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ILF poundage

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Claymore 12-Aug-17
JustSomeDude 12-Aug-17
Tzioxphon 12-Aug-17
Jim Casto Jr 12-Aug-17
Claymore 12-Aug-17
fdp 12-Aug-17
From: Claymore
Date: 12-Aug-17

For those with ILF experience, how much weight do you usually add by turning the bolts one turn tighter?

From: JustSomeDude
Date: 12-Aug-17

There's no constant. It varies depending upon how far the bolt is In, and it varies depending upon where you are in the weight range on that particular limb.

I have a set lightweight limbs that seem to hit a point where they don't get heavier

From: Tzioxphon
Date: 12-Aug-17

Approx one pound, maybe a bit less.

From: Jim Casto Jr
Date: 12-Aug-17

It's more a matter of percentages.

The rule of thumb is, you have about 10% of adjustment with ILF limbs. So...say you have a 50# at mid-range (5 #'a of adjustment--47.5 to 52.5#'s) bow, you'll have about 5 turns of adjustment, which equals about 1# per turn.

Lighter limbs will be less per turn and heavier will be more per turn.

From: Claymore
Date: 12-Aug-17

Thanks guys.

From: fdp
Date: 12-Aug-17

What Jim said. Depends on the draw weight of the limbs.

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