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Longspur Turkey Call Giveaway!!!

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Longspurwv 20-Mar-17
9/10 Broke 20-Mar-17
DarrinG 20-Mar-17
RymanCat 20-Mar-17
NE Archer 20-Mar-17
BOX CALL 20-Mar-17
stick33 20-Mar-17
nowheels 20-Mar-17
BigJohn 20-Mar-17
Will tell 20-Mar-17
Craig S 20-Mar-17
Rock 20-Mar-17
bobreeks 20-Mar-17
E T Hick 20-Mar-17
Old School 20-Mar-17
RD 20-Mar-17
KodiakHunter56 20-Mar-17
kodiak t/d 20-Mar-17
alphamale 20-Mar-17
greyghost 20-Mar-17
Jim D 20-Mar-17
arrow jock 20-Mar-17
PeteA 20-Mar-17
longshadow 20-Mar-17
Long Hunter 20-Mar-17
doug 20-Mar-17
craig 20-Mar-17
Carcajou 20-Mar-17
longbowmaster 20-Mar-17
Roddo 20-Mar-17
olboy 20-Mar-17
Ghostbow 20-Mar-17
Huntdux 20-Mar-17
hookman 20-Mar-17
Ghillie up 20-Mar-17
PECO 20-Mar-17
Gvdocholiday 20-Mar-17
preed 20-Mar-17
Mule/IN 20-Mar-17
Timberking 20-Mar-17
Curt 20-Mar-17
CCHH 21-Mar-17
JDOG94 21-Mar-17
Buckeeboy 21-Mar-17
biggamefish 21-Mar-17
Bernie P. 21-Mar-17
ranger3 21-Mar-17
Magilla 21-Mar-17
iowa cedar shooter 21-Mar-17
TPjeep 21-Mar-17
somedude 21-Mar-17
JakeD 21-Mar-17
Forester 21-Mar-17
kstout 21-Mar-17
larry 21-Mar-17
Poppy 21-Mar-17
drifwood 23-Mar-17
stagecoach 23-Mar-17
White Falcon 23-Mar-17
irjack 23-Mar-17
davesonic444 23-Mar-17
snufer 23-Mar-17
RD 23-Mar-17
Ranman 23-Mar-17
Donk 23-Mar-17
sig9 23-Mar-17
Ol' Kodiak 23-Mar-17
Tine Tickler 23-Mar-17
Gramps 23-Mar-17
dagwood64 23-Mar-17
Mudcreek 23-Mar-17
Outlaw 23-Mar-17
Rufus 23-Mar-17
bodork 23-Mar-17
bosteldr 23-Mar-17
Dennis Miller 23-Mar-17
hvac tech 23-Mar-17
From: Longspurwv
Date: 20-Mar-17

Longspurwv's embedded Photo

Here is the Longspur "Molly Moocher" 3 reed vcut call. This can be yours free on Friday Morning, March 24. Just post below and I will have Siri pick a random number and that poster will win!! Good luck!

From: 9/10 Broke
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please count me in. Thanks!

From: DarrinG
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity!

From: RymanCat
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please put me in also.

From: NE Archer
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in. Thanks for the opportunity.

From: BOX CALL Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'll try on this one,then redonate it if I'm a winner.

From: stick33
Date: 20-Mar-17

Leaving for NE on the 30th - would love to try it out - thanks for the chance!

From: nowheels
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in, thanks!

From: BigJohn
Date: 20-Mar-17

Add me please, thanks

From: Will tell
Date: 20-Mar-17

Triple reed V cuts are my favorite mouth calls. Count me in.

From: Craig S
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please add me Thanks for your generosity!!

From: Rock Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please add me to the drawing< looks like a good call.

From: bobreeks
Date: 20-Mar-17

add me in please, thanks, Bob

From: E T Hick
Date: 20-Mar-17

Appreciate it! I'm in.

From: Old School Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

Count me in, thanks!

From: RD
Date: 20-Mar-17

Add me please.

From: KodiakHunter56
Date: 20-Mar-17

Count me in thanks!

From: kodiak t/d
Date: 20-Mar-17

Count me in also!!!!! Thanks, Rodney

From: alphamale
Date: 20-Mar-17

count me in ALPHAMALE thanx.,.

From: greyghost
Date: 20-Mar-17

Nice gesture, count me in please

From: Jim D
Date: 20-Mar-17

Include me too Shon, thanks.

