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Longspur Turkey Call Giveaway!!!

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Longspurwv 20-Mar-17
9/10 Broke 20-Mar-17
DarrinG 20-Mar-17
RymanCat 20-Mar-17
NE Archer 20-Mar-17
BOX CALL 20-Mar-17
stick33 20-Mar-17
nowheels 20-Mar-17
BigJohn 20-Mar-17
Will tell 20-Mar-17
Craig S 20-Mar-17
Rock 20-Mar-17
bobreeks 20-Mar-17
E T Hick 20-Mar-17
Old School 20-Mar-17
RD 20-Mar-17
KodiakHunter56 20-Mar-17
kodiak t/d 20-Mar-17
alphamale 20-Mar-17
greyghost 20-Mar-17
Jim D 20-Mar-17
arrow jock 20-Mar-17
PeteA 20-Mar-17
longshadow 20-Mar-17
Long Hunter 20-Mar-17
doug 20-Mar-17
craig 20-Mar-17
Carcajou 20-Mar-17
longbowmaster 20-Mar-17
Roddo 20-Mar-17
olboy 20-Mar-17
Ghostbow 20-Mar-17
Huntdux 20-Mar-17
hookman 20-Mar-17
Ghillie up 20-Mar-17
PECO 20-Mar-17
Gvdocholiday 20-Mar-17
preed 20-Mar-17
Mule/IN 20-Mar-17
Timberking 20-Mar-17
Curt 20-Mar-17
CCHH 21-Mar-17
JDOG94 21-Mar-17
Buckeeboy 21-Mar-17
biggamefish 21-Mar-17
Bernie P. 21-Mar-17
ranger3 21-Mar-17
Magilla 21-Mar-17
iowa cedar shooter 21-Mar-17
TPjeep 21-Mar-17
somedude 21-Mar-17
JakeD 21-Mar-17
Forester 21-Mar-17
kstout 21-Mar-17
larry 21-Mar-17
Poppy 21-Mar-17
drifwood 23-Mar-17
stagecoach 23-Mar-17
White Falcon 23-Mar-17
irjack 23-Mar-17
davesonic444 23-Mar-17
snufer 23-Mar-17
RD 23-Mar-17
Ranman 23-Mar-17
Donk 23-Mar-17
sig9 23-Mar-17
Ol' Kodiak 23-Mar-17
Tine Tickler 23-Mar-17
Gramps 23-Mar-17
dagwood64 23-Mar-17
Mudcreek 23-Mar-17
Outlaw 23-Mar-17
Rufus 23-Mar-17
bodork 23-Mar-17
bosteldr 23-Mar-17
Dennis Miller 23-Mar-17
hvac tech 23-Mar-17
Longspurwv 24-Mar-17
Longspurwv 24-Mar-17
razormark 24-Mar-17
From: Longspurwv
Date: 20-Mar-17

Longspurwv's embedded Photo

Here is the Longspur "Molly Moocher" 3 reed vcut call. This can be yours free on Friday Morning, March 24. Just post below and I will have Siri pick a random number and that poster will win!! Good luck!

From: 9/10 Broke
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please count me in. Thanks!

From: DarrinG
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity!

From: RymanCat
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please put me in also.

From: NE Archer
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity.

From: BOX CALL Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'll try on this one,then redonate it if I'm a winner.

From: stick33
Date: 20-Mar-17

Leaving for NE on the 30th - would love to try it out - thanks for the chance!

From: nowheels
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in, thanks!

From: BigJohn
Date: 20-Mar-17

Add me please, thanks

From: Will tell
Date: 20-Mar-17

Triple reed V cuts are my favorite mouth calls. Count me in.

From: Craig S
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please add me Thanks for your generosity!!

From: Rock Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please add me to the drawing< looks like a good call.

From: bobreeks
Date: 20-Mar-17

add me in please, thanks, Bob

From: E T Hick
Date: 20-Mar-17

Appreciate it! I'm in.

From: Old School Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

Count me in, thanks!

From: RD
Date: 20-Mar-17

Add me please.

From: KodiakHunter56
Date: 20-Mar-17

Count me in thanks!

From: kodiak t/d
Date: 20-Mar-17

Count me in also!!!!! Thanks, Rodney

From: alphamale
Date: 20-Mar-17

count me in ALPHAMALE thanx.,.

From: greyghost
Date: 20-Mar-17

Nice gesture, count me in please

From: Jim D
Date: 20-Mar-17

Include me too Shon, thanks.

