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samick stingray

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sir misalots 20-Mar-17
TGbow 21-Mar-17
Will M 21-Mar-17
Jungle hunter 21-Mar-17
Will tell 21-Mar-17
N. Y. Yankee 21-Mar-17
jk 21-Mar-17
George D. Stout 21-Mar-17
Knifeguy 21-Mar-17
jk 21-Mar-17
From: sir misalots
Date: 20-Mar-17

anyone know a source to purchase? Did they quit importing them in the US?

From: TGbow
Date: 21-Mar-17

Samick no longer makes the Stingray. It was a good shooting bow too.

From: Will M
Date: 21-Mar-17

Nice bow for draw lengths up to 27" , it can handle longer draws but stacks .

Maybe they will bring it back if we ask Lancaster Archery nicely I heard 35# , 40# and 45# were the most popular weights for it .

From: Jungle hunter
Date: 21-Mar-17

I almost bought one a few years ago. Love the lines of that bow. I chose not to because I kept hearing about failures, most of them right at the fade outs. Bummed me out. All in all, a nice looking bow. Maybe I'll find one in the classifieds, right hand, 40#s.

From: Will tell
Date: 21-Mar-17

Will tell's embedded Photo

I had mine camo dipped for turkey hunting.

From: N. Y. Yankee
Date: 21-Mar-17

35,40,and 45 are the most popular weights for everything! lol

From: jk
Date: 21-Mar-17

Ask these folks. They may have taken over from Samick, introducing quality control etc.

From: George D. Stout Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 21-Mar-17

If you have been watching these, and other Samick bows over the years, you will have noticed that many of the bows....that looked like some domestic bows, are no longer made. These would be the Hawkeye, The Stingray, one that appeared to be a twin of the Sky wood riser takedown, and another that was a copy of the Wing Presentation II. Maybe they were getting pressure from our domestic industry, or maybe they just decided to develop their own bows that looked less cat bird.

There seems to be lotsa folks talking about Samick going by the wayside, but it appears to me that new models keep coming out of the woodwork. These folks make thousands upon thousands of bows every year, under a lot of different monikers, and that includes a lot of ILF entries too in both hunting and target lines. I wouldn't be too quick to bury them as a player since one shop alone sold over 600 of the Sage bows in one year...2015 I believe.

From: Knifeguy
Date: 21-Mar-17

I had one and it was well made but I didn't shoot it well and sold it. The grip on mine was too uncomfortable in my hand. The good thing is, that the guy that bought it from me loves it and shoots it well. Lance.

From: jk
Date: 21-Mar-17

Go to, search for Samick and for Southwest Archery.

That may tell much of the tale.

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