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tonto59 13-Sep-17
Dry Bones 13-Sep-17
tonto59 13-Sep-17
The Lost Mohican 13-Sep-17
Buzz 13-Sep-17
LBshooter 13-Sep-17
rpk@work 14-Sep-17
Bud B. 14-Sep-17
Sawtooth (Original) 14-Sep-17
tonto59 14-Sep-17
From: tonto59
Date: 13-Sep-17

I just posted a thread called Bear Greenies. Showing 3 wooden arrows. Two of them had Bear razor heads on them. I was saying how they seem to be harder to find. Then I get a PM. Asking me how many Bear razor heads I was looking for. I said a half dozen. Then I get another PM asking me for my address and this leather waller tells me I'm sending you 12 Bear razor heads with 8 bleeder blades. He told me they were just collecting dust and asked me to put them to good use. when I asked him what he wanted in trade for them. He said that it wasn't necessary. He didn't want anything for them. Just buy him a cup of coffee if I ever made it to Denton Hill. That's the kind of guys that are on here. I just want to thank you again Sir for your generosity and big hearted kindness. That was really nice of you.

From: Dry Bones
Date: 13-Sep-17

Yes sir, the LeatherWall is full of really good people. With big Hearts.


From: tonto59
Date: 13-Sep-17

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These came in the mail yesterday. I know this isn't the first time this type of thing has happened on here. You always hear the bad. So I figured you should hear the good. And I will put them to good use.

From: The Lost Mohican
Date: 13-Sep-17

I'm not surprised at all. Thanks for sharing! TLM

From: Buzz
Date: 13-Sep-17


From: LBshooter
Date: 13-Sep-17

I wish all my Broadheads were as easy to sharpen as the greenies.

From: rpk@work
Date: 14-Sep-17

Thank You for posting this.

It is nice to hear about good these days.

From: Bud B.
Date: 14-Sep-17

We need a thumbs-up button!

Well done to the giver!

From: Sawtooth (Original) Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 14-Sep-17

Oh yeah. There are some great fellas on here. I was recently given some arrows and the gentleman asked for nothing in return. I will return the generosity one way or another.

From: tonto59
Date: 14-Sep-17

All you guys that hunt with Bear razor heads. You might want to check to see if you have any Bear Pin heads. It's a very rare type of Razor head. You might not want to shoot that one if you have it.;-)

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