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Your best 3D location?

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Sipsey River 13-Sep-17
Clydebow 13-Sep-17
monkeyball 13-Sep-17
Woods Walker 13-Sep-17
DanaC 14-Sep-17
rpk@work 14-Sep-17
UpNorth 14-Sep-17
JusPassin 14-Sep-17
Greyfox 14-Sep-17
Michael Schwister 14-Sep-17
Andy Man 14-Sep-17
Matt B 14-Sep-17
Babbling Bob 14-Sep-17
Squirrel Hunter 14-Sep-17
David Mitchell 14-Sep-17
Witherstick 14-Sep-17
Woods Walker 14-Sep-17
Jim Keller 14-Sep-17
Bowguy 14-Sep-17
hawkeye in PA 14-Sep-17
Jeffhalfrack 14-Sep-17
Larry Burford 15-Sep-17
Sipsey River 15-Sep-17
Babysaph 15-Sep-17
THarris 16-Sep-17
Blackstick 16-Sep-17
Sipsey River 16-Sep-17
stonepoint 16-Sep-17
Clydebow 16-Sep-17
THarris 16-Sep-17
Sipsey River 16-Sep-17
ModernLongbow 16-Sep-17
From: Sipsey River
Date: 13-Sep-17

I have been all around the mid west and south attending 3d trad events. There are a lot of very good events, Kentucky Tradfest, Howard Hill, and others, but my favorite is ETAR/Denton Hill because of its size. But last weekend, I attended the Hoosier Fall Classic in Farmland Indiana. I went there because two friends who were scheduled to go to Denton in July could not make it. One had a heart attack and one broke his shoulder when he hit a deer on his motorcycle. Since Farmland was about the last event of the year, and reasonably close to my buddy who had the heart attack, we decided to meet for the Farmland event. This event turned out to be outstanding. The course was flat, easy to walk, the shooting trials were covered with gravel in a lot of sections making for even more easy walking for us old guys. They have a super nice lodge, a shower, a small lake for fishing, they supplied free firewood, and the grounds around the lodge were as nice as a golf course. We had a great time and plan to go back. If you have never been to this event, go next year and have a great time. Thanks to those who worked so hard to put on this event.

From: Clydebow
Date: 13-Sep-17

John, I knew this was going to be you saying good things about Farmland as soon as I saw the title of your thread! I say this every year on the Farmland Shoot thread that Steve post here before each shoot. Sorry we didn't get to shoot together, and thanks for reminding Roy about the smoker round trophies! He caught me as I was leaving. Don't forget the T.A.S. shoot will be there again next Memorial Day weekend.

From: monkeyball
Date: 13-Sep-17

In some cases .......size does "not" matter. Some of my favorite shoots are just a speck of Denton.

Good Shooting->->->->Craig

From: Woods Walker
Date: 13-Sep-17

I don't like big shoots, too damn many people. My favorite is the Rochelle Wildlife Conservation Club just east of Chana, Illinois. Lots of terrain, $10 fee, and it's rare that you have to wait for someone else to finish shooting ahead of you....VERY rare.

You DON'T have to be a member for the 3-D shoots.

From: DanaC
Date: 14-Sep-17

Lots of good local shoots within an hours drive of here. Just shot a new-to-me course this past Sunday, just south of the line in CT.

I agree with Woods Walker, big events, too many people. Me and a few friends, taking our sweet time and laughiung at every stupid shot, that's my preference. Mostly 'mixed' shoots around here, but that doesn't bother me.

Managed to hit two trad-only shoots this year, IBO fun shot in RI and the White Mountain in northeast MA. Both fun events.

I'm more interested in the quality of the course than either 'traditional' or 'event'.

From: rpk@work
Date: 14-Sep-17

How did the deer get on his motorcycle anyhow? Kidding.

Denton Hill is still my number one shoot. Mostly for the vendors, and close. I have made it to the Spring Fling and Tn. Classic and would love to get back.

Closer to home, Pine Hill puts on a nice Trad. shoot. I have yet to make it to Sawmill and Shade mtn. So many shoots, so little time.

From: UpNorth
Date: 14-Sep-17

We shoot at as many different ranges as we can within reasonable driving distance and for us the Coon Rapids Traditional shoot is by far our favorite. To be fair it is the only traditional only shoot we've been to and we still love going to all other locations, but there's something to be said about being surrounded by like-minded individuals!

From: JusPassin Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Sep-17

Mid WEST, shouldn't that be west of the Mississippi?

For me anything east of the river is east coast. Different perspectives huh!

From: Greyfox
Date: 14-Sep-17

Stratford Sports club and MCAAP are the only I have shot at. Both were great but MCAAP quit having them. Stratford is a long drive. I agree there is nothing west, east of Mississippi river.

From: Michael Schwister Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 14-Sep-17

ETAR for me too. The only one I go to anymore. The 8 wonderful courses is the main reason, with vendors being second. Third is entire family loves it to include wife, son in law, and grandson.

From: Andy Man
Date: 14-Sep-17

Baltimore and the Roanoke VA shoots

Baltimore for the atmosphere

Roanoke for the course (so very realistic)

Denton great but too busy for my tastes

Camping jammed packed

Might try a campground out next year

From: Matt B
Date: 14-Sep-17

My favorite 3-D location is Wellington, TX. A tiny spot at the Southeast corner of the Panhandle, with only one cinder block motel (but not too far from some other towns). Sagebrush Traditional Archery Club will be hosting a TBOT (Traditional Bowhunters of Texas) shoot this weekend. Interesting layout, great people, and just big enough to be significant but not so big that you can't get around or meet people.

From: Babbling Bob Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Sep-17

For a one day event, the best I have been to was the Southern Plains trad shoot in McAlister, OK in early August. Some good vendors there as well as the Compton's folks.