From: arrow jock
Date: 20-Mar-17

Would you please include me. Thanks so much!

From: PeteA
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in. Thank so much for the opportunity!

From: longshadow
Date: 20-Mar-17

Would you add my name also, Thanks, Alan

From: Long Hunter
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please add my name. Thanks.

From: doug
Date: 20-Mar-17

include me please.

From: craig Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 20-Mar-17

Me too. Thanks

From: Carcajou
Date: 20-Mar-17

Count me in also!

From: longbowmaster
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please put me in ...thanks

From: Roddo Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

Thanks .Add me also

From: olboy
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please include me as well. Thank you sir!!

From: Ghostbow
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please include me, and, thank you for the generosity!

From: Huntdux
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in! Thanks Shon!

From: hookman
Date: 20-Mar-17

Thanks for the chance. Add me in please.

From: Ghillie up
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in

From: PECO
Date: 20-Mar-17

Yes please!

From: Gvdocholiday
Date: 20-Mar-17

Hope everyone has a good week this week!! Weather finally broke here in MI and turkeys are coming out of the woodwork. Good luck everyone!

From: preed
Date: 20-Mar-17

Enter me please

From: Mule/IN Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in! Thank you

From: Timberking
Date: 20-Mar-17

Thanks, I'm in!

From: Curt
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in, thanks!

From: CCHH
Date: 21-Mar-17

im in.

From: JDOG94
Date: 21-Mar-17


From: Buckeeboy
Date: 21-Mar-17

Please put me in...Thank ou

From: biggamefish
Date: 21-Mar-17

Thanks I am in.

From: Bernie P.
Date: 21-Mar-17

Me to.Thanks!

From: ranger3
Date: 21-Mar-17

Thanks I need that

From: Magilla
Date: 21-Mar-17

Put me in, thanks

From: iowa cedar shooter
Date: 21-Mar-17

count me in! thanks

From: TPjeep
Date: 21-Mar-17

OK, i'm game

From: somedude
Date: 21-Mar-17

I would like this. Thanks for the opertunity

From: JakeD
Date: 21-Mar-17

Count me in. Thanks.

From: Forester
Date: 21-Mar-17

Count me in too. Thanks!

From: kstout
Date: 21-Mar-17

Put me in please.

From: larry
Date: 21-Mar-17

thanks for the chance!

From: Poppy
Date: 21-Mar-17

Count me in..Thanks

From: drifwood
Date: 23-Mar-17

wow me too

From: stagecoach
Date: 23-Mar-17

Please put me in. Great timing! Thank u

From: White Falcon
Date: 23-Mar-17

I'm in.

From: irjack
Date: 23-Mar-17

please put me in. Thanks jack

From: davesonic444
Date: 23-Mar-17

Pleease put me in. This will be the first year i hunt turkey with my bow. I have taken turkey the past 5 seasons with a NWT gun my dad gave me. If i win i will use this call extensively. Thanks for my entry. Dave

From: snufer
Date: 23-Mar-17

Count me in, thanks.

From: RD
Date: 23-Mar-17

In for me

From: Ranman
Date: 23-Mar-17

please add me to the drawing.. thanks

From: Donk
Date: 23-Mar-17

Good luck everyone!

From: sig9
Date: 23-Mar-17

I would like that. Put me in. sig9

From: Ol' Kodiak
Date: 23-Mar-17

In. Thankee!


From: Tine Tickler
Date: 23-Mar-17

Put me in too!!! thanks

From: Gramps
Date: 23-Mar-17

Yahoo I am in

From: dagwood64
Date: 23-Mar-17

Put me in please. Thank you!

From: Mudcreek
Date: 23-Mar-17

Thanks to all you guys who do this. please put me in

From: Outlaw
Date: 23-Mar-17

Throw me in please

From: Rufus
Date: 23-Mar-17

Please add me to the list. Thanks

From: bodork
Date: 23-Mar-17

Put me in please!

From: bosteldr
Date: 23-Mar-17


Add my name

Dave B

From: Dennis Miller
Date: 23-Mar-17

Count me in. Thanks

From: hvac tech
Date: 23-Mar-17

please count me in thanks

From: Longspurwv
Date: 24-Mar-17

Winner is post 70, excluding mine that makes Outlaw the winner! PM sent and congrats!

From: Longspurwv
Date: 24-Mar-17

I will try to post another one here in the next day or so! Those of you that have Facebook please look up "Longspur Game Calls" and post pics there if you kill a bird! Thank you

From: razormark
Date: 24-Mar-17

Please put me in, thanks.

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