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BigJim got Blems..yes, 500s too!

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BigJim 20-Mar-17
Glunt@work 20-Mar-17
crookedstix 20-Mar-17
deerdander 21-Mar-17
ranger3 21-Mar-17
bndhunter 21-Mar-17
wonderbowman 21-Mar-17
BigJim 22-Mar-17
Iron ranger 22-Mar-17
Don 22-Mar-17
bigdog21 21-Apr-17
From: BigJim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17
BigJim is a Sponsor - Website

It has been a very long wait, but we have finally received another batch of Gold Tip blems. We have them in all sizes but some are in limited quantities. Ya'll know the 500's will be gone very quickly as we only received a couple hundred dozen and we've been out for several months.

Also, price has gone up just a touch but they are still a super bargain. They are on the web site so go get em.

Thanks, BigJim....oh, don't forget to get your other supplies too, We can't survive on blems alone :)

From: Glunt@work
Date: 20-Mar-17

Just tried and 500s weren't turned on yet. I'll look later. (Trad blems)

From: crookedstix
Date: 20-Mar-17

I just checked the website last week and spotted the .400s I was waiting for--and four days after I ordered them I was shooting them! Good arrows and a very quick turnaround time means happy customers--thanks Jim!

From: deerdander
Date: 21-Mar-17

Hey Jim, any shipping discount on multiple dozens? $22 for 3 dozen prices them about the same as non blems for me.

From: ranger3
Date: 21-Mar-17

They are on there now

From: bndhunter
Date: 21-Mar-17

BigJim, I have been shooting the 300 blems for several years now since I draw to 31 inches. Now that they don't have the 300 anymore and knowing you have a long draw length yourself what is your arrow set up?

thanks Tim

From: wonderbowman
Date: 21-Mar-17

DD, Call 'em.

From: BigJim Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 22-Mar-17
BigJim is a Sponsor - Website

I have switched to 340's and have a much better tuned arrow...32" draw 67 lb @ 32" cut to center bow.

We are working on our shipping calculator, but if you feel the shipping is a bit much, give us a call. We'll see what we can do. thanks, bigjim

From: Iron ranger
Date: 22-Mar-17

Actually it's been a while since I ordered something online. Just ordered 2 doz. Blems and a few little things. It was $25.55 for shipping . Which seemed a little steep. Has shipping gone up that much?

From: Don
Date: 22-Mar-17

How about 300's?

From: bigdog21
Date: 21-Apr-17


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