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Splitting wings

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RymanCat 18-Mar-17
Jeff Durnell 18-Mar-17
Buzz 18-Mar-17
RymanCat 20-Mar-17
RonsPlc 20-Mar-17
RymanCat 20-Mar-17
Osr144 22-Mar-17
From: RymanCat
Date: 18-Mar-17

Anyone have any videos of cutting and splitting wing feathers DYO.

Just got some snow wings and going to cut the primary's out and look at secondary's that might not be enough to use yet?

Beautiful snow geese feathers I got 8 birds the other day.

I got a blue goose or should say winged one that sat outside the decoys out of range and as other birds flew in the bird walks down the ditch away from us.

I asked guide to go get that bird when we herd a shot behind us. We stood up and a truck was ripping down the road and away. That guy shot my bird and took off with it. The road he could be on but done of the fields either side of road my bird was poached!

What I'm ticked about is this was my 1rst Blue and someone else took it. They would have been some pretty feathers I bet.

Oh well if this is what someone has to do then that's pathetic!

Now I'd like to maybe trying my hand at splitting the feathers and grinding.

From: Jeff Durnell Professional Bowhunters Society - Associate Member
Date: 18-Mar-17

Videos? No. But it's easy. See the groove down the underside of the quill? Lay it on a scrap piece of wood or plastic, and split it there right down that groove by slicing with a utility knife... with a new sharp blade. Don't do it all in one cut... make a shallow cut down that groove, then deeper the second time, and a third if needed. Use side cutters to cut off the 'extra' on the front and back end, so that it looks like a 'store bought' full length feather, and that's it, ready to grind.

To keep them safe in the meantime, put them in a ziplock bag or box with Borax to keep the bugs away that WILL surely find them and ruin them. Give them a shake so the Borax coats them.

From: Buzz
Date: 18-Mar-17

From: RymanCat
Date: 20-Mar-17

RymanCat's embedded Photo

Alot harder than turkey feathers to cut seemed. Heres a picture of some. Hope to get more tomorrow. I had tried on a couple wings tonight to cut off wing feathers everywhere up wazzo.

Thanks Buzz. No wonder I buy them.LOL

From: RonsPlc Compton's Traditional Bowhunters
Date: 20-Mar-17

to cut the feathers off the wings, I just use some side cutters (wire cutters).

Flip the wings upside down, move the little feathers out of the way, and cut the quill to the flight feathers just below where the feather part starts.

From: RymanCat
Date: 20-Mar-17

I was using shears think it was over kill that it will be easier with the side cutters. Now if I can find them now thats the thing in all this hoard piles.LOL

Thanks guys.

From: Osr144
Date: 22-Mar-17

F@&+ I just use a pair of scissors.Hey It ain't hard.I spent 6 years exclusively using goose feathers.Just cut down the center groove on the quill clamp the feather and grind the base and trim the sides.You are then ready to burn or chop. OSR

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