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Carbon or wood

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Crow 12-Aug-17
M60gunner 12-Aug-17
George D. Stout 12-Aug-17
Ranman 12-Aug-17
Clydebow 12-Aug-17
Tzioxphon 12-Aug-17
JustSomeDude 12-Aug-17
JustSomeDude 12-Aug-17
fdp 12-Aug-17
Arra chucker 13-Aug-17
From: Crow
Date: 12-Aug-17

Whats the smoothest limbs you would reccomond for the satori. Carbon or bamboo or??

From: M60gunner
Date: 12-Aug-17

Border Hex 6.5's. Not only smooooth but a 35# sets shoot like a set of 45#. Don't forget longer limbs will help for a smoother draw. Now some guys don't like the "ping" from the carbon/foam. Others will say Carbon/wood is just as good as carbon/foam in performance. But seriously I would see if you can try different limbs to see what YOU like.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 12-Aug-17

Crow. As someone who is working to get their form perfected, and extend their accuracy parameters, I would personally suggest you go with limbs that aren't so expensive for awhile. I think history shows you enjoy acquiring different bows....been there and done that myself, so give yourself a little area of learning at maybe less cost until you see what you really want or like. Hell I think the cheap S.F. Axiom limbs are plenty good for anyone, at least as a starter set.

From: Ranman
Date: 12-Aug-17

Just ordered some Tradtech 2.0 glass wood in low poundage to use for prctice. Will let you know how they shoot. Randy

From: Clydebow
Date: 12-Aug-17

What's the "ping" from carbon foams limbs?

I've used carbon foam for years and like them, but can't help you. Can't give you a comparison to bamboo, because I haven't used any on my I.L.f.

From: Tzioxphon
Date: 12-Aug-17

Try a set of Dryad statics, you will be surprised.

From: JustSomeDude
Date: 12-Aug-17

With TradTech, you are paying for the black finish.

From: JustSomeDude
Date: 12-Aug-17

Oh yeah....

SF Carbon Foam Elite are excellent and a great value at their price point. You can paint them or cover them in tape in about 15 minutes and save a few hundred bucks. I have them on my Barebow. Still like my $89 Axiom

From: fdp
Date: 12-Aug-17

Crow there isn't enough performance difference in them to worry about. Carbon limbs can feel very different.

From: Arra chucker
Date: 13-Aug-17

The main difference between carbon/wood and glass/wood would be the carbon limbs have a little more torsinal stability than the plain glass limbs I both sets of limbs and would call myself a average shooter and I honestly can't shoot any better with the carbon/wood limbs than I can with the glass/ wood limbs so to me the gain is not worth the price paid ,but I had to see for myself..From now on I will be going with the glass/wood limbs they shoot just as good for me and draw just as smooth.....

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