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ACE Spine Master?

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N. Y. Yankee 11-Aug-17
Randy 11-Aug-17
T4halo 11-Aug-17
JRW 11-Aug-17
flyguysc 11-Aug-17
N. Y. Yankee 11-Aug-17
Archergreg 11-Aug-17
tracy warren 12-Aug-17
Will tell 12-Aug-17
R. Combs 12-Aug-17
Rigs 13-Aug-17
Tracker0721! 13-Aug-17
From: N. Y. Yankee
Date: 11-Aug-17

Have you used the spine tester that hangs on the wall? Did you like it?

From: Randy
Date: 11-Aug-17

I have one and it works great. I made a stand for mine so I can take it with me and set it up anywhere. It seems to be very accurate. I also ordered the weight for carbon and aluminum arrows.

From: T4halo
Date: 11-Aug-17

Love mine. I mounted it on a piece of plywood. Works great. Made in America!!!


Date: 11-Aug-17

Love mine as well. A few spring clamps make it totally mobile. We had mine clamped to a fold out camp table last week at the Elm Hall shoot.

From: JRW
Date: 11-Aug-17

I've had one for about a dozen years now and love it. It hangs on wall of my archery shop.

From: flyguysc
Date: 11-Aug-17

I have had one for about six months and it takes all the guest work out and you can match up your arrows. If you buy direct from Ace you will save a few bucks.

From: N. Y. Yankee
Date: 11-Aug-17

Sounds great!

From: Archergreg
Date: 11-Aug-17

It is awesome! I have had mine for about 6 years.

From: tracy warren
Date: 12-Aug-17

I mounted mine to the wall. It works great.

From: Will tell
Date: 12-Aug-17

Will tell's embedded Photo

I sure like mine.

From: R. Combs
Date: 12-Aug-17

Love mine. Mount it to the wall eye level and you're good to go.

From: Rigs Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 13-Aug-17

Love mine!!

From: Tracker0721!
Date: 13-Aug-17

All I need in a simple spine tester

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