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Hoyt Tiburon

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savage1 20-Mar-17
Codjigger 20-Mar-17
Therc30guy 20-Mar-17
reddogge 20-Mar-17
savage1 20-Mar-17
From: savage1
Date: 20-Mar-17

Anyone shooting a Tiburon? How does it compare to the other hoyts?

I have Rambos and satori, I am into Hoyt risers. I want to acquire a Tiburon but am looking for some good deed back.

I know.. it ain't a widda. Now that we got that out of the way let's hear from guys that actually have or have had one. Thank you.

From: Codjigger
Date: 20-Mar-17

I have one I got from Rooty. It is one of my best, easy to shoot bows. Sandy

From: Therc30guy
Date: 20-Mar-17

I owned and shot a Tiburon for about a year. It shot very well, if I didn't screw up. It shot very flat out to about 30 yards (45# draw). I wanted a heavier bow and bought a HolmMade longbow (56#), and sold the Hoyt. There would be no reason I can think of to avoid a Tiburon other than the fact that it is definitely a tool and not a piece of art. To me the beauty of the bow is part of the experience of archery. If you don't mind a fairly ugly black riser the Hoyt is a fine bow. There is also the fact that it is not an ILF bow. I never saw that as a drawback but right now ILF seems to be the future for metal riser bows.

From: reddogge Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member
Date: 20-Mar-17

Don't own one but shot my friend's. He has some upgraded F series limbs on it so it performs pretty good. I think the Satori in ILF will eclipse it in popularity though.

From: savage1
Date: 20-Mar-17

I have the 21" satori. It what I'm shooting these days. I like the looks and am interested to try the Tiburon. Curious about the limbs pad angles as compared to Satori.

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