From: arrow jock
Date: 20-Mar-17

Would you please include me. Thanks so much!

From: PeteA
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in. Thank so much for the opportunity!

From: longshadow
Date: 20-Mar-17

Would you add my name also, Thanks, Alan

From: Long Hunter
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please add my name. Thanks.

From: doug
Date: 20-Mar-17

include me please.

From: craig Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 20-Mar-17

Me too. Thanks

From: Carcajou
Date: 20-Mar-17

Count me in also!

From: longbowmaster
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please put me in ...thanks

From: Roddo Professional Bowhunters Society - Qualified Member Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

Thanks .Add me also

From: olboy
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please include me as well. Thank you sir!!

From: Ghostbow
Date: 20-Mar-17

Please include me, and, thank you for the generosity!

From: Huntdux
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in! Thanks Shon!

From: hookman
Date: 20-Mar-17

Thanks for the chance. Add me in please.

From: Ghillie up
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in

From: PECO
Date: 20-Mar-17

Yes please!

From: Gvdocholiday
Date: 20-Mar-17

Hope everyone has a good week this week!! Weather finally broke here in MI and turkeys are coming out of the woodwork. Good luck everyone!

From: preed
Date: 20-Mar-17

Enter me please

From: Mule/IN Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in! Thank you

From: Timberking
Date: 20-Mar-17

Thanks, I'm in!

From: Curt
Date: 20-Mar-17

I'm in, thanks!

From: CCHH
Date: 21-Mar-17

im in.

From: JDOG94
Date: 21-Mar-17


From: Buckeeboy
Date: 21-Mar-17

Please put me in...Thank ou

From: biggamefish
Date: 21-Mar-17

Thanks I am in.

From: Bernie P.
Date: 21-Mar-17

Me to.Thanks!

From: ranger3
Date: 21-Mar-17

Thanks I need that

From: Magilla
Date: 21-Mar-17

Put me in, thanks

From: iowa cedar shooter
Date: 21-Mar-17

count me in! thanks

From: TPjeep
Date: 21-Mar-17

OK, i'm game

From: somedude
Date: 21-Mar-17

I would like this. Thanks for the opertunity

From: JakeD
Date: 21-Mar-17

Count me in. Thanks.

From: Forester
Date: 21-Mar-17

Count me in too. Thanks!

From: kstout
Date: 21-Mar-17

Put me in please.

From: larry
Date: 21-Mar-17

thanks for the chance!

From: Poppy
Date: 21-Mar-17

Count me in..Thanks

From: drifwood
Date: 23-Mar-17

wow me too

From: stagecoach
Date: 23-Mar-17

Please put me in. Great timing! Thank u

From: White Falcon
Date: 23-Mar-17

I'm in.

From: irjack
Date: 23-Mar-17

please put me in. Thanks jack

From: davesonic444
Date: 23-Mar-17

Pleease put me in. This will be the first year i hunt turkey with my bow. I have taken turkey the past 5 seasons with a NWT gun my dad gave me. If i win i will use this call extensively. Thanks for my entry. Dave

From: snufer
Date: 23-Mar-17

Count me in, thanks.

From: RD
Date: 23-Mar-17

In for me

From: Ranman
Date: 23-Mar-17

please add me to the drawing.. thanks

From: Donk
Date: 23-Mar-17

Good luck everyone!

From: sig9
Date: 23-Mar-17

I would like that. Put me in. sig9

From: Ol' Kodiak
Date: 23-Mar-17

In. Thankee!


From: Tine Tickler
Date: 23-Mar-17

Put me in too!!! thanks

From: Gramps
Date: 23-Mar-17

Yahoo I am in

From: dagwood64
Date: 23-Mar-17

Put me in please. Thank you!

From: Mudcreek
Date: 23-Mar-17

Thanks to all you guys who do this. please put me in

From: Outlaw
Date: 23-Mar-17

Throw me in please

From: Rufus
Date: 23-Mar-17

Please add me to the list. Thanks

From: bodork
Date: 23-Mar-17

Put me in please!

From: bosteldr
Date: 23-Mar-17


Add my name

Dave B

From: Dennis Miller
Date: 23-Mar-17

Count me in. Thanks

From: hvac tech
Date: 23-Mar-17

please count me in thanks

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