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Standard Center Serving

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Legato 19-May-17
Catsailor 19-May-17
zonic 19-May-17
Legato 19-May-17
MStyles 19-May-17
From: Legato
Date: 19-May-17

I have a string I need to re-serve. I also have a serving tool and would need some type of string jig to keep the string taught while doing so [correct?].

What is the standard center serving material used in economy off the shelf bought D97 strings?

Thanks in advance.

From: Catsailor
Date: 19-May-17

Why not put the string on your bow and serve it? That's how I serve my strings. I do not know what serving material is used on off the shelf D97 strings. You'll want to use a serving size that provides good nock fit. Depending on the serving you choose it might be cheaper to buy a new D97 economy string verses a spool of serving string. The serving I use is over $20 a spool.

From: zonic
Date: 19-May-17

I do it w/ string on the bow. My old school standard is Brownell #4.

From: Legato
Date: 19-May-17

Thanks for the info guys. The Brownell's #4 looks like that is what I'm looking for. Agreed that there serving spools more expensive and luckily I do have several spare strings, but the Brownell's #4 isn't too bad at $6 a spool.

From: MStyles
Date: 19-May-17

Halo serving doesn't wear out.

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