Another fun one day is the TBOF January shoot near Ocala, FL. Targets are set up for family fun and the scenery is amazing. Really good folks too. Used to have some fantastic pecan smoked pork sandwiches from a local vendor but the vendor did not show up last year. Pecan wood sure makes some super duper fine BBQ. Used to be worth going to for the BBQ pork.

From: Squirrel Hunter
Date: 14-Sep-17

The Texas State Longbow Championship, Fort Worth on Memorial Day weekend, is good enough for me to drive 1200 miles round trip to attend each year.

From: David Mitchell
Date: 14-Sep-17

My favorites are Baltimore Bowman Trad Classic and Cloverdale.

From: Witherstick
Date: 14-Sep-17

We attend shoots all across the nation. Our favorite is ETAR because of the location and general good attitude of all who attend. But, we actually skipped the last farmland shoot because it is indeed very flat and the course never changes. We normally attend but enjoy the open shoots at Nancy's Broken Arrow south of Cloverdale more. In fact, we never miss any of Bob nd Nancy's half dozen shoots each year. They charge less than most and change the courses for each shoot. The targets are not always the same. They get a large traditional shooters turnout and the compounders are just about the best people around. Hate to say it but many clubs can learn from them. There is no complaining about workers needed and yet they change everything for each shoot! Guess it really matters when the hosts really enjoy what they are doing. We will be there this weekend. The trails are not flat but are very easy to walk and not too much climbing at all.

From: Woods Walker
Date: 14-Sep-17

I'm still drooling over the pecan smoked pork sandwiches!

From: Jim Keller
Date: 14-Sep-17

I have not shot any outside of PA, but my favorite by far is Etar. It's the highlight of my summer.

From: Bowguy Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 14-Sep-17

My buddy is a vendor at some of the shoots. Etar is one. He showed me pics, I've never been there but it looks cool in pics. Personally I like smaller shoots with no one in front slowing me down and no one behind pushing me. It's all about just the targets in different environments. I hate to say where I even go to keep it this way but the clubs are first class and appreciative you're there. Also theyre kid friendly

From: hawkeye in PA
Date: 14-Sep-17

Locally Strictly Sticks, big shoot ETAR, Maine Poke-N-Hope is a fantastic shoot also + lobster, and that makes the better half a happy camper.

From: Jeffhalfrack
Date: 14-Sep-17

Hawkeye bowmen in New York hands down my favorite ! Jeffw

From: Larry Burford
Date: 15-Sep-17

I have not been to a shoot in 17 years. The best ever was the Texas State Longbow shoot. The old Howard Hill shoot was great too.

From: Sipsey River
Date: 15-Sep-17

I forgot to add that at the Farmland event they had 40 large game targets with 2 stakes at each target, for a total of 80 shots on that course! On the small game course they had 20 targets with 2 stakes at each target making for another 40 shots. They also had a 10 target coon shot and a 10 target smoker round with shots, only one arrow allowed, thru the brush etc. A fun time for sure.

From: Babysaph Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 15-Sep-17

I like Denton Hill. I get to see my friends from Jersey. I can shoot 3 d near my house. All of those targets are the same .lol.

From: THarris
Date: 16-Sep-17

Well, I've been to both, large and small. At small events, most likely, not many or very few Vendors and thats OK to. Large events attract more Vendors, (more people, more Vendors ~ more Vendors, more people) kind goes hand in hand.

When people don't want to go because of large crowds, I don't quite understand that, I see great friendships being made, tremendous atmosphere, etc.

I've put on two events per year here in Alabama, the Pre-Spring Arrow Fling and the Howard Hill Southeastern Classic. This next year after the HH Classic, I will have held 23 events over 14 years. Both have had over 500 participants at times and the HH Classic average that amount for several years.

I feel most that have attended enjoyed the Vendors, the people from different areas of the country they've met and been able to shoot with.

With all this being said, I can remember when I first started in traditional archery, approximately 27 years ago, there was an event nearly every weekend here in Alabama (during the 3D season of course).

Those days have since disappeared, clubs disband because lack of interest, no one wants to work, etc.. Now it's the larger events most attend, especially with Vendors.

It's hard to attend all, especially all around the country.

This next year, 2018, will be my last year to host my two events. I'd like to think I've put forth good events. I was never a club, did this on my own with help of a hand full of outstanding friends. I'm getting older and tired, I'll miss those crowds and great friendships I've made and hopefully I can attend some of those other large events before that go away.

I've been blessed with great support from those that vend as well as those that love traditional archery and I thank them all.

Terry Harris

From: Blackstick Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 16-Sep-17

Blackstick's embedded Photo

I've never been to the Farmland shoot, but not too far from there is one at Cloverdale about a week before Compton's. They have scenarios set up to shoot at and it's just a real hoot.

From: Sipsey River
Date: 16-Sep-17

Terry, sorry to hear you will not be doing this much longer. We will miss your events.

From: stonepoint
Date: 16-Sep-17

Appling Archers has a shoot im May. 2 day shoot. free camping and food on Friday and Saturday. Free tshirt if preregister. People very friendly. Big Jim was there as well as a few other vendors.

From: Clydebow
Date: 16-Sep-17

Terry, Of course you put on great events that were appreciated by hundreds of people over the years! Maybe see you at more events since you will have more free time?

From: THarris
Date: 16-Sep-17

We'll miss it John, but it's time. Thanks Clyde, we hope to.

Terry Harris

From: Sipsey River
Date: 16-Sep-17

Terry, maybe you can actually get to shoot!

From: ModernLongbow
Date: 16-Sep-17

Farmland...... On the list for next year. Is there a website or facebook page???

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