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Toelke bow w/ 30" draw

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stick33 18-May-17
Biathlonman 18-May-17
stick33 19-May-17
From: stick33
Date: 18-May-17

Who hunts w/ a 60" or shorter Toelke having a 30"+ draw? I really like the grip and feel of the Toelke bows. I've owned a 64" Whip which was great except about 4-5 lbs too heavy. I've also got a 56" Pika which is really smooth to about 29.5" but then I feel the pinch. The Pika is awesome, but I'm afraid I'm a 1/2" too long for it. If a 58" was offered, I know it would be the bow for me. What other Toelke models have you 30"+ draw shot that you love? I've considered the Chinook, but I really would like a longbow in the stable.

From: Biathlonman
Date: 18-May-17

64" Whip feels like a 56" Pika with a little wiggle room at the end. 66" Super D and 60" Lynx recurve would also be great for you.

From: stick33
Date: 19-May-17

Thanks for the reply. The Whip is great, but it's a little long for the blind. Maybe Dan will offer a 58" Pika for the long draw guys! Anyone else?

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