idea what he was doing and I'd hate to ruin it for lack of proper tools... which means I may never get around to it.

So now I'm wondering where on earth I might find someone who could bump the twist out of the limb(s) and lay up some new limb tips....

No idea where to turn...


From: Dan In MI
Date: 11-Oct-17

Rich Lopez - he went by Droptine for a while, I think he changed handles though.

He has his own website droptinetraditions

From: Jeff Durnell Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 11-Oct-17

I know folks who used The Bow Hospital and were very happy with the results.

From: Pa Steve
Date: 11-Oct-17

The Bow Hospital.

From: Dry Bones
Date: 11-Oct-17

If he willing and has time, Jeff Freeman, the bodymanbowyer here does some beautiful work. I have seen some of his refinishes as well.


From: crookedstix
Date: 11-Oct-17

Rick Rappé (Yorktown5) on this forum.

From: old dude
Date: 11-Oct-17

is that the j r bow hospital

From: jk
Date: 11-Oct-17

Great Northern told me they'd reduce my Critter Gitter by around 5#

From: Dan W
Date: 11-Oct-17

Bow Hospital - Prairie Traditions- John Rafferty; I believe all these names are/were associated with the bow hospital, but ownership & personalities may have changed over time. They have done a number of my bows (wt. reduction & refinishing) and did great work.

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