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Good Season So Far!

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RonsPlc 20-Mar-17
ky_hunter 20-Mar-17
From: RonsPlc Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

Turkey Season opened here last week.

I am not a good enough bow hunter to even TRY for one of those eagle-eyed buggers, but I love the look of their feathers on my arrows!

I have a couple of my bamboo arrows at the mechanics shop that I work at, and I can pretty much pick out the bird hunters. So I show them my arrows, and ask that if they are not planning on getting a full body mount, or are planning on disposing of the wings, they can count on me to put them to good use! "Just snap them off, and bring them to me" is what I tell them.

So far, I have had one guy stop by on the way home on opening day, and hand me a full bird, minus the breasts, spurs, and beard. And I just got a call that this past weekend (while I was hosting a Rove here for fellow LeatherWallers), another of my clients had lucked out, and he and 2 of his buddies ALL got birds... he will be bringing me the Wings tomorrow! He asked if I wanted more, to which I responded "I will take ALL that you can get me!"

The past couple of seasons here, I have been blessed with 2 birds worth of feathers per season from people that remembered that I was looking for them... so far this year is going to be breaking records for me!

I sure am glad that I decided to bring a couple of my arrows to the shop!

From: ky_hunter
Date: 20-Mar-17

Great deal, just cant beat free.

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