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Recurve blacktail

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npaull 12-Sep-17
KyStickbow 12-Sep-17
Stoner 12-Sep-17
ShadeHaven 12-Sep-17
DarrinG 12-Sep-17
mgerard 12-Sep-17
RymanCat 12-Sep-17
GUTPILE PA 12-Sep-17
Clydebow 12-Sep-17
sheepdogreno 12-Sep-17
Brad Lehmann 12-Sep-17
fdp 12-Sep-17
Mingo 12-Sep-17
Bob Rowlands 13-Sep-17
cobra 13-Sep-17
bluesman 13-Sep-17
Buzz 13-Sep-17
jk 13-Sep-17
Bxrecurve15 13-Sep-17
Chance 14-Sep-17
Bushytail 14-Sep-17
throwback 14-Sep-17
Pointer 14-Sep-17
Herbie 14-Sep-17
From: npaull
Date: 12-Sep-17

npaull's embedded Photo

Well I had a good morning. Showed up early for work only to learn that a meeting I thought I had was cancelled. Figuring I was already awake and it was still dark, I might as well go hunting.

I drove out to my unit (651), parked and started my usual dead-slow still hunting down a spur road in a good looking clear cut bordering some reprod. I hadn't gone more than about 200 yards when I saw this doe feeding on top of a small ridge about 80 yards away. I managed to close the distance to about 30 yards before I was blocked by some ground covered in sticks that was going to make noise like packing peanuts. She was quartering away from me. 30 yards is ten yards too far for me most of the time. But, the doe hadn't seen me, was calm, I'd been shooting well, there was no wind, I felt confident, and this was going to be one of my last opportunities of the season because my wife is expecting our second child soon. So after debating with myself for a few minutes, I calmed my breathing, picked a spot, and shot.

The arrow entered just a tiny bit back from where I wanted, but given that she was quartering away (by FAR my favorite bow shot angle), all roads lead to the chest. The arrow hit solidly, nicked the stomach, went through the diaphragm and over the heart, transecting both the aorta and the pulmonary artery. She took about four bounds and collapsed within twenty yards. Died within five seconds, literally.

This was my first big game animal with this particular bow, and I'm pretty happy.

The bow is a 55# Wes Wallace Stealth recurve, 64". Wes makes absolute works of art, such a gorgeous bow. Self-fletched and crested carbon arrow tipped with a Snuffer 3 blade broadhead.

From: KyStickbow
Date: 12-Sep-17


From: Stoner
Date: 12-Sep-17


From: ShadeHaven
Date: 12-Sep-17

Right on! I like detailed stories but to the point. Congrats on the 2nd kiddo and the bushbeef you got there!

From: DarrinG
Date: 12-Sep-17

Congrats! When is supper? LoL

From: mgerard Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 12-Sep-17

That is cooler than cool! Congratulations on all accounts. Still hunt kills are among the best.

From: RymanCat
Date: 12-Sep-17


Date: 12-Sep-17


From: Clydebow
Date: 12-Sep-17

Good job! Congrats!

From: sheepdogreno
Date: 12-Sep-17

wonderful shot! congrats on your harvest!

From: Brad Lehmann
Date: 12-Sep-17


From: fdp
Date: 12-Sep-17

VERY cool indeed.

From: Mingo
Date: 12-Sep-17

Great deer and story! Congrats!! Mingo

From: Bob Rowlands
Date: 13-Sep-17

Good job. Nice photo as well. Thanks.

From: cobra
Date: 13-Sep-17

Thats fantastic. Did you field dress her in dress shoes and a tie?

From: bluesman
Date: 13-Sep-17

nice ..congratz, looks like some fine eating there.

From: Buzz
Date: 13-Sep-17

Congratulations on your hunt.

From: jk
Date: 13-Sep-17

Fine story!

From: Bxrecurve15
Date: 13-Sep-17

Great story.

From: Chance
Date: 14-Sep-17

You lucky devil!

From: Bushytail Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 14-Sep-17

Congratulations on both the deer and the baby!

From: throwback
Date: 14-Sep-17

Congrats on a beautiful doe and the baby! Thanks for sharing.

From: Pointer
Date: 14-Sep-17


From: Herbie
Date: 14-Sep-17

Great job!